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  1. I recently got my VF-0's and for the most part, enjoy them! Of course there a few niggles so I any of you guys have any suggestions, I am open to suggestions... 1) Is there a method to do panel washing without damaging tampo print? 2) Are they're any makers out there that can 3D print some ordinance in 1/100 & 1/60 scale?
  2. Has there been any pics with the Bandai w/ the landing gear down? I get the feeling (or at least I am hoping) that they're still doing a lot of fine tuning on the sculpt.
  3. I'm on the fence w/ Bandai's YF-21. I have four of the Yamato YF-21's. While those legs were insanely skinny on the Yamato, the fighter makes up more for that. If anything, I wish the main landing gears had a stronger lock-out mechanism (you know what I mean if you roll it backwards). If the joints were more secure and perhaps the legs heavier - as in metal, heavier, it could be perfect, or perfect enough for me...I wonder if metal legs would if affect the CG in battroid on a Yami-cadia one if it was to happen. The Bandai version seems a bit clumsy looking in fighter tp my eyes. If the landing gear was sturdier and better engineered, on the bandai, it might begin to sway my stance and start thinking about grabbing a few. The landing gear would be a start, but the Bandai one would have to dramatically raise the standard.
  4. I'm counting down the days when I get mine...these pics are awesome!
  5. wsna

    Hi-Metal R

    Indeed. This will be interesting...
  6. wsna

    Hi-Metal R

    A question to all you lucky folk... Does the the above fuselage tanks come off such that the plane (VF-0S) is completely clean? I will be finding this out when I get my pre-order in Dec (BigBadToys in saying Dec 2022), but even so, I am curious. The sculpt from what I gather, seems quite nice! I am looking forward to seeing the VF-0S & VF-1S clean side-by-side. These are my 1/60 Yamato VF-1S and Arcadia VF-0S. Thanks!!
  7. wsna

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks for the take on BBTS. I suspect that it might take longer. I'm still waiting for Bandai to release the YF-21... ...that's a wait... ...and likely silvering hair.
  8. wsna

    Hi-Metal R

    I put in an order to Big Bad Toy Store yesterday as I missed all of the pre-orders. I have never dealt with them... ...hoping for the best.
  9. wsna

    Hi-Metal R

    Hi MW folk! Has anyone heard anything regarding when VF-0S might become available? From the looks of it—it seems far off as there has not been any recent detailed pics to salivate over… As much as I am looking forward to getting a few, my wallet has other ideas… The question for me is how much plasma should I give before the pre-order becomes available…
  10. Thank you all so much for the advice! I should have mentioned this somewhere, but I have been a lurker for quite some time. MW somehow come across my radar when I first saw some Graham's posts on the 1/72 Yamato VF-11B. Yes, it was that long ago! So shy of going for the Bandai Chogokin DX Vf-1s, I think I joined somewhere when Yamato started previewing the 1st generation VF-1s. While my variable toy collecting ended a while ago, I have some kits stowed away. I did a while ago use a toothpick (yes, I did whittle it down as needed) for (3) of my F-22s. They came out alight except for that fourth one which I bungled pretty badly. I do have some Tamiya thin cement. All though that glue applicator will save a lot of trees...The last time I visited MicroMark, a miniature table saw landed on my porch. I thought it a bit funny...the wife not too much. I plan on giving both a go in the neat future. -WS
  11. I am not sure where this question should go but I figure this thread might be good as any...I have a bunch of 1/144 TomyTec model kits that I hope to get around to putting together. I used very light touches of a medium "Insta-Cure" Cyanocrylate adhesive in some ones I put together a few years ago. While this adhesive does work, it is quite messy if you get it wrong. Would any of you folk know of a better adhesive that will be nicer to these pre-painted kits? I recently marred the paint of a diecast that I was trying to repair as I miscalculated how much glue that I needed... I haven't in a long time put together any plastic kits in a very long time. With the constraints of pre-finished kits, the margin of error seems to be a lot smaller. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi Yammie Fans! If it weren't for Macross World, I would have never re-kindled my passion for Macross a long while ago (Thanks Graham!!). I feel quite fortunate that I got my 1/48's when I did a long time ago (Pics might be forthcoming as I am unpacking from a move). I think I would have liked to get a DX or two if it came out 18 years ago. The DX seems nice, The reviews that I have seen online make a very convincing argument...if you don't own a Yammie. Do you recall the jump that Yamato made to get to 1/48 once upon a time? To me, that was enough change and refinement to punish my wallet to shell out monies for [3] DRYL VF-1S' and [3] Gen #1 Low Viz's. I don't see that kind of jump with the DX. Yamato set a high benchmark. It seems to me that the DX is really a Yamato-plus. I probably would shell out / donate a functioning organ to get a better VF-1... ...but in order to do so, the DX needed to make a greater leap or go back in time about 18 years...
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