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  1. With the DX VF-1D being released I was hoping Kitzconcept would do the Hikaru fan racer suit, but not like this. The cloth may be a dealbreaker for me, I would much prefer it match the other figures in this line. Now if it has a sculpted fan racer outfit under the cloth that would be interesting. 

  2. Looks like Hobby-Genki has shipped my VF-1D. A little odd though. First, according to them  DHL and FedEx are the two options for Canada (still no EMS to Canada) but they just went with DHL without even checking with me. Not looking forward to the extra handling fees DHL is notorious for. Second I got two emails, one saying it was shipped and another saying it is in transit, yet when I track on the DHL site it says the label has been generated but shipment has not been handed over to DHL yet. Oh well, at least it seems like it is on it's way and Hobby-Genki did not ask for extra shipping payment which was a nice surprise. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Jumbo said:

    i never order from Mykombini before.  Is it reliable, right?

    This was only the 2nd time I have used them. First time was years ago for a Figuarts K-2SO and now with the TV super parts. K-2SO was uneventful since it was an in-stock item purchase. This time it went well enough I guess. I emailed a couple times to get an update on arrival date since people were getting their super parts from other sites, but I had heard nothing from Mykombini. I only got a response once the parts were in stock and they requested an additional shipping fee.  So I guess overall reliable but they may not have the best customer service when it comes to replying to emails, but again I have only used them twice so my experience is very limited. 


  4. LOL, I paid an extra 2500 yen to MyKombini a few days ago for what I assumed was expedited shipping for my TV super parts, but now they are asking for an additional 490  for FEDEX or DHL.  At this point it is almost comical, I half expect to get another charge for packaging or a handling fee. 

  5. Got a request for additional shipping payment of 2500 yen for my TV super parts from MyKombini. The international shipping situation is really starting to hurt the pocketbook. Now I just need to find a way to get NY to at least give me store credit for my first batch TV super parts that they never fulfilled. Not going to be easy since they simply don't reply to tickets or emails. 

  6. 8 hours ago, Ridden001 said:

    Hey everyone:

    I got my three orders refunded today from Nippon Yasan after filing my PayPal dispute about a month ago.  I just wanted to see if anyone else has DX VF-1S Roy’s not shipping and to let you know that you will get you refund as long as you didn’t let NY run out the clock by paying the pre-order so early that you exceed the PayPal deadline for disputes.  They refunded me for 2 Roy’s, extra shipping, and the TV Super Parts.

    If yours did ship, then I am happy some got them.  Take care.

    I am only a couple days from the 180 day PayPal cutoff. Anyone have their super parts order shipped from NY? Heck, anyone even get their Roy shipped or is NY basically a lost cause at this point?

  7. 19 minutes ago, RIBFIR said:

    Anyone that ordered TV Supers from NY have theirs shipped yet?

    Mine is not even  "preparation in progress" let alone shipped. Could be due to the holiday, but I have mentally prepared myself for the worst. 

  8. 10 minutes ago, wm cheng said:

    Thanks @borgified and @Nerd-linger - I hope by July we might get EMS back again, I hope they would offer an alternative form of shipping otherwise.  I can't imagine FedEx or DHL to be more than 5,200Y - I guess they put in a low base price and jack up the shipping to make the profit.

    The main thing is I hope they can get the item, hate to wonder and worry about it for 7 months only to get an email on July 31st to saying they couldn't get it.

    Hobby-Genki preorder is not available anymore. Says "There are not enough products in stock" which at least suggests they had an allocation. By no means a sure thing but at least a good sign. Now we just have to hope Bandai keeps up their end.

  9. 10 minutes ago, wm cheng said:

    Thanks for the link - I took the chance and ordered from Hobby-Genki.  I hope they come through and EMS gets to me (I have no doubts with Japan Post, its when it gets to Canada, our Postal System here sucks - but at least the chance exists that I won't get dinged with Customs & Duties which is a certainty with FedEx or DHL plus their service charges).

    I took a chance as well, the base price is good so I don't mind the higher EMS shipping. I think EMS to Canada is still suspended, but it does not come out until July so fingers crossed things change by then. 

  10. 26 minutes ago, sqidd said:



    You're quote above^^^^^^

    You said "Geez now TWE are selling out instantly?" 

    TWE's are Japan only. They are not sold out. It hasn't even opened yet.

    What you meant to say was "Geez now items that we are not allowed to buy are selling out instantly though proxy services that shouldn't be selling to us? This hobby is officially getting ridiculous." Doesn't quite have the same ring now does it?;)

    Be happy you have a shot at getting one at retail at all.

    It's a hard concept. What was that middle part again?:p

    Feel like semantics to me, but I get what you are saying. Thing is we are on an English board primarily for those of us outside of Japan so we are all aware of the technicalities related to the hobby. Do we add a proviso for the whole HG situation when discussing ordering? No because it goes without saying. The point is it used to be that TWE were a respite from preorder madness but now even those are starting to look  like they are going to be a pain too secure.

  11. 26 minutes ago, sqidd said:

    The TWE has not sold out. The few units the proxy services can get have. Big difference.

    Is it though? Maybe for those that have a Japan address but the rest of us are stuck with using proxy sites and if the reputable ones are sold out that “difference” not of much help.

  12. Is there a consensus on the best place to order the VF-1D when preorders go up? Nippon Yasan was my go to for TWE. I was lucky and got my single Strike pack without issue and in fact have never had an issue with NY, but with so many people having problems I am looking for an alternative. I was thinking MyKomibi since I have used them once before for a non-TWE purchase, but that was quite awhile ago.

  13. Wow pleasantly surprised that my single strike pack just missed Golden Week. I got a shipping notice on the 24th from NY and it just arrived for processing in Canada today. Now I just have to wait and see how long Canada Post takes. Apparently there is a significant backlog with all the online ordering going on, but at least it made it out of Japan.

  14. 1 hour ago, Slave IV said:

    If you got the initial order sold by Amazon, doesn’t the order say “arriving sept 24-27”. If so, I wouldn’t even begin to worry about it until Oct 1. 

    Just got my shipping notice so I guess I was getting worried for nothing. Looking forward to this one, it's my first Amazon Japan purchase.

  15. -              1/32 scale

    -              Bandai 1/48 DX proportions, articulation, tampo details, etc.

    -              Ratchet swing wings with linked weapons hardpoints that point forward when wings are swept.

    -              Wing stores attach via neodymium magnets.

    -              Integrated cavity filler panels.

    -              Integrated intake covers.

    -              Illuminated cockpit, engine exhausts, wing/stabilizers formation lights, battroid shin/shoulder lights, front gear/wing landing lights and Super/Strike exhaust lights. All controlled by a wireless remote.

    -              Spring loaded panels to fill in the gunpod handle notch in the forearms.

    -              Functional battroid seat access/egress.

    -              Head visor sensor details.

    -              Retractable gunpod strap.

    -              Integrated Gerwalk antenna.

    -              Seated & standing Pilot figures.

    -              Super/strike arm armor that doesn’t use the gunpod notches to attach.

    -              Subtle weathering/panel lines.

  16. Well I'll be damned. Not to rub it in but I got one of everything I was going for at HLJ. DX VF-1S, Dairugger XV and S.H.Figuarts ANH Stormtrooper. Haven't been this successful since HLJ "updated" the sight. 

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