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  1. I just took my son to see this in IMAX and we both loved it. Great film and a fantastic IMAX experience. The subwoofers in that theater were epic! Definitely a go see in the theater kind of movie. The speakers on my TV would probably get blown if I tried to watch this movie at home.
  2. For this price it should be bigger and have a more detailed and to scale cockpit that opens and closes with fully colored pilot. Would be cool if Arcadia did it up in 1/48 scale with a sweet cockpit.
  3. miriya

    3P SD VF-1S

    It looks great in battroid mode. Love the light up visor. It'll look great next to my sd sdf-1 makuross
  4. Would love some 1/55 reissues including the ostrich, elintseeker, strike and maybe even finally make a 1/55 VF-1D!
  5. I love the toy and it is one of the coolest macross toys I have ever got but my box was seriously mangled too. And it is more of a bummer because the box art is so cool!
  6. Amazing work there and inspiring perseverance! Cheers!
  7. Got mine and I like it so far. It was a challenge to transform but at least I did not break it during the transformation. But I am still not convinced I did it properly. Nice details and pretty tight joints so far.
  8. I wish I was there! Have a great time everyone! Hope to be there next year. DECULTURE!!!
  9. Looks like it is going to be another awesome MWcon! I so wish I could make it this year but unfortunately I won't be able to. Ive got quite a bit of awesome macross toys to sell too. Oh well, I hope to make it next year and do the transforming contest again. Have a great time everyone!
  10. 2.22 was so freaking awesome. I have to rewatch 3.33 to try to understand it better but it was definitely an attack on the senses. Hoping that they will end it with something amazing and profound but not too complicated and confusing.
  11. Great idea. I like 1 and 5 the best.
  12. This is the most exciting purchase I have pre ordered in a long time! So happy!
  13. Bought an Revoltech Alien (xenomorph) Big Chap and right out of the box the right arm broke off with the joint split in two. It seems like the joint was never fully attached and the part that is stuck in the torso will not budge. Tried to fix it but no luck. I guess Ill take some pics and make a complaint with HLJ. Any chance they would replace?
  14. Thanks for the link. Just sent him a message on FB.
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