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  1. BBTS has concept pics up of Carscream/Carwarp. Looking pretty good and seeker like despite being cars with the wings behind the back and even wings on the lower legs. I'll bite if there's a G1-ish color scheme available.
  2. Yeah, it's surprising to hear that a Revoltech has loose joints. Are the joints fixable with some crazy glue or nail polish to tighten the problem joints? I'm going to take a gamble and keep my order. I like my Toynami, but I'd like something more durable. How long until that Hi-Metal VF comes out?
  3. How well does the fighter mode hold together? And does the looseness limit posing?
  4. Cool. That makes me feel a little better about getting one of these. Another plus over the Toynami is that if it's like other Revoltech's, those numbers and logo details are tampos and not stickers. If the pictures are true to life, than I imagine the Revoltech's going to be much more vibrantly colored than the Toynami too.
  5. When I heard this was coming out, I was hoping it would all take place before the war and show the events from a cylon perspective that lead up to the attack. I miss the S1 & S2 machine-like thinking of the Cylons. That scene was there, but it took about 5 minutes, and there wasn't anything machine like about it. It was ok, and worth watching, but there's really no new revelations.
  6. The fighter's most likely using the same stand connection point the battroid would use. Definitely dissappointing, but for a Revoltech that transforms, somewhat expected. The connection point is a revoltech joint too, which unlike the Toynami's display stand, means that this is going to last, tolerate and more importantly hold all the positions you want to try. There's connection points from the wrists to the underside of the tail wings, something the Toynami doesn't have so this should definitely hold together in fighter mode better than the Toynami does. Although I don't understand what's going on with the minimized hands in fighter mode, but if you don't have them on there, it's going to be a visible peg. The Toynami has an empty socket for hands to peg into. I wish this would have done the same because it wouldn't have looked as out of place in fighter mode. I don't like how the gun dips downwards either, but at least it looks like it's locked in a firm position. I'm still interested in at least one of these. I'm certain these will be far Far FAR more durable than the Toynamis, which I like, but which are more for display than for any type of handling. Revoltechs are figures that are made for grabbing regularly and putting in dynamic poses, which is why they have those cool strong joints, and which is something the Toynami can definitely not regularly endure. Looking at it side by side with the Regult(which I assume is also the Revoltech), it's looking like this will be almost the same exact size as the Toynami too. So they're not really in proper scale with the battlepod either. It's a Revoltech battroid first. Some of those battroid poses they show would be real difficult with the Toynami. The rest is just gravy, imo. This definitely isn't for everyone.
  7. http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product...amp;mode=retail Compared to the Revoltech, it looks pretty plain. I wonder what the articulation will be too.
  8. Make sure you sterilize anything he touches.
  9. As long as he's written a beginning, middle, AND ENDING beforehand, it should be ok.
  10. Is Arrivederci the same thing as Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato? I'm assuming it is, but I'm not fluent with anything outside the first and second seasons, plus it sounds like there was more than one goodbye, so I'm just asking to make sure.
  11. The hip kibble isn't killing me, but I would have *much* preferred that. If you're going to be a slave to the G1 model, you may as well go all the way.
  12. BBTS or Robotkingdom.com. BBTS is more, but it's domestic, so you're partially paying for the piece of mind.
  13. My set arrived and it is indeed awesome. It was a Christmas present to myself. Jetfire is such a PITA to transform. I clip in the one thruster, and the other pops out. I clip that in, and the other pops out, ad nauseum. I had to clip them simultaneously, and even then the connection is tenuous. And as I try to tighten up some other parts, both of the thrusters popped out. It's a fault of the mold, not the release, because I have the same exact problem with Hasbro Jetfire. I was hoping they'd mold fix the belt halves so that they clip into the voicebox on the bottom of the plane like they're supposed to, but no dice. Just like the Hasbro release, the mounts are there, but the belt halves don't have the clearance to clip into them. That said, the alt mode looks FAR better than the Hasbro release. All that robot junk on the bottom of the plane is all black, and what isn't black is a painted detail that looks like it should be underneath a plane. When you look at the plane from the side, your eyes are drawn to the top instead of the out of place blue and gray parts underneath the plane as seen on the Hasbro release. Another cool added detail about this new Jetfire is that they used black screws instead of silver, which I didn't notice how much it helped until I looked at Hasbro Jetfire's arms where they really stick out. I really like this new Prime gun, especially since its entirely optional, not that you wouldn't want to display it, but knowing that you can stow it too is awesome. I also noticed that if you put the gun in the left hand and deploy the arm axe, it helps stabilize the gun a bit, gives you better arm articulation, plus the added bonus of adding a side blade to the gun. Regular Prime and Jetfire combined looks so plain next to the premium recolored combination. I really like all the new painted detail on Prime's head. That said, I'm worried about the chrome on the bottom of the feet. For those who owned the Takara first movie premium and/or Buster Prime, how much of an issue am I going to have with it chipping? Should I put some padding underneath the feet before putting it on the display shelf? I really wish they would have just used the same silver paint they used elsewhere on the figure as I think it's just as good looking as chrome. Now I need to ebay my regular Prime and Jetfire.
