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  1. No one else scanned the rest of the chapters (8, 10-12)? Sad day. Even sadder, haven't run across a single story translation or even a small summary >_<
  2. Surprised there's not more love for the hard sci-fi Mouretsu Pirates. Well hard sci-fi as you can get that still has miniskirt wearing pirates... It's been an awesome albiet slow-paced series with a horrible name. The (only) space battle they've had so far was much more chess strategy than typical zoom-zoom-pew-pew.
  3. I seem to be in the minority web-wise, but I actually like this cast better than the original; mostly due to there not being a Sirius-type character - I absolutely could not STAND him. Remains to be seen where the story is headed, I hope not another retread but something slightly different. Kinda a Vandread-like gender war going on in the background. The idea of a mecha with a chastity belt is....different to say the least! Interesting that they're using recycling Kanno's score, hopefully we'll get some more orchestral/choir goodness later on.
  4. After FINALLY getting to watch the 2nd movie, I really want more Alto's theme (about 3 more variants in the 2nd movie). Also is 'F Refrain' in the movie at all? Didn't hear it but have only seen the movie once. Don't suppose the games have any of the unreleased bgm? Nearly all the Star Wars prequel music is now out due to game rips lol!
  5. LOVED the movies, but they mean more when you've seen the TV show - I tend to fold all character moments into one big giant mashup in my head so it's like looking at different sides rather than separate entities. I definitely prefer the TV ending battle Nyan medley where music and image complement each other, but that being said 'Sayonara' is going to be running in my head for weeks...
  6. Resurrecting the thread to let all audiophiles know La-La Land is releasing a 3-DISC set of the music ^___^ http://www.lalalandrecords.com/SpaceAboveAndBeyond.html
  7. I think the show has some potential, if they're willing to have a bit of fun with the world and not go completely serious. *nerd hat on* Robert Carlyle (Rumpelstiltskin) was on Stargate Universe, not Atlantis and yes, his Joker-lite Rumpelstiltskin is indeed the best thing about the show so far.
  8. Interestingly enough, the "Hard Chase" cue is added on to "Transformation" during the Galaxay Tour Final concert, with the new part starting at 1:46:27. With the way Transformation abruptly cuts out on the first OST, I wonder if it was always part of the original cue and if so, WHY did they leave it off?
  9. Biggest question as the cds are available sooner than good quality rips.... Do we have new BGM or is it mashups of the series Kanno score?
  10. Thank the gods...we now have an affordable (in the $30 range) Viper Mk II model kit coming! No pics, but the release is set for January so we should be seeing some pics soon! http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=MM912 In other news, the ONLY reason to watch The Plan is for the awesome Colony wipeout and the best song from the show since 'Watchtower' and it's various incarnations...
  11. I just hope the plot will be more than HUMANS BAD, ALIENS GOOD, like the trailer makes it out to be. At least Terra had a few nods to the gray moral conflict, with both sides equally as stubborn.
  12. Just saw it today and loved it. Fortunately I knew what I was in for, as the box art and back make it sound like some sort of Flyboys adventure movie. It was an interesting choice to hear Engrish during the dogfights, while retaining Japanese for all the other scenes. Another indication of their 'social lives' being so far separated from combat? Regardless, if anyone much more talented than me knows of, or has made any screencaps, I would be hugely grateful. Also, has anyone heard on any more progress of the Wii game making it stateside? Nobody seems to know anything
  13. Hmm VFTF1...I would probly also show her T2 after T1. It's less of a straight action movie and much more in depth character-wise. Put another way, it's both my mom and girlfriend's favorite movies period. And mom REALLY isn't into action flicks.
  14. I've got both score and soundtrack and made a one cd compilation choosing the best between the two. Most of the soundtrack is self-explanatory, Cohen's 'Hallelujah' grows on you, and 'Watchtower' is fun as always, and the rest of the music is very well-chosen just like in the film, but the highlight has got to be Glass' piece 'Pruit Igoe & Prophecies'. Very liturgical and perfectly suited to Dr. Manhattan. The score itself is actually pretty darn good. Except for 'Prison Riot' which sounds ripped straight from Bate's 300 score, the rest of the cd varies from atmospheric cues (most of them lasting only a minute or so), lush string writing ('Don't Get Too Misty Eyed', 'I Love You Mom'), to vibrant hero music ('Rescue Mission', 'Silk Spectre') to massive epic cues ('What About Janie Slater', 'Just Look Around You', 'Countdown'). Overall I think it's his best score, a cross between Zimmer's more atmospheric Batman scores and traditional themed superhero writing.
  15. Also the design is very much influenced by a manta ray, all except the tail. Who designed the Pheyos?
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