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  1. what's particularly awesome was how painless it was. they give you a prepaid shipping label, you drop off at any fedex office. I've purchased from places that don't cover shipping, so it's 10-20 bux out the door... other places charge a restocking fee... and shittier places just don't reply to you, so u stuck!
  2. i looked through a few threads here but didnt sift thru all of 188 pages of posts. was wondering if anyone had this issue to their sentinel ride armor? I picked up a Rey figure just a few days ago, got it open, and noticed the swivel joint on this was bent at an odd angle; broke off with very minimal manipulation. The pin that held it together looked super brittle, like potmetal? anyways, i'm glad i picked it up from BBTS. they're sending a replacement.
  3. al0324

    Hi-Metal R

    [NVD]NewValkyrieDay Just came in today! super stoked. he loooksss sooooo awesooomeeeee. HotHead Harvey never looked better!
  4. al0324

    Hi-Metal R

    just got my hmr CF in! love it for the most part, but when i was switching the heads, i think i pressed a little too hard to ge thte head to pop on and created a stress fracture/crack right in front of the neck hinge in this pic Doesnt affect transformation, just sad... amazing how sad i got even tho there's other things to worry about in life hAHAhhahaHA anyone else had this happen? Edit: N/M i took a good look at it and its made like that lol *sigh* good scare for me. edit 2: I love this guy!!!!
  5. the only thing i was disappointed with the VF1S Roy is the backpack hinge/flap thing. that thing felt super fragile and i did bend it but caught myself before it broke. By comparison, the 1/48 feels more durable, but that's a whole heap bigger than the 1/60. The thing i really dig about hte 1/60's are how flush the shoulders sit inside the valk in fighter mode. Also love the ribcage covers and the neck cover it came with.
  6. al0324

    Hi-Metal R

    quick question, and i'm sure its answered before, but would you guys know what these stands are called or where to get em? i just ordered a HMR GBP *excited*
  7. Yup! its a career now! back then, i was just starting out and gone back to school for art.
  8. Hi there folks! it's been a long time since i logged back on; i dont know if anyone remembers these drawings i did back in 2002 but yea... i think... that was the last time i had logged in?
  9. After a hiatus of... who knows how long, i ended up buying a 1/60 Arcadia VF1S Strike. My last macross toy was a 1/48th VF1A Hikaru when it first came out back in the day. Then came along Robotech on Netflix and it resparked it all over again hahaha. http://imgur.com/a/G3KYj LOVE IT also hate it. i nearly broke the hinge on the backpack flap but caught it in time before it snapped. Bent that hinge/flap spot pretty good, but at least its not broken and in need of superglue. Also have some FlightPose stands coming, and a Bandai VF1A Mass production type Hi-Metal coming in sometime soon.
  10. Yeah, looking forward to some CM's too! waiting for the Toynami treads
  11. was there major problems with VF-oS? or are you just saying in general when VF-OA's coming out.
  12. I will get all except Max. I have a hikaru one and am not interested in repaints. oOOooooooo plastic CRACK i tell you!
  13. Yeah, you're getting your money's worth size wise. Attached is a pic of a 1/48 scale VF-1 next to the 1/60 scale VF-0. 418740[/snapback] OOOhhh! OOOOOOOOOHHH!!! that is sweet! i think i'll preorder with HLJ then. how fast and how much do you think EMS it will be to san francisco, CA? :D (sigh, that and Mp03 starscream will put a dent in my wallet )
  14. *sigh*, to go from Ghandi and Schindler's List into the jaws of Uwe Boll. Kingsley what are you thinking? Then again, Ben was in "Species" 410960[/snapback] My g/f tortuted me when i was sick with a fever by renting bloodrayne. I coudln't move to turn it off so i sufferred through the whole film. Michael madson, ben kingsley, michelle rodriguez, they are good actors, but what a CRAPPY script! what a crappy movie! I've read somewhere Uwe Boll is the "King of video game movies." ??? wtf? no he's not. He's the king of making crappy videogame movies. I hope Halo with peter jackson turns the tides of video game movies. Silly Boll, tricks are for kids!
  15. Nice Exo. you built an armiture for it yet?
  16. Hahaha love it. I particularly like the 1/48th. Keep em coming!
  17. yeah that's tough. I've been looking for a good e-tailer fora while too. I normally just buy my valks from Kevin, but he closed shop. Now a days its just bigbadtoystore but i want someone reliable and costworthy too for japanese imports.
  18. But do you know that the 1/60 VF-0 is about the same size as the 1/48 VF-1. When you get it you'll be floored again! Chris 418680[/snapback] OMFG I DID NOT KNOW THAT! Ok nevermind i can understand the price now well, damn, i guess that changes everything doesn't it? my bad!
  19. I've been out of the macross loop while just building up my tFormers collection. Saw the Vf-0A here and got hooked, but whne i went to go check prices (checked vf0s prices), i was floored by it's "i'm more expensive than the 1/48th" cost. To show you how out of the loop i was, i went to Valk-Exchange to check prices and learned it was closed since 01-06!!! I can defintely throw money at it and get one - it's no big deal, but wow... that's a lot $$$ for 1/60th scale plastic. but dyaaaammm the detail is amazing. and if there are improvements, that's awesome.
  20. i say if there's no preference, then whichever is cheaper in the lineup. I got a 1/60th max for 30 bux off of ebay which is unheard of at the time. yay for middle of the week sales. OTHERwise, the 1J
  21. Sigh... i have that problem too... when a toy is stuck in my head, it slowly becomes an obsession for the next few days until i cave in and just buy it. Thankfully, i haven;t caved in to buying repaints. AHHHHH i want one 0D now OHHHhh i'm back! been a while!
  22. yeah that sucks. what is frustrating is that each has different stock. I guess it's whoever's in charge, but the toysRus that is like 20 miles southward has a lot more transformers... just harder to get to by walking..
  23. just off topic from everyone, but the Toys R us in San Francisco is the crappiest store ever. their transformer line there is really small. i was disappointed.
  24. i just picked this up yesturday. animation: a++, though the lifelikedness + motion cap made it eerie at times. story: wtf? confusing as hell. You had to play the game to probably understand most references. I played it, but that was 10 years ago? action: a+++ 10x better than the bigbudget american movie i really wished they were more clear on the storyline i appreciate the film cuz i played the game, but crits like these are supposed to help the filmmakers. Film is expensive, and if they can't make it right, then no one else will fund a future film like it. take for example final fantasy american movie. If you tried to pitch another final fantasy movie with the same look but better story, no network exec will even want to touch it since the first one flopped.
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