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  1. Hey, those are great scans. I'm amazed at the quality you manged to get from the originals.
  2. Hope you got to see the Defender art work before photobucket decided it was too extreme. I will have to find somewhere better to put it. strange they should only take down one of them.
  3. Ok here are the remaining ones from the book, the scans arent very good as I'm rubbish at scanning ! but i just found the moire removing option, so will try them again with that Defender Phalanx Tomahawk
  4. Hey Rogue (or is it Friday?) Yep, that was probably me then ! The seller also had some 1/144 Takatoku destroids too, but I got out bid on those. I will hopefully get the rest of the pin up art scanned tonight, scanning is such a pain i've been putting it off.
  5. Macross World scores again ! Thanks to the help in this thread , what was posted in the Tomahawk Pin up thread, and a bit of luck I was able to pick up the Macross Model Hobby Handbook off ebay. Its a great book, and has an additional 9 pieces of pin up art that I didnt have. I think they are different to the Megaro Combat ones, but i have more than enough to be getting on with now. The book has a lot of crazy conversions is as well, these days people seem more focused on accuracy, but i guess back then kits were cheap and in plentiful supply.
  6. Thanks, that will keep me busy for some time !
  7. Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated ! Good to know that the 2nd sheet are from Macross. I've had a look at the starship modeller set, and they look do like excellent value, I will probably get some soon. But (without wanting to sound too picky) the anime ones do look a bit modern, and I really prefer that 80's anime style. Ive got the Megaro Zamac Harrier, which has some nice pin up art, the decals that come with are really tiny, but ive scanned the box art to use. Ive also found slightly larger scans of a few of the megarocombat ones. I'll post them up when I get a chance.
  8. Hi I am after some genuine 80's anime pin up art to personalise various kits, and was wondering if anyone has some better scans of the Megaro Combat decal sheet, that Imai produced for its Megaro Zamac range ? This is the sheet, which you would have to be pretty lucky to find these days Ive also found this pin up art scan on a Macross Frontier image dump, I was thinking of using. Minmays in there of course, and its the same pose used in one of the bandai 1/55th sticker sheets, does anyone know where the rest are from ? are they Macross or something else ? any help welcome !
  9. My 1/60 strike valk just arrived but the tail fin back pack section isn't attached to the main body! It doesn't look broken at all, it looks like i just need to undo one screw and clip it back in. I havn't taken apart a yamato before , is their anything i need to look out for ? Like springs that ping out never to be seen again?
  10. Yeah I've seen that colour variations too, there are pics on the model page somewhere. So if the arm number relates to the valk, what is number is on the VF1-J valk? Is it a 101 ?
  11. I think Jin's right. I've seen art of VF1S as both a 3 and a 4, cannon fodders as 5 and 7 and Max as a 7. It makes sense that the code relates just to the armour and not the valk it's on. I think I'm going to go with a 3 on the chest and 303 on the arms.
  12. This is why I hired a van and went and retireved all my stashed goodies from my brothers attic as soon as I got my own house. I always made it clear to my family that no-one was to give away my stuff just to make sure this kind of thing never happended to me!
  13. Does anyone know if the 101 on the arms and legs relates directly to the 1 on the chest ? As GBP comes with 1,2,3 and 4 for the chest but then 101, 111, 202, 303 for the arms and legs. So if you were to use a 4 on the chest for a VF-1S what would the arms and leg codes be ?
  14. Fat_Bot

    1/60 Gbp

    Well got to the level with the GBP's and the only number you see is a 7 on a cannon fodder. So unless anyone's got an artbook for the game then your guess is as good as mine. You're right about the red sections being painted blue and yellow for Max and Roy BTW. On a different note I don't know why so many people are being negative about the armour, after all Yamato could have just released it with the VF1J and not separetly, and then they wouldn't of had to go to the effort of making it compatible with the older valks.
  15. Fat_Bot

    1/60 Gbp

    Just started playing the game through to find out, Hopeet when I get to that level the numbers aren't too small to read .
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