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  1. 32 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    I see. It does say Die-cast on the description though. Probably using those die-cast SEED frame they're selling before?


    That would be nice if they did, but also up their production cost (its listed at 30$ on Showz and I think similarly on other sites). I'm sure the cost of the metal option parts actually less than listed.
    Or it could possibly be mis-labeled as die-cast, but then that would hurt their sales.

  2. 17 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    I think that one is just a pre-painted (service) of the actual Bandai kit being sold to customers and not an actual MB-ish fig. I was just showing it to a friend earlier and were checking to see if they used an actual Bandai-ish kit or the possibility of the Daban copy of the kit. It apparently looks like they used actual Bandai kits (or maybe a good copy) because the Daban ver had some panel-line changes/differences.

  3. 9 minutes ago, Darth Mingus said:

    I just want to preface this with a statement that I do not work for Bandai, I am in no way affiliated with Bandai.  But based on what I have seen over the last few years, they are trending towards moving big portions of their business direct to consumer, which makes a lot of sense:

    • The Gunpla lines are produced in 1 highly automated factory in Japan.  There has been talk about moving some production out of Japan, but I believe this was met with pushback (maybe the China Red and other China exclusive items are manufactured overseas)
    • Their Tier 1 retailers are the big Japanese retailers (Yodabashi Camera, Bic Camera, etc.). Unfortunately, we have to lump Amazon JP into this list.  I say unfortunately because they have extremely predatory practices when it comes to suppliers.
    • Tier 2: Overseas distribution partners, like Bluefin, who run the North America operation
    • Tier 3: The AmiAmi/HLJ/HobbySearch of the world: real, non-scalper sites cannot possibly compete with the tier 1s or 2s in terms of volume

    This would account for 1st run, retail offerings only.

    • "Unpopular" offerings are done as special batch jobs, made to order, essentially and sold on P-Bandai.  People see Premium Bandai and think the kits are premium.  In reality, they are not premium, just made to order
    • Originally, P-Bandai was simply recolours, with extra parts, etc... They now do P-Bandai unique kits because it is just easier to manage shelf space.  With the sheer volume of gunpla available, I am sure the Tier 1 retailers are pushing back
      • Maybe it was the Tier 1 retailers that said they would not devote shelf space to the F-90, which is why this one went P-Bandai despite a full colour box, new molds, etc.
    • Gundam Base is another outlet for retail kits.  When you visit a Gundam Base, you will find pretty much every single retail gunpla kit ever made.
      • When you see kits being made for Gundam Base Web Shop, these are kits they are planning to make to restock the Gundam Base outlets, not for the retail channel.  They open it up to pad out the production run so that they do not need to manage as much inventory
      • I started noticing more and more restock kits coming via this channel, rather than the retail channel

    The Jan 2022 reissue of the HGUC Nightingale tells me that the retail channels do not want more stock for their shelves, probably because of the size of the box, the recent release of Xi vs. Penelope, the upcoming Virtue, etc.

    This is all speculation, of course.  I have no insight into Bandai's operations, just what I've heard from shop owners and recent trends in announcements.

    Wow...! Thanks! That's really great info/insight. I was never aware of the tier system nor any of the companies in the tier 1 category (expect az jp). I guess I should've realized amiami, hlj, hs were more on the lower tier of businesses, since they only sell to consumers and are willing to facilitate international shipping. I don't know why I lumped them in with Bluefin, but I guess we know Bluefin actually distributes to a good number of other NA/US based businesses (iirc usag, gp, maybe bbts, etc etc). 

  4. 28 minutes ago, Darth Mingus said:

    I was thinking the same thing.  I said I stopped pre-ordering, then looked at my HLJ account and saw my pre-order there.  I think Bandai completely underestimated the demand for the Nightingale.  The Re100 was a shelf warmer and the re-release 5 years later was also a shelf warmer.  The RGs are smaller and tend to move so I think they devoted lines to produce these things.  Seems like the kyrios  and dynames  are also over produced at this point, probably in anticipation of a rush when the release the virtue. 

    Geezzz that's horrible (with the possibility of Bandai's gauging mechanism of the previous RE100 NG). I think some point down the road everything is going to be paid on demand with non-refundable deposits. This way manufacturers have a better idea of how much to actually produce and not fall short of under or over production.

  5. Okini.land opened their orders $280-ish, but seems like they adjusted their prices a bit above msrp. Similar range to Luna Store Park. DHL ship at $46 to the east coast of US.

    I haven't ordered from OL before but the reviews seem good


    Almost 1 hr later either they sold out or closed the orders. The item description has gone back to "You will be notified when the preorder is opened or when the product becomes available."
    Not sure if they opened on the MSRP of 23.8k. I saw 29k initially when it was made available.

  6. 8 minutes ago, spacemanoeuvres said:

    It’s tough. I think oldy timey members are happy to help in general but it does irk that these figs are getting harder and harder to order AND there are a fair amount of lurkers/new members we only see on PO night. 

    Also seeing lots of people posting on social media fb, ig, twitter, etc... it's inevitable that would happen, but it also creates more awareness/hype aka more fomo/demand?.

  7. 18 minutes ago, spacemanoeuvres said:

    I know, they atw about $400 worth of my vouchers due to backing out of orders, and the vouchers expiring because you can use them to cover a whole order. 

    Damn!!! 400$! I thought my $100+ was bad.

    To stay on topic... I applied a 2.3k disc i had left over to the order and selected EMS for 6.1k with the VF31AX it wouldve been 26.8k before additional cc fees through NY.

  8. 1 minute ago, jvmacross said:

    LOL..read again...I said Paypal was complicit.....NY would not have been able to ripoff so many people without accepting payments through Paypal......paypal's short protection coverage was an easy way for NY to get away with their activity for so long......Paypal knew about it for at least a year full of complaints, yet only just recently, per the post from pafy, removed NY from being able to use their payment processing services....so you see....paypal helped NY rip-off people.......


    Oh okay... you meant it from that angle, lol.
    With pp's 180 day window NY definitely found the workaround that, after a 5.5 month preorder release date NY further stalls with saying they're 'preparing shipment' and then not sending the order (after 3 more weeks breaking the 180 days), preventing the buyer from filing dispute. XD

  9. Just now, jvmacross said:

    Wow.........so Paypal finally was forced to stop taking payments from them....good!  Too bad Paypal was complicit in the ripping off of several people world-wide for such a long time....oh well, I am sure not having paypal as an available payment option for overseas customers must be hurting their bottomline.....next up...closing down their business I hope!

    paypal ripping people off? i'm guessing you meant NY? XD

  10. 1 minute ago, spacemanoeuvres said:

    Oh wow I was about to use a voucher to place an order an just noticed; no PayPal.

    Ef that they can choke on the voucher, I’m not giving them any more money

    The bs is once you start the checkout process and select a voucher you wont get it back... i've tried sending comms to their cust service and no luck. I lost a $40 voucher once and this last time i checked for the 31AX and selected the 2.3k yen voucher i had... lol. Fn NY.

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