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  1. For sale: Macross ultimate collection DVD boxset In like new conditions, 75GBP + P&P This is supposedly the best DVD version of macross super dimensional fortress 1, from Madman. It's remastered, unedited, uncut, with japanese audio and english subtitles. Released from Madman australia, region4, (make sure your dvd player is either multi-region or region4 before purchasing!) box 9.5/10, discs 10/10, booklets 10/10 I've purchased it new a few ago and watched only once, it's been carefully looked after and kept in a drawer since. I'm based in London UK and happy to post abroad. Pics: http://simultools.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/IMG-20140120-WA0000.jpg http://simultools.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/IMG-20140120-WA0001.jpg http://simultools.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/IMG-20140120-WA0002.jpg http://simultools.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/IMG-20140120-WA0003.jpg http://simultools.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/IMG-20140120-WA0004.jpg
  2. I did originally place an order on robotech but they declined it for unknown reasons, so placed a new order on madman instead Can't wait for the series to arrive. Luca
  3. Hi Keith, I take the price would be australian dollars... I think I will stick to the robotech.com store as it ends up being 30-40% cheaper... however ntsc would be lower res than pal... ntsc = 720x480 x 30fps pal= 720x576 x 25fps Thanks guys I'll let you know once I receive the box set! Luca
  4. I like it dark panel lined eheheh no it's just that I decided to go for the cel shaded kinda look because it would be easier for me to do. Thanks Luca
  5. ok, I got an email from Animeigo saying that they don't sell macross nor to the uk, but I've successfully placed an order at robotech store hurray! it'll be 75 dollars all inclusive (excluding import duty); not so bad when converted in pounds... I'm still a bit upset that I didn't know of it when I purchased the robotech box set.... Anyway the subtitling idea couldn't work as each episode is still cut the robotech way and some sequences have been omitted altogether (example episode 1 the lifting of Hikaru's valkyrie from Linmay's relatives house). It stated that this was the extended edition but it seems it's not as "extended" as the original macross series... anyway I guess I'll go straight to ebay... thanks Luca p.s. How do you pay for import dutys?
  6. hmmm It looks like animeigo only posts to North America; I've dropped them an email asking if they deliver to the uk as well, but from the look of their faq page it seems unlikely I just believe there aren't many options for us leaving in the UK ( that's why I thought of adding subs to the widespread robotech extended dvd release. but you all echoed to leave it and try to get hold of the animeigo one Luca
  7. WELL WELL WELL..... after 1 week of planning (and buying the right tools) I started working on customizing my first and only valkyrie. Here's the result of it: www.lucavfx.com/macross In some pictures there's missing panel lining on the nose as I took the pictures during work in progress.... My fav pose is gerwalk with clusters of missiles on the stand tools used: staedtler 0.05 pigmented liner felt tip red 0.1 pigmented liner felt tip grey silver 0.3(?) felt tip qtips water enjoy! Luca
  8. Hello, I live in the UK and I found the robotech first 1-36 episodes box set at a great price (hmv, 10 pounds). Now, I'm a fan of the original Super Dimensional Fortress Macross series but I've only watched it on youtube in japanese (and english subs). As you might imagine image and sound quality was way too poor. Here's my elaborate plan : I'd like to take the video from this 6-dvd box and add original subtitles in, so to at least have the same script and story as the original, wishing that this version is the uncut version. here are the details of this set: http://www.dvd.reviewer.co.uk/reviews/revi...&User=35825 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Robotech-Macross-S...x/dp/B000H5VEPI Is this idea out of this world? thanks Luca
  9. Yesterday I received both the stand and the VF-1A - cf !!!! obvious last night I went to bed waaay too late... It reminded me of christmas day!!!! again!!!! This is my first and only valkyrie first impressions: the 1/48 yamato VF-1A at first glance is H U G E ! ! ! way bigger than expected. However it seems a bit too delicate and the plastic seems it will become loose very soon. Finishing is brilliant and the amount of engineering they put into it to let it transform in all three modes is amazing. really high tech stuff. However I noticed a couple of things I'm not happy about: the airbrake is very "cheap" and not too steady, the front gear's right door has a little plastic "mole" that prevents it from fully opening obstructing slightly the gear. (I'm thinking of removing the little plastic mole with a cutter). Also it really gives the feeling that it wouldn't sustain more than 5-10 transformations before becoming really loose. Anyway not a big deal as I'm planning to leave it in gerwalk mode (hence the stand) (unless there's a way to use the stand and valkyrie in battloid mode for a dynamic cool pose)... but never mind. Now to the interesting stuff: I'm planning to add panel linings and a minor amount of weathering (nothing special..). For this purpose I've bought a staedtler 0.05 pigment liner see pic because I heard it takes a little to dry and enough time to amend any mistake with a damp cloth. any suggestion for panel lining? thanks for reading! Luca
