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  1. hi, no problem, i am not in a hurry. as long as the price is right ;P pls contact me when u get back then. thanks
  2. Hi all, i am looking for both the YF-19 and VF-19A diecast models. i understand they are a bit difficult to find, but figure i would try my luck. thanks so much. i have contacts in HK, so i would try my best to return the favor
  3. i would suggest checking out a plaza near MK called In's point(within a 5 mins walk from CTMA mentioned above). a store in there has pretty much all the yamato macross fighters, with reasonable price as well. the store is located on the first floor, its next to a used CD store with tons of simpsons stuff in there....
  4. ok, i pretty much want everthing beside those rice bowls and towels... i live in HK, so i think i will go talk to the toy stores to see if we can work something out. or worse come to worse, i will have many duplicates on the D/E/F/G prizes... so whoever are interested in those, do leave me a contact, i can ship those items to u. just original cost + shipping, not asking for any profit
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