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  1. Asked for HMR: Nousjadeul Ger (TV and DYRL), Queadluun Rau (TV and DYRL), Regult Scout and Tomahawk.

    Just because, why not???

  2. 5 hours ago, tekering said:

    Damn, dude!  A Legioss Supreme!  :shok:

    In the performing arts, that is what is known as a "mic drop." B))

    I thought you had begun five years ago... :p

    Seriously, if I had one of those 1:32 beasts, I'd be planning on entering next year's contest.  Ten weeks isn't nearly enough time to give that kit the effort it deserves.

    Unless, of course, those photos are actually years old, and you're much further along in your build... 😅

    Either way, can't wait to see what you do with it! 😍

    You are right!!! Second time I'm attacking this build 😜 I always have multiple projects at a time. Curently scratchbuilding a 1/60 Zentran soldier.

    Your builds, actually "works of art", motivated me to tackle the Surpreme Legioss. He's been neglegted for many years now :lol:

    I want to do it right so yes, I have little time. I'm cleaning and trimming the parts. Wish my photos were years old :lol:

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