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  1. cruiser mode low light mmmmm beginning titles anyone pulled some levels some more.... does anyone have any recommendation to fix the decals in place once they are applied???
  2. thanks It's the reason I held out so i can get these decals. I was thinking of putting some on the inside area for the bridge will get some images in cruiser mode tonight.
  3. added the glow in the dark decals to mine.
  4. b and c for the screws are almost alike from my recent assembly. they just differ in threading so you might have screws mixed up. I know I had them mixed up on my assembly. good luck this one is harder then assembling a perfect grade 1/60 gundam. I think yamato should have sorted the screws out for us. mechmaniac
  5. I had one of these when I was a kid. from whatI can recall it's all plastic and didn't have a complicated transformation process it was like rotate the body and rotate the guns. the arms couldn't move much and could not bend at the elbows neighter did the main guns drop down. it was a cool toy for a little kid though.
  6. isa_o

    Store Questions

    Where do you live?
  7. here are some reviews (ozuma bandai) http://www.collectiondx.com/review/chogoki...rie_ozma_custom 1/60 vf-1s http://www.collectiondx.com/review/macross...s_hikaru_ichijo http://www.collectiondx.com/taxonomy/term/309
  8. I actually like the wave version. This yamato version is gonna have to wait to see it pan out into a production version.
  9. the megahouse mini mospeada is also good. just a little part swapping. the 21 is wayyy nice but too fragile and dropping it at the right angle willl break it fast. that's 210 + out the door. And over-drive-inc.com will offer replacement parts if your son breaks a part. it can be fixed. so yammie's are the best for the buck. don't come back into collecting it'll depleat your wallet.
  10. please note that on the yammie boxes it says 15+ get him a 1/48. they are sturdy enough to play with. if you go with the 1/60 v2 that would be a similar transformation to the 1/48. they 1/60 are more solid. I wouldn't recommend a 21 or 19 yet. since they are more finicky to transform
  11. maybe they used a different team to make the models. or yamato it smoking our money.
  12. silhouette of it transformed
  13. at the end of the day it's a choice we make or don't make. I'm convinced that yamato is just getting a feel for the SDF and pricing to more accurately gage a good price. I hope. But the end result price or not we have that choice to buy or not to buy.
  14. That's no rant, you bring up a good point that hopefully yamato willl pick up on from their "BUYING" audience.
  15. rub it in for the less fortunate who don't live downstairs to a real toy store not some "americanized toy's r us" won't sell real anime stuff. We get hijacked here for anime products unless we order form online store that charge us shipping. Your in the GOLD Graham. Hong Kong. Wan Jai.
  16. yeah, I agree. Still Yamato should still consider a downsize in price or go to a 1/3000 scale which is more affordable.
  17. if you think that's cheap. do the math 93 yen = 1 us dollar. whether, going up or down we don't know the final result but 50, 000 yen is too high to be priced at period. it a piece of ABS, POM plastic. over inflated for my price tag.
  18. It's not the size but the one time cash dropping price tag. I don't mind dropping money for the 21,1,19 but those are better buys. So I am agreeing that it cost to much to drop 700. At one time come on for that price you can buy a 3 day trip to Kauai on pleasant holidays. Or even a laptop. Yamato is just , plain and simple here. Rip us off. Milk us yeah! Make it big but make the price tag big also. Yamato's company slogan "price gouge macross fans"
  19. I have to agree with you on these area. Yamato stop messing with our wallets.
  20. I hope your right, plus I hope yamato shaves it down in size it'll be easier to play with like the kong monster
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