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  1. What scale Anasazi decals are you looking for? I have some 1:55 scale sets that I might be willing to part with but I need to dig through some boxes in my storage to verify which sheets I still have. It would be a waste of time if you're not looking for the 1:55 sets. Let me know.
  2. I can help you with the tarnished metal. Just dip them in CLR for about 10 minutes and then remove them. Use a small metal brush attached to a dremel and polish them with it. When you're done, make sure to rinse them completely so that the CLR doesn't destroy the metal from prolonged use.
  3. I'm only about 20 minutes away from The City so it's close enough for me. Either way, just give me an exact date and time so I can verifty whether or not I'll be in the area or in Miami. I just wish I didn't need to pay 2 bridge tolls to get there!
  4. I believe it was around April of 1985 and I remember being disappointed because I wanted Skull leader or one of the other television valkyries. I had no idea that a movie had been made or that the original Takatoku collection was no longer in production. About a month later I purchased the VT-Superostrich and the Strike Valkrie for about $35 each. Imagine my surprise years later when I discovered that I had purchased the hard to find valkyries that had somewhat disappointed me in 1985. At the time, Jetfire just wasn't Macross/Robotech enough for me but I ended up buying one anyway. As a matter of fact, I still have my original Jetfire and although the box is missing, the Jetfire is in pristine condition. The stickers were falling off a couple of years ago so I bought a replacement set from Anasazi37 and it is now perfect.
  5. I still have my original Elintseeker that I purchased at Mikado's in Japantown, San Francisco. No yellowing and stickers applied.
  6. I'd be willing to buy a few extra's off of you.
  7. Okay, with the 1/55's back, I'm back in the game! I'm definitely going to get the Hikaru VF-1J because of the added heatshield and most definitely the Super Max VF-1A. As for the Skull and reissue of the reissue 2002 Hikaru VF-1A, I'm not too sure of at this moment.
  8. This isn't going to work because the Bandai reissue VF-1A is absurdly white and the reissue Bandai Super VF-1S is off-white. A minty white Jetfire G1 VF-1S head is as white as you'll get but even then, it's noticeably yellow when compared to the Cocaine white VF-1A reissue. Honestly, you'd do better by saving yourself some money and repainting a yellowed Jetfire head. I think racing white is obnoxious enough to get close the the white you'll need. Good luck! RJ
  9. Valkfan

    Red VF-1A 1/55th!

    Yeah, we talked about it a couple of years ago. I think I'm the one who brought this bootleg to his attention. I have more pictures somewhere that shows the LED light on. You can actually see the round black button on the nose in the picture I've provided. It's almost the exact same quality as the $5 carded bootlegs with the exception of the LED, VF-1A head and the removable heatshield/clear canopy. I think there was one guy on these boards that lived in Shanghai who had bought one and was talking about possibly buying them in bulk and offering them here, but that never happened.
  10. Valkfan

    Red VF-1A 1/55th!

    I've spent the last few years trying to obtain one of these with no success. So I'm just wondering who if anyone here actually has this version? If you have it, when where did you get it from?
  11. Yeah, the Yamato's are extremely nice but their impact and wow factor probably won't last for 20 years like the Takatoku 1/55 design has. The market is just too competitive now for them to stay top dog for long.
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