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  1. it was pretty good. the opening is indefinably eye opening.
  2. it was awesome and i claim olivia wilde.
  3. i saw a dual wielding shotgun player the other day, used the m16 to end his dreams of racking up kill streaks.
  4. being a sniper in multiplayer is almost a waste of time.
  5. single player really took me by surprise, in a good way. great set pieces, a plot that is not terrible plus graphically this thing is ridiculous. multiplayer, meh, kinda cool, less annoying dual shotgun wielders, but i enjoy battlefield 2 a whole lot more.
  6. all apple products and the smug douchebag vibe they give off.
  7. i'm a huge fan of the comic book but not so much the series, it's hard to explain but it's missing the pull of the book. it's almost got a stephen kings the stand tv movie vibe going for it. it shouldn't.
  8. so far i'm enthralled with this game. it's good. really good. but sweet crap the werewolves are total bastards.
  9. masks are not removable unfortunately
  10. they don't look articulated but they really are, head, hands, feet are ball and socket, shoulders, elbows and knees have the same as the current gijoe/starwars figures- full range of movement, the hips are v cut with a swivel point mid thigh- done only to keep the sculpt accurate. i;m trying to give it new marvel legend style hips.
  11. just got a couple of the toys, they are pretty damn awesome.
  12. it went for $4500. at least mine wasn't too far off.
  13. saw it, starts out pretty cool, then starts a steady slide into a total wtf ending in regards to plot. visually, it is neato cool. i really cannot recommend it due to the story going into the realm of headache causing silliness for the last quarter of the movie. looks great, better watching it as a rental.
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