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  1. then which one of the three is the most advanced? and in the frontier movie didnt the cyberog mange to lock on alto, so that means vf-27 win? and l heard yf-30 is customised to perform on a specific planet, didnt this give a edge over yf-29b, unless they fight on another planet(never play the game though)? and finally are the macross 30 game and frontier movie cannon storywise?
  2. well, l want to ask which one of the three will go out on top, in a one to one dogfight, with the same pilot, that is all
  3. which one is the best overall fighter in the latest macross timeline so far? and why?
  4. so disappointed in the vf-27, it seems way more advanced than vf-25, but it turns out that 25 is a better fighter overall, just like yf-19 and yf-21, maybe it is because the vf-27 pilot sucks anyway, perhaps he has a "seed" function to make him more powerful? why does the alien chick fight like a newtype? and what fighter does the sniper's sister flight in the flashback?
  5. 3 how can you be sure? since those missles are red in color if u noticed, and everything involves that vf-27 is red too and he also attacks our hero's gunpod at the end, so it makes sense he makes an attack earlier right?
  6. does vf-25 have internal fold function like vf-27? are those alien vf from m7 orginally vf-14? did vf-27 shoot the missles to the hero's vf-25 when he tries to enter the alien ship to resue the green boy? you know our hero has to release his armor as decoy to get away from those missles....... so those vf-27 are not either on sms or the alien side right?
  7. where is that early episode synopsis? does vf-27 really exist officially? does vf-25 have internal fold function like the mystery fighter and his wingman? maybe they are just some alian alkyries like those in macross 7?
  8. how do you guys know the red valkyrie is vf-27? is there any official information saying it is?
  9. does anyone where l can download a 704x396 version of ep. 2?
  10. could anyone tell/pm me where the standard definition like 640x480 can be found?, all l can find are high definition avi, mp4 or rmvb.... ps wolfx, does your P4 2.0 Ghz laptop run dvd movie(dvd disc not dvdrip) perfectly? what is the minimum cpu speed and ram to watch a dvd movie in a notebook smoothly, without running other programmes at the same time, just like a dvd player? and what software can be used to play dvd movies besides powerdvd?
  11. ok l have some question not related to macross, my pc's cpu is about 700mhz only, but l usually dont have problem watching divx 5 films, but when l try to watch certain newly released film, it doesnt play fluently, is it because it is encoded by divx 6.6?
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