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  1. I will buy any Combat Armors they want to produce for this line. I like everything about this line. Just need more of them! Anyone have any ideas about how well these are selling?
  2. Got my ship notice. Now let's see how long it takes UPS to get it here from Japan. I have really enjoyed the photos I've see of the GBP and can't wait to dress up my naked VFs.
  3. You have my attention. I assume it's an exclusive.
  4. While I do lament the fact that there hasn't been a Macross release in HM-R in over a year, I will say that the non Macross releases in this line are fantastic. The L-Gaim releases are amazing and as close to a Mortar Head release as we are probably ever going to get. The Xabungle, Walker Machine, Layzner, and Dougram releases are pure real robot goodness. Also, who knew that the Dragonar series was going to get such perfect toys. The #2 and #3 machines aren't out yet, but if they are as good as #1 then I believe they represent the best possible versions of those machines that have ever been made. Really looking forward to Votoms as well. Yes, I'd like more Macross in the line (finish the Destrioids already) but if Bandai's focus is elsewhere then I'm cool with it. There is not a single dud in the whole line. As a matter of fact, and this might be sacrilege, but the VF-1 Valkyrie might be the least interesting of the whole lot.
  5. Got the same email. I assume you simply reply to it as there doesn't seem to be a confirmation in the "your orders" section of their website.
  6. Felix

    Hi-Metal R

    I just received both of the Hi-Metal L-Gaim bots. Needless to say, they are amazing. Thought I'd look around the internets and see what's shaking around the Macross Hi-Metal R world. Turns out it is just a ghost town with a couple of tumbleweeds bouncing through it. I know the DXs are the new hotness, but in a way I prefer the Hi-Metal R versions. Oh well, all good things...
  7. Like everyone else, I ordered my SSP back in June of 2019, paid my money, and started waiting. After a year I submitted a ticket and was told that they were not available from the manufacturer at the time. They offered me store credit if I didn't want to wait. I told them that I would just wait it out. Then about a month ago I received a message that my shipment was being prepared and then another e-mail telling me they shipped via UPS (or was it FedEx, I can't remember now.) Anyway, less that a week later they were here. It took forever, but they did get me what I had ordered. Would I use them again, possibly. I don't really believe the lack of product was their fault. Did they oversell? Feels like it, but who knows. The times I emailed them it took at least 24 hours to reply, but that reply was always courteous and apologetic. I have used them many times in the past and have never had a problem with anything until this. YMMV though.
  8. Felix

    Hi-Metal R

    True, but those are the original Hi-Metal line not the R line. I forgot all about those.
  9. Felix

    Hi-Metal R

    I agree 100%. Also, still want Max and Kakizaki 1A's from both SDF and DYRL. Those seem like a slamdunk seeing as they already have the tooling. As a matter of fact, Those 4 VFs and the remaining 2 Destroids would make the Hi-Metal Macross line complete in my book. Well maybe Milla Power Suit and a Zentradi fighter pod..... oh oh and a fan racer..... Ugh! I just made myself sad.
  10. Felix

    Hi-Metal R

    Macross Hi-Metal R might be dead, but there are a lot of fantastic Hi-Metal R bots coming from Dragonar, L-Gaim, and Votoms. Also, what looks like a neat vehicle set to go with the Dougram Hi-Metals. https://hobby.dengeki.com/event/1110285/ If you haven't picked up the non-Macross Hi-Metal line you are missing out on some of the best robot toys of the past few years. I just recently got the Bat-Shu frum L-Gaim and it is a thing of beauty. I hope we do get some holes filled in the Macross line, but just think of the amazing stuff we have gotten already.
  11. It was placed on June 8th of 2019, so quite a long time ago. I think that is the day they went up for pre-order.
  12. I received an email from Nippon Yasan yesterday telling me that my order of Fast Packs were being prepared to ship. Then late last night I received an email that they had shipped and are now in the hands of UPS. The number shows up in the "My UPS" app. Now a delivery date is "pending" but that is to be expected since they just received it. All signs are pointing to them actually arriving in the not to distant future.
  13. I will say that if anyone is looking to pick up the Project BM Kaneda and bike make sure you see pictures (or even better handle) of both pieces before you pay for anything. Medicom RAH style figures and anything with vinyl have a tendency to rot over time if the toys aren't stored or displayed correctly. I have seen Kaneda's Jacket rotten away to shreds on a couple of these as well as spit bike tires. Also the Medicom RAH buck is notoriously fragile. I'm not saying don't track one down, just be careful as you shop. I Have the set on display and mine has no problems at all, but it has been inside a toy display cabinet in a cool room with no sunlight.
  14. I cannot believe how broken hearted I am about hearing that CN has pulled the plug. No show that I have ever watched has played the long game on a joke, a plot point, or even a minor reference better than Venture Brothers. I still have hope that we get a conclusion, but who knows. Honestly, this isn't the first time this has happened with this show, but looks pretty final now. Maybe one of the streaming services looking for some quality content will pick it up and give them a chance to complete the story.
  15. I had one in my cart and was checking out at HLJ and it went out of stock as I was hitting submit! Ugh.... I'll keep looking. Oh well.
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