  10. Yeah I'm a big fan of the macross tv series and I'm getting the cannon fodder version from Coolman. Thanks a lot I've also found a valkyrie stand now far from where I live so I think I'll grab that one too. ( I like the combination of beige / darkblue ) I'm already thinking of panel lining it with a staedtler pigment liner 0.05 Luca
  11. I checked out so many different pics of many 1/48 yamato, and some of them (not custom!) seem to have better darker thinner panel lines than others. ...or is it just the photo? Do you know if some variants of vf-1 have better finishing than others? and to this regard, being the v1-a cannon fodder the latest yamato 1/48 release, does it have better finishing than any other? ok, now you can start throwing rocks at me Luca
  12. Hey guys, Have you heard bad things about this guy? http://www.geocities.com/valken_exs/index.htm thanks Luca
  13. a little 1/48 1/60 comparison I just found: http://animenewsi.com/index.php?itemid=9557&catid=232
  14. ok you got me there! at least this simplyfies things as I will remove the koenig from the list regarding my favourite valk, imagine it as a function with two variables, my taste and my wallet in other words my taste must vary depending on my wallet capabilities
  15. anyway my most favourite valk would be the orbit one which is only available as half custom half kit..... It reminds me a lot of early nasa/kubrick 60-70' space design with a twist
  16. which one is my fav valk? I guess anything with fast packs regarding the konig I just love the gerwalk mode I first saw in robotech battlecry in the intro... I like the design a lot but I'm a bit put off by what it seems to be a bad color scheme used. the customized painted one is 100000000000% times better
  17. Hi, I have to be extra careful with prices, otherwise I would end up buying the whole lot! I've narrowed down the choice to one of these: super stealth (with fast-strike parts) (aaajin) stealth (half the price as the above, way too convenient, but hey it lacks the fast pack! (evilbay) vf-1a mass production unit (very convenient pricewise) with additional separate fast packs (aaajin) to be honest for the same price of a super stealth I could get my hands on a normal stealth + 1/100 konig monster on ebay.... what do ya reckon? is that me or it seems the stealth looks sleek and more metallic-realistic than the mass production unit and rocker-hikaru's ? Regards Luca
  18. I'm really going for the 1/48!!! VF-1 but still a bit unsure about the model; I like the VF-1J stealth but I could probably only afford the non-super (no fast packs). Or perhaps the VF-1A Hikaru but it would be a bit more expensive. Thinking about it I would be tempted to get the stealth with separate fast pack (in a second time) but correct me if I'm wrong the optional fast packs would be a different color than the super stealth's fast packs. again macross rules! I wonder if there'll ever be a macross real action movie Luca
  19. thanks for the warm welcome. I didn't see the newbye pinned thread until now...ehehe. I'm almost certain I'll be getting a 1/48, possibily either a standard stealth (found one at half the price of the super stealth), or myria (too expensive) or hikaru... we'll see. THe only doubt is with the stealth; it seems the fast packs sold separately are a different colour than the fast packs bundled with the super stealth. Thanks again Luca
  20. thanks prometeus, I presume the real player video tutorial on macrossworld showing the transfomation (with detatchment of the legs) only referred to the 1/60 then.... I had a look at the reviews, but still I got more confused with such an amount of informations all at once. Luca
  21. Hello, first of all I'm new to this fantastic forum but I've been a robotech/macross fan since I was a kid. I'm also new to collection and I wanted to buy myself either a 1/60 or 1/48 yamato Valkyrie. I've had a look at the many pictures and reviews around (big thank you to macrossworld) and I've got a couple of questions: 1) Do you need to remove any part of the body when transforming from fighter to gerwalk to battloid on the 1/48 valkyries and 1/60? If so is there any version that doesn't require physically detaching parts to transform? 2) Which one would you buy? I found a good deal on hlj for the 1/48 VF-1A Hayao Kakizaki, but the color isn't that great. On the other hand I heard of the cone/flaps issues of the early 1/48 yamato revisions and it's quite difficult to identify the revision on current valkyries on sales on ebay. Perhaps I should just grab the one I like close my eyes and press pay ehheheheh cheers Luca
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