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  1. Think of it this way people, ever see those pretty concept cars full of advanced dohickys on the showroom floor but you never see make mass production? Well thats the VF-0 for you. It was directly said the VF-0 is a test bed prototype limited run series. Its probably a very expensive prototype made to test out the variable frame that would eventually be adapted for the VF-1, a later but less advanced series of fighters. for those pointing out how the VF-0 uses fuel and not nuclear jets also remember they mention the VF-0 was supposed to have nuclear jets but had to make due with regular fuel cause of a shipping delay (just like my fast packs! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr), VF-0 highly advanced proto type. VF-1 a less advanced production series.

    I think the VF-0, while I like it looks kinda clunky compared to the VF-1

    Now, this is the thing I don´t get.

    How could the VF-0 possibly be a damn prototype of the VF-1 if the VF-1 was one step away from being released from the production lines and the VF-1 airframe and design features were already tested by the VF-X and VF-X-1 series !? If anything the VF-0 draws/copies the design of the VF-1. It would be very foolish if we assumed the VF-0 was an older model than the VF-1 simply because of the numeration of the valkyries...And don´t use that ¨oh the VF-1 could be considered a future fighter¨ argument because it doesn´t make sense.

    Think about it , where did the UN get its basic design for most of the Pre-2040 valkyries ? the VF-1 ! where do you think they would get the design for a new testbed in 2008 if there´s no other variable fighter design apart from the VF-1 !? I mean , C´mon people isn´t it obvious ? I hate to put nostalgia and sentimentalism aside for once but not because I love the VF-1 am I going to assume there´s no space for a early development of a fighter during a time which until now was completely empty in the continuity.

    And the idea that the VF-0 is or looks more advanced than the VF-1 is just ridiculous, if people can´t see beyond the animation improvements of later series then there´s nothing we can do to help them. How difficult can be to accept the VF-0 could just simply be a testbed for testing new armament system and stealth features for fighters like the VF-X-4 ?

  2. yeah I have to agree with Omni here.

    A 1/48 Macross Plus line would be unpractical and unaffordable. A 1/60 YF-19 would be about the same height as the 1/48 VF-1 , and as we´ve already seen , that size is big enough to make a great toy with lots of detail , so if you think about it , a 1/60 YF-19 would be just as good as the current 1/48 line.

    Yamato is loosing sales even before they release the re-sculpted 1/72 YF-19FP because of the 1/48 craze ,maybe they´ll scrap it and go directly to 1/60...who knows , maybe they´ll make a uber-huge 1/48 YF-19 afterall, but I doubt they´ll get as many sales as with something smaller.

    I even wonder why they bother announcing a 1/72 M0 line when people will eventually just buy 1/48 toys and nothing else , and if even if they decided to go everything-must-be-1/48 then there´d be nothing special about the 1/48 line because it would be the standard line and that would suck...

  3. how dare you forget the Mighty Spartan !? :angry::lol:

    It has to be the most versatile Destroid of the whole bunch , the design is just beautiful and aggresive.

    The new M0 destroid isn´t far behind though , as much as people say it´s too AC-ish I think is quite retro and mechanical looking , It may very well be one of the never-before-seen Destroids that were used before SW1.

    I think the Spartan would make for a very good toy , and with the upcoming Q-Rau the idea of Destroid toys isn´t that far-fetched :)

  4. Actually, I should retract my :yoshi: smilie. Drifands poll has three (3) choices, whereas Graham said it'll be a "win win" situation. To me, that says two of the three scenarios will come true, leaving the third out in the cold. So any bets as to what we'll see?

    1) FAST packs and GBP

    2) plain jane and FAST packs

    3) plain jane and GBP

    or worst case scenario

    4) Toynami steals Macross license from Yamato and shoves MPC crappiness down our throats. :blink:

    definitively : 4) Toynami steals Macross license from Yamato and shoves MPC crappiness down our throats. :blink: ...just joking :p

    I think the costs of buying the plain valk and then separately the GBP would be to high , whereas buying them in a bundle would somehow lower costs , so I voted for number 3).

    But it would be nice to see a Hikaru 1S with that lovely armour , and that valk is definitively going into my collection (that or the Low-viz and GBP :blink: ). November can´t come any sooner ;)

  5. Maybe it´s time I pick up this 1/48 , but I´ll wait until a GBP armour set is announced if it´s sold separately I may also buy a Low-vis as well(mainly because of the improvements and pilot). Who knows , I definetivley wait some more time to see what happens.

  6. So pretty much no one has anything good to say about the VF-0 or Macross Zero for that matter...I wonder why does Kawamori eveb bother to make new series when there´s so many nitpicking.

    I honestly have no clue where you're getting this. Obviously not from these boards. Take a look around and think again.

    Now, if you're talking about posts in this thread where people are comparing the VF-1 to the VF-0 and saying that the VF-1 outperforms it, you're grossly misunderstanding what people are saying.

    This thread was started by someone saying it bothers them that the VF-0 is technologically superior to the VF-1. Others have chimed in to correct him. There's multiple sources that prove that the VF-1 is technologically the superior fighter. Any idea that the VF-0 has better technology is a misconception born from modern animation techniques making the variable fighters of today look better than those animated by Animefriend 20 years ago, and Kawamori's constantly changing design style.

    I like the VF-0, and many others do too. Take a look in the toy forums sometime, or even just M0 threads in general.

    yeah I know what you mean but you can´t say there´s no criticism at all in regards to the VF-0 when this topic arises once in a while , I think the situation as far as now is more like this :

    Apart from the thermonuclear engines I don´t see any difference in performance between the VF-0 or VF-1 to come to the concclusion that the VF-0 is a prototype or an older model of the VF-1 , which would be a stupid assumption if it was based solely in the numbers of the valkyries.

