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  1. 1 hour ago, Grey728 said:

    Sure! I’m in if they have a 5 year zero down, zero interest payment plan! :D 

    Do people actually buy this stuff? I'm down for some really expensive toys. But multiple thousands of dollars for a garage kit? Even Bandai swings and misses on quality. Getting one of these things is a HUGE risk.

  2. 5 hours ago, frankell05 said:

    a word of caution about pre ordering from amazon. if you do, I recommend having a back up pre order somewhere else if you really care about the item. They canceled some of my pre orders in the past that were by then sold out. (import stuff) I then ended up having to pay scalper prices for the items. its great if your gonna use points and stuff, just beware and CYA

    I had  them cancel one the other day and refund my money. I clicked on the item link (IDK why) and it showed in stock. I ordered it. Had it the next day. Goofy Amazon.

  3. 1 hour ago, borgified said:

    DX YF-19 Full Set for 35k yen {Opened. Package damage. Main item damage. Missile rack and pylon shortage. The accessories are includes everything shown in the image(s)}


    Wow, these full sets are really going for this much now? I have four mint ones that I have been thinking about selling and going Arcadia.

  4. 33 minutes ago, Grey728 said:

    Looks fantastic @sqidd. Which Evangelions are those? And did you print your own Yetisand adaptors for the SDF-1?

    Those are the Medicom Real Action Hero's (15" tall). They're kinda junky. But they look nice. The Unit 01 Awakening and 00 are SUPER hard to get. I think they made 300 and 600 of them respectively???

    Yeah, I CAD'd up a adapter for the YetiStand and my buddy printed for me.:good:Pretty easy really. The stand that comes with it in one hand, a set of calipers in the other and 15-20min of CAD. I've done maybe 6-7 custom ones now???


  5. 44 minutes ago, treatment said:


    It ain't gonna be "slow boat".  Amz-jp never offered any slow-boat option.

    For the "standard" shipping, it'll be a third-party "hand-over" to either USPS or even DHL themselves.  The company used on my last "standard" order is called SF Express. 

    Took about as quck as DHL, but the hand-over to USPS was another 2-3 days, possibly due to being a weekend delivery.

    That said, I'll be pretty annoyed if the 500y increase in shipping fees now is due to being DHL proper, aka "priority".

    I wasn't offered DHL/Priority on my order.  :angry:




    Moot point after I revisited @jenius review of the Arcadia Ivanov.


    ………what’s really damning here is that I might prefer having the significantly cheaper Yamato SV-51 and excess cash for other toys rather than the Arcadia SV-51. A second effort of a toy (particularly one at much higher prices) should make the original effort feel completely out-classed and this toy simply feels like an incremental improvement over the original. If there are future releases, and those releases don’t botch the legs, this toy will score just a bit higher than the original Yamato…

    Pretty damming stuff when you alreday own a couple Yamato's that are in great shape.

    Too bad. I like buying new toys!:D

  6. I forgot I didn't put this in here. Newly built/painted Yamato SDF-1 Assembly Kit (in movie pose) with the Arcadia PF.







    And yeah, yeah, I know this isn't Macross. But this is done (for now) since the Unit 13 showed up. These are the 15" tall RAH EVA's. I've actually got a custom cabinet being built right now for them that is 22" wider so I don't have to scrunch them up so much and I will be able to get Unit 09 out of the box so the whole line is displayed. The background/inside of the cabinet is going to be NERV HQ (pic below). I'm pretty excited about this one.




  7. 5 hours ago, treatment said:

    Exchange-rate is currently at 136y to 1USD as of this posting.

    So still available at amz-jp:



    Assuming that the exchange rate will be the same-ish when it ships/ card gets charged (should be close) with shipping that's $316. Not too shabby for an Arcadia. Unfortunately that is not DHL shipping in this listing. I'm pretty sure that's slow boat.

    For those of you that have paid your final total with DHL or FedEx shipping what was your total cost sitting on your doorstep?

    I'm having a really hard time with this one. I have two Yamato's on display and they look great. Do I really need Arcadia's and want to deal with selling the Yamato's?:pardon:

  8. 8 minutes ago, vladykins said:

    Pretty close. I always reference @jenius site for the HMR scales, since it has a better approximation than when people say "1/100". 


    Man, I looked everywhere on his site aside from where that was!:rofl:

    I'm having some resin VF-1 Atmospheric Boosters and launch vehicles made/painted by a guy out of Chile to display with my HMR stuff. I told him 1/91 scale. That's close enough.


    These are the 3D printed versions so the surfaces suck and they don't look great. He assures me that the resin versions look fantastic. I paid through PayPal so if they don't I'm safe.;)





  9. 24 minutes ago, Chronocidal said:

    For an item released that far out, I think a higher shipping charge is almost a guarantee.  No one can predict what costs will be that far in the future.

    Spoke with a contractor about some roofing work recently, and they are refusing to make any estimate good for more than a week, because material prices are climbing so fast.  I'd expect shipping estimates to have a similar lifespan right now.

    I agree. I have switched my business over to only doing shipping quotes when a item/kit is ready to ship (some custom kits have a 4-6mo wait time).

    Because I ship a lot of stuff all over the world I have seen exactly what is going on with shipping cost increases. They have been dramatic. If they try and charge me what shipping costs have actually increased I have no problem paying. If they use it as an excuse and an opportunity to over charge, I'll cancel my order.

  10. 11 minutes ago, Grey728 said:

    They are reliable but be aware that they ALWAYS charge again for shipping. The price you're paying up front is only to secure the item. A payment for shipping comes later. 

    They charged me a pretty good amount for shipping. They better not try and get more when it's time to go.

    Guess I had better look for a backup.

  11. 13 minutes ago, Angesdad said:

    I'm about to pull the trigger at BIJ. Never bought from them before, they're reliable, correct?

    Dunno. But they do allow you to pay with a credit card so you're not locked into Paypal's 6mo time limit. I paid with my card that has no time limit. They either deliver, or I do a chargeback.;)

  12. I ran into this kid out of Chile on Facebook (Camilo Gutierrez). I think the pricing is outstanding even though because of 3D printing they area bit rough. If you’re looking for him on Facebook I put a screen shot of his profile in so it’s easier to find him.

    You get the option of having the Valk painted in any color.

    I ordered two Brownies in 1/91 scale (HMR scale) to go with my HMR stuff.

    He has lots of sizes available. Here is the information on them. I only have pricing for two. You would have to ask for the other sizes.

    -1/100 scale ($125 shipped to USA):

    length 22.5cm / 8.85"

    width 10cm / 3.93"

    height 20cm / 8.87"

    -1/91 scale (HMR scale) ($135 shipped to USA):

    length 9.72"

    width 4.32"

    height 9.75"

    -1/72 scale:

    length 12.29"

    width 5.46"

    height 12.31"

    -1/60 scale:

    length 14.75"

    width 6.55"

    height 14.78"

    -1/48 scale:

    length 18.43"

    width 8.19"

    height 18.48"

     Anyway, I thought some of you would think these are pretty cool and worth the money.






  13. 21 hours ago, Thom said:

    Saw it today, and though I liked it, I was expecting 'more.' Or that is wrong and I was inspecting 'less,' cause the movie got in pretty deep. I liked it, but others may have been expecting something a little more light and adventurous, and

      Reveal hidden contents

    a story that kicked off a little faster. Doing the multiple tests and time jumps drew the beginning of the story out, though it fed in to Buzz's disconnect with the decedents of the crew he was still trying to get home, even after the original crew had settled down and passed on. Also, was expecting a bigger villain in Zurg than just an older Buzz


    You like everything.:D

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