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  1. Sweet just got shipping information for mine from HLJ Armored FTW.
  2. Ep. 21-23 are up on THORAnime IRC server.
  3. Yep I never liked IRC but that was fast way to get episodes
  4. Rankafan What server on you on irc to get thoranime NM found it irc.Rizon.net.
  5. Yep I love buying from him. I was just wondering if he is not going to stock any new stuff.
  6. I was wondering is Carlos going to go out of business? Has anyone heard from him? I really enjoyed doing business with him.
  7. Good to hear from you Carlos. I am glad everything has worked out.
  8. He is a good guy and always fast about shipping. I think he has just fallen behind. I will still order from him.
  9. Well I was going to give one of my Tomahawkes to a friend as a gift but he had to go out of town. So I will give Carlos more time. But I will still call.
  10. I looked in both folders and nothing. I called and left a message. I was wondering if anyone has heard anything else?
  11. He is not a fly by the night I have spent tons of money with him. I just think everything came in at once and then his job. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt. He needs to at least come on somewhere and say I am freaking busy trying to box things up. But the bad thing about setting a date on the website was if he did not meet that demand then people will gets pissed. Like I said I will give him until Monday when i get to work.
  12. Well I hope it is not a bad thing that the Tomahawk was removed from the website. I was thinking he got too many orders.
  13. I did not get anything. I looked on his website and saw that message. I too was charged on my CC. I will give him until Monday if I have not received any information I will have to block the charges also. I do not want to have to ask for a refund and look elsewhere.
  14. Good I feel bad. I left him a few messages and emails. I am glad everything is cleared up. I was getting worried spent tons of money with him and he has always been very good about getting my stuff in timely manner. Thnks, Miriya and Los for work.
  15. I was looking for ideas where to order MacrossF DVD/BD If anyone has links of sites that they ude and can provide feedback. Thanks in advance.
  16. I was wondering do anyone have a good screen capture of the Macross25(Battle 25) and Macross Quarter from the new open in a nice resolution? Also after tons of looking I have a noob question what does "Deculture" mean?
  17. Do you have the link where to Buy Macross from on Blue Ray?
  18. I think the death of the one Pixie Girls was like when Tasha Yar died in ST:NG. Just boom your dead.
  19. Well not working means no seeder then yes But there are 639 Leechers There was one seeder.
  20. Torrent Search Raw [shinsen-Raws] Macross Frontier - 07 (x264 AAC 1280x720).​mp4 Details Size: 410.63MiB | Date: Fri May 16 2008 00:30 GMT 134861 Type is macross in search bar.
  21. Well Zero-RAWS has same link to shinsen-raws version. SO lets hope it is real.
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