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  1. The long national nightmare has ended, my blue legioss from Sentinel preorder has finally been filled by BBTS!!! FInally in my pile of loot.
  2. Look at the box art for her fighter, the bike is VERY neon pink, NOT red. Sentinel is screwing this up for sure. Very disappointed. Very likely a pass. So hopes of a full squad on bikes is out the window as far as I am concerned.
  3. I am as well. Last I was told they were waiting on the rest of their order but yes, this is unusual for them. Interestingly, it is not listed as "Sold Out" as it does normally when no more to be had. It shows as still "Pre-Order Sold Out" so clearly they expected X amount and only got in y so far. I am close to giving up and ordering at scalped pricing.
  4. Thanks for reminding me... I too have a paid order for Strike parts and not so much as an email about being delayed or that they where in. Submitted a ticket asking to downgrade shipping or get a refund. Which I know will be a credit I will probably never use, never touching NY again.
  5. I have as I am still waiting to get my pre-order filled. They say they have not received their entire shipment and do not know when they are getting the rest. I suspect he got someones unpaid preorder. Any word from Sentinel about a 2nd run? I suspect, for the first time ever, I may get shorted by BBTS. Not sure I can somach the aftermarket prices already on this in Japan...
  6. Here's where I'm guessing Sentinel drops the ball.... I'm fearing it will be more pink then red when released.... Their default color option for the micro version with the fighter release got me thinking, why would they pick that pink for it? Unless that is the prominent overall color of the larger one.
  7. Is it just me or is Bandai going WAYYYY out of it's way to say "frakk off if you're outside of Japan! We do not want you to have this!" more than usual this time around?
  8. SO NY is a no go this time? No overpriced stock huh? This sucks.
  9. Nada, zip, zero, ziltch.
  10. Yes, very impressed. Got back to me in less than an hour as well. Just asked for proof of payment and immediately sent out a replacement. Already have shipping info.
  11. KC is going to send me a replacement.
  12. Peg sheered off the socket. It's in Rick's arm.
  13. Took a whole 25 secs to fall off. yes, it's broken.
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