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  1. I have added one at hlj and it appears in the cart. It says it will charge when it is available. Do i need to check out anything at this time?? Rhis isnpainfull
  2. I have just received it and it looks awesome. The builder did an excellent job of doing cell shade and it really shows. Unfortunately, my personal situation has taken an unexpected turn and needs to sell it.. damn it. will be posting for sale soon..
  3. lol I've been getting a lot of complaints from the builder as the kit itself requires a lot of issues to be worked out as it being an old kit. We shall see how it turns out. this was actually my first time having anything commission built and it was not cheap at all. (not complaining about the price as a lot of labor went in) once i get more updates, i will share. I wish i actually have a skillset and time to build it myself...
  4. I guess to stay true to cell painting yes rivets should not be so highlighted but i kinda like it! We will see how it comes out! This was actually his first time doing anything macross related as he is from gundam side!
  5. Here is the teaser. I am having this vf1-s commisioned by a pro builder in korea painted in animation 2d painting. It's taking quite a bit and slow progress. He just sent me some updates and looking very nice so wanted share with u guys!
  6. mpower1226

    Hi-Metal R

    This is bandai japan. No email provided, i contacted them themrough their customer service page. https://support-bandai.secure.force.com/bandaien/ No particular rep that i dealt with as this is done through the inquiry page. I had to take the pics of the 7 ditgit numbers on the box and send them. Through the number they were able to track where the item was sold from. They specifically told me that this was an exception as they do not support out of country customers and that these items are sold for domestic customer only. They were very clear that they will not ship outside of japan. I recommand you get a forwarder. Hope that helps.
  7. mpower1226

    Hi-Metal R

    Lol lets just stay on topic of the reseller mykombini. As i stated earlier, mykombini was not communicating about this issue and when he did, he simply asked me to return the item and would not cover the shipping fee. That's when i took matters into my own hands and went straight to Bandai. Fought them good and won. Just today, went to local post office to pick up the armor parts from Bandai(bandai sent to teso.com and teso shipped out). They supplied me with both left and right calf armors. Finally i just assembled the super pack on vf1a. Looks good!
  8. mpower1226

    Hi-Metal R

    As for the super vf-1a calf armor issue, I managed to get BANDAI Japan to send me the replacement parts. As many of the members have reported, they normally do not support anyone outside of Japan. I think i got lucky being persistent and stood on my ground. They first asked where the product was purchased (mine was from seller from Japan), and asked if I have an address in Japan thinking that I probably wont. I went to Teso.com and got the address. argued with them for a week they finally gave in and agreed to send over the parts to teso warehouse where teso will ship me the parts. Bandai was pretty clear that they will not support anymore and that it was an one time exception. so If you did buy the item from seller from Japan, send an email and make your case. Who knows you might get lucky. (although, the shipping from teso costing me 25 bucks canadian via EMS).
  9. mpower1226

    Hi-Metal R

    Would you like to sell me the right calf?
  10. mpower1226

    Hi-Metal R

    Do you have a spare right calf armor that i can purchase off of u? If you do please let me know?
  11. mpower1226

    Hi-Metal R

    People, be cautious of mkkombini on evay selling items. Not communicative, changes stories and not willing to stand up for the toys he sells. I have also sent an email to bandai about this but i highly doubt that they will do anything since i dont live in japan. Also it seems like a lot of ppl are looking for right calf armor and i am also. If there is any smart one on this forum with 3d printer, maybe he can start selling it..
  12. mpower1226

    Hi-Metal R

    Long time lurker here and going through same dilema with mykombini and leg armor. Got two left leg armor and looking for right. Mykombini flat out ignoring.
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