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  1. At least you got store credit. I asked for refund or store credit and they just kept on saying that they are having management issue and are working on getting my Fast Pack shipped, but I'm sure they don't have it at all. 9 Months already; too late for any dispute window. Just have to keep on begging them to give me store credit, will NEVER NEVER NEVER buy from NY again.
  2. yup got one from nin nin too so lucky. Now I can goto sleep.
  3. windcloud

    Hi-Metal R

    nin-nin still available https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/macross/29493-macross-flash-back-2012-vf-4-lightning-iii-hi-metal-r--4573102553812.html
  4. thanks rdrunner. it was a good feeling of able to complete the transaction without much trouble. Well worth staying up for the late night madness. Good night all!
  5. Whew, got 2 an ami. If i had a bit more patience maybe i could've gotten cheaper price at NY. Oh well better safe than sorry.
  6. thanks orindlt , got it to show up. Now it's just the waiting game.
  7. Please let me know how you can locate the placeholders for hobbysearch and amiami.com, thank you. I searched everywhere but couldn't find those placeholders. thanks.
  8. Ya I love the HI-Metal as well. Just got the 19kai, 19blazer, and the strike 1s. They are a bit overpriced but the scale is perfect. Yamato ones are good and I have several of those but they are just too big and chunky to handle with. Was hoping Bandai will at least complete the line with the 21, sigh...
  9. Wow HLJ discontinued the item already? I feel so lucky as i just placed the order on Thursday 9/18 and i was prepared for the backorder status already. Some how got the payment notice today 9/23 asking me to pay with paypal and of course i did that in a heartbeat. Guess that means i need to build it right away now, awesome!!!
  10. Aside from the reaction of "WTF and FUBAR" i have nothing else to say about this episode as i'm so glad that it will end in a week. It's just too bad as i got attracted by it during season 1 with all the tactics and deceptions and right now everything is just blown out of proportion, sigh...
  11. i guess the earthquake today turns even more people away from LA. I work in Rowland Heights which is quite close to Chino Hill/Diamond Bar area and my whole office was shaking, scary stuff!!! Luckily nobody got hurt. Aside from the traffic/heat/people/earthquake/high gas price/foreclosure/massive layoff/ i think LA is a great place to live in. windcloud
  12. LA is fast pace? i guess only few or none of you have lived in or visited Japan/Hong Kong before. I moved from Hong Kong to LA since 84 and the only thing that bugs me is indeed the traffic. The pace is alright and depends on your preference you can always goto the beach just to chill for a day. The only good place i found macross stuff at affordable price is Frank & Son in the city of Walnut. Little Tokyo has macross stuff too but they are way overpriced. On a side note, Little Tokyo has turned into quite a pleasant place to hang out as they have more restaurants and bars nowadays. At least i felt safe enough to walk on the streets at night over there. Good luck. WindCloud
  13. Ya the classic one is awesome!! I was looking forward for a SOC on that, but somehow bandai did it on the new jeeg, which i think is far less popular than the original one. I would have bought the classic one in a second but this one i have to think about it. windcloud
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