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  1. 13 hours ago, F-ZeroOne said:

    In US service... I can't confirm this, but apparently in UK service the F-35 is known as "Dave". There could be a number of origins for this (theres a UK TV channel that plays largely classic UK TV shows of that name) but the most likely one is probably also the same source for the TV channel name, the incredibly popular UK sitcom from a little while back called "Only Fools and Horses":

    (The joke being the character being referred to is actually named "Rodney". And yes, that is the creator of the revamped Cybermen from the 10th Doctors run...!).

    You would of think dave was a hal9000 reference from space odessey 2001 and dave is also a nickname for americans to i know australians do call them that

  2. I can not get pass mission 11 , as i have not not been playing games for a while i lost the zone i was in when ac6 was out and i just do not feel like playing it much as i think i might have burnout 

  3. 11 hours ago, Wolf-1 said:

    Haven't tried multiplayer on this game yet, though if its much like 6 was I'll pass.  Unless Project Aces is taking a page from Forza's book and forcing one to play multiplayer in order to unlock everything, at which point they have me in gun distance.  I would be the guy in the A10 most likely, only flying with an actual fighter instead; my yaw controls are non-existent until the end missions usually.  

    Finished my first run through; my only complaint would be that the campaign mode is simply not long enough.  I did manage to purchase the Raptor for the final two missions, left 100k in the bank, was back up to over 700k by the end of the next mission.  If you think the "Hills have eyes" run is fun, just wait!

    Better save it for the wyvern as it is 2,000,000 mrp i hear

  4. Dose any one know how exactly to unlock the x02 strike wyvern on the aircraft tree is it just complete normal campaign mode or higher or do you need to distroy a certain type of building? Etc......

  5. On 08/02/2018 at 2:39 PM, kalvasflam said:

    yeah no kidding, was there some structural defect, or poor maintenance? 

    I once worked with a guy who had experience doing maintenance and forward deployments with the Apaches, he told me that the mechanics hate those birds, they were maintenance intensive as heck, and after every few months of operation, they virtually had to rebuild the bird from the ground up, the only thing they wouldn't have replaced was the airframe itself, the rotors, the canopies, everything would get stripped.  Most of them wished the army just stuck with the Cobras and never went with the AH-64s, because the former was apparently much more robust.

    Safe way to go about it i suppose

  6. On 21/12/2017 at 6:22 AM, Mommar said:

    My biggest takeaway was how different the price of shares of stock between Hasbro and Mattel are.  Mattel's waning sales aren't because of Toys R Us, it's because they don't sell anything people want.

    Dont you mean a “vast majority” do not want as im sure barbie and hot wheel collectors buy mattel stuff?

  7. On 11/06/2017 at 12:59 PM, spanner said:

    and the fact its only available on console (or at least from the impression I got) is another reason why I wouldn't ever touch it..

    It will ba availble on Playstation 4 , XBox One & PC

  8. Hunh.


    He's an F-14/F-15/F-18/VF-1...

    The tailplanes having a greater span than the wings looks really really weird with the wings swept back though.

    I can see the f14 and f18 (with some stealth characteristics like the intakes on the f22) but can not see the f15 in it though

    I don't know, it looks kind of fake to me. Toon-accurate bot mode that transforms into neither the toon jet nor a VF-1, but an F-14-ish jet painted like the toy? Unless it's fake jet parts on robot mode, the cockpit and nosecone don't match in form or paint. It's also kind of weird that this is supposed to be Leader class in a line that, since 2006, hasn't had a Leader class, or that Hasbro would decide to use Jetfire for the first CHUG Leader instead of more marketable characters like Optimus or Megatron.

    it was accidently leaked by hasbro back in october that there would be a 30th Generations Leader Class Jetfire and Megatron link tfw2005

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