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  1. Nope, no extras in the box. Just the gunpod and whatever tags were attached.

    Mine's already taken a little "battle damage" thanks to my youngest cat, so now it's sitting on the highest shelf in my closet. :blink:

  2. Yes, I used some ill-gotten store credit for my gunpod. The proxy I used couldn't get ahold of the VF-1D last year and jerked me around about it, so I got my money back via CC dispute. They must not have noticed, because they later issued me a store credit for the cost of the 1D, which I used for the gunpod. In total I paid $29 for shipping on the gunpod. :lol:

    It's a nice, soft velvety material. I'm keeping mine in its plastic bag for the time being, as I'm not sure if either of my cats will attempt to destroy it. :blink:

  3. 21 hours ago, vladykins said:

    Despite the fact that I have the HM version (with the super parts on the Messer Memorial instead) and the DYRL gray release, I still talked myself into one of these. I also already had an extra set of super parts from somewhere I had thrown on a VF-1D to get that classic ARII model action:


    No description available. 

    Looks pretty cool with the super parts!

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