    To this date I think this matter remains unclear mainly because there´s been no solid and specifically clear clues in the OVAs to suggest that neither of the to valks is more advanced than the other one. If anything at all the only radical differences I can gather are their functions (one is a testbed and the other one the cheap main variable fighter ) and appearance (the airframe mainly) but apart from that there´s nothing that has convinced me that the VF-1 or VF-0 is more superior to the other one. I think some people should relax a bit and stop acting like orthodox fans and let the OVA finnish first. I honestly don´t know how some people expected Kawamori to do a Prequel without showcasing his current style , I bet if the VF-1 ever appears in M0 it will not be exactly like we remember it to be , looks-wise, mainly because Kawamori can´t get rid of his style even if he wanted to because that´s what is has developed into after all this years.

  7. Well. The VF-0 looks like it's part of the fleet in Macross7. Something in Kawamori's design that evolved. That's is just my opinion, ofcourse. :)

    Huh..OK :huh::blink: ...so you´re comparing a mecha featured in a high-budget OVA with a Long running TV series folk-people´s valkyrie....I honestly don´t see the similarites apart from the nosecone , which IMO is more similar to the VF-5000...the VF-0 is definetively neo-retro-looking (wonder if that style even exists :lol: )

  8. They look very nice indeed but I´ll wait for the second series concidering we might see more M0 figures as well as DYRL Roy and maybe Basara or Gamlin ..wonder if they would do Edward or Pedro (the anoying kid from M7 movie)

  9. Same story , i use to be vf-19G-geko custom ( can you recognise my avatar? ), i never liked that nick becuase it was unpractial and stupidly unoriginal, I had to use that name becuase Aegis was already taken so here I´m with my first intended name... :huh::lol:

    BTW , the new boards rock!

  10. i'd always liked macross because its giant robots served a purpose:  to fight giant aliens hand to hand.

    Giant robots designed to fight other humans in giant robots for the sake of fighting in giant robots is lame.

    Mac Zero is systematicly destroying my love of macross.

    neat design, its just not for macross imho

    Your logic escapes me. First you make a comment completely unrelated to Macross Zero, then say Macross Zero is systematically destroying your love of Macross. There's completely no connection between those statements and so your second statemement goes unexplained.

    On an unrelated not I have to agree with Knight26's take on this Destroid. it looks like another Destroid, but not really any more advanced than it's predecessors, less advanced in a lot of ways. Of course Kawamori's design sense has changed in the years and that's going to reflect, but exactly like the VF-0 debate, it doesn't mean this really looks any more advanced. I'd take the good ol' Tomahawk over this one any day.

    I have to agree , I mean , it would be pretty strange if Kawamori´s style didn´t change a bit in 20 years , by the time he designed the mechs on AC he already had years of experience and it would be really weird if he didn´t adopt his own current style for M0 mechs.

    And in regards to KingNor´s comments I don´t see how M0 could possibly systematicly destroying someone´s love for Macross when all of the UN mechas have been designed with the same thing in mind , and that is to combat aliens; the only reason you see them fighting humans is because there were no friking aliens and some idiots from the Anti-UN decided to use the technology against the goverment...which by all means has always been in Macross from the beggining.

  11. It would be horrendous if Yamato decided to release Shin VF-0D first . Why? because every first toy in a new line is the worst , I would be glad if they released it after the A and S variants so that they have time to really really improve the design by the time they release a VF-0D...

    And I wouldn´t be so optimistic about hearing anything anytime soon. In the meantime we can wait for the YF-19 FP :lol:

  12. To answer the topic title , No I don´t mind having a new fighter.

    You know , I´ve seen this debate many times before and I´m tired of seeing the same attitudes , is like the whole M7 debate all over again :

    You have people saying the VF-1 is way cooler and more advanced because they somehow take a defensive attitude towards something new like there was someone triying to say the VF-1 is crap when it´s not.

    I believe there´s no real basis for neither of the two arguments (for or agaisnt the VF-0 ), the only thing we´re clear about is the fact that the VF-1 has the only advantage of having thermonuclear reactors while the VF-0 hasn´t got them and that´s it.

    but if we think about it the to valkyries are just contemporaries , if not we would see such similar designs and such a short time between the deployment of both valkyries, the only reason we don´t see any VF-1s is because they´re still in the factories waiting for the thermonuclear engines , why ? because the UN is not willing to alter the design just because of an isolated incident (Mayan conflict); Add to this the fact that the VF-0 is a test fighter and as such can be alter with relative ease and its numbers are more limited (perfect for Mayan).

    And by the way , what´s the point of this debate ? just enjoy your MAcross people ...Jesus :rolleyes:

  13. Mate , this game is great , IMO the most solid macross game ever released. Fun , good graphics , good 2D shoot-em-up structure. If only they would release it for GBA now that everyone is releasing SNES games on the portable.

  14. Oh , what a shame , I didn´t get to post any questions ..well , Graham wasn´t allowed to tell anything on the upcoming Macross Zero line anyway...I was wondering though if they were planning on making a 1/60 GBP armour or if they would just skip that plan and go directly to 1/48.

    Oh yeah , I´m also very curious of how they feel about the 1/72 line success when there´s so much growing interest in the 1/48 line . :(

    Guess we´re damn to buy 1/48 from now on cause I doubt people will be willing to buy non-1/48 stuff.

  15. Wow , that navy babe does look great , I really think the character designer of has made 2 great contributions to Macross :p

    The VF-0D looks splendid , I don´t know who´s making all this illustrations but he´s doing a great job , specially with all the detail (panel lines , pilot´s helmets , etc..).

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