  14. There's a two-pack Buster Optimus Prime with a face plate and a more accurately painted Jetfire out. Robotkingdom has it in stock. BBTS is supposed to be getting it in January. I'm glad I waited. This Jetfire should look a little more cohesive and although it's still not perfect by any means, the colors should better cloak the bot parts under the ship in alt mode.
  15. I just found out these are coming out and popped on over here to see what the word/news on them was. Surprised to see them receiving this much criticism. Knowing it's a Revoltech, I figured the engineering is all about an anime'ish and articulate battroid mode with the gerwalk/fighter modes just being extra gravy. Gerwalk looks ok, but fighter mode is definitely pretty stubby. I would like to see these side by side with the Toynami 1/100's. Although I'm not seeing any weapon accessories for the Revoltech like the Toynami's have. No landing gear accessories either. However, I'd imagine these Revoltech's will be 10x's more durable than the Toynami, if not more. These are on my radar now.
  16. Although it does look cool in vehicle mode, the pick up truck is not a good mold. What does help make it at least ok is that Fans Project(think it was them) upgrade kit that came out over a year ago that had a gas can that transformed into Prime's gun, and a removeable(although pretty small) matrix to put inside his chest. I was always hoping for a green with orange details repaint of Prime which would have made for a decent Hoist, since at that point in the line, hoping for any remolding was a lost cause. I thought they kind of salvaged themselves a bit at the end with Rumble and Ravage. Definitely not great molds, but they looked tons better than Prime did, and were much more appropriately done homages. If Rumble would have had some transformation in his arms to let them alternate between piledrivers and regular arms, he would have been one of the best figures in the line. I'm dissappointed with that leader SS video. I think the voyager looks better.
  17. Don't some of the deluxes have faction symbols molded in? That always annoyed me, and in a franchise that constantly repaints molds, it seems counterproductive. Anyway, they really should have crossed over more of the team limbs. Bruticus needed at least one jet for a proper Blast-off and Superion could have used a helicopter(it is an air team afterall). It would have been easy for them to do, and I'm sure the kids would have preferred it(I know us collectors do). What really annoyed me was the translucent energon weapons in Energon. On the combiners they looked especially stupid. I'm dissappointed that Target Bruticus kept them instead of following suit with the recent re-releases of Target Elita-1 and Classics Devastator, which tried to make the weapon pieces look as solid as possible.
  18. It's going to be available 1/2010. At I'm guessing $15, it's going to be hard to pass up.
  19. Found this over at the allspark here. More pictures at link. I think it partforms, but at that scale, I still think it's pretty cool.
  20. I pre-ordered Legends Devastator from BBTS, but unfortunately, I wasn't one of the lucky people who had their orders filled. This was the one set I was really looking forward to this summer, and after calculating how much more it would cost off of ebay than to wait until November, I figured the difference(about $35, therefore $5 extra a figure) was worth it to satiate my addiction. For shipping from Hong Kong, this was surprisingly fast. I opened the figures and transformed them one at a time. Transformation on each is pretty darn cool and par for the course for the newer/better legends figures. Little blurbs about each figure: Demolisher - Very cool, and a legends figure I would have picked anyway even without a Devastator to attach him to. Very accurate to the model despite the size. In vehicle mode, the shovel arm lifts upward. Nothing really significant. In bot mode you can extend them which is really just turning the upper arm backwards, but they really can't lift upwards. Rampage - Pogo stick/piledriver mode, which is kind of neat. Can't really make out any pincher detail at the end of his arms though. Mixmaster - Yeah, pretty spindly because of how the shoulders seperate out so far and thin. The Devastator face is somewhat distracting, but you can get it kind of close to the rest of the bot mode so it doesn't look too kibbly. The forearms are a bit of a pain with how the mixer plates are balljointed there. Definitely a good representation of the movie model at a legends scale despite this, imo. Long Haul - This one's simultaneously cool and dissappointing. Cool because he looks very spot on to the movie model. Dissappointing because the truck bed is completely filled and he has practically zero arm articulation. Scrapper - Yeowzer! This is the only normal proportioned bot mode out of the bunch, and he looks great. He has all the right articulation for a legends scale figure too. Overload - Feels alot like Long Haul but with arm articulation. Really lacking in paint apps though. I think the "scorpion" tail/hook is a nice touch that works. Hightower - This is the odd bug of the lot. The face definitely looks more robotic in person than it did in online pics. Again, because of the small scale, the oddness of it doesn't bother me all that much. I am dissapointed that those tiny arms don't move at all. On the first merging into Devastator I tried to do it without the instructions. It makes perfect sense once you know what to do, but it's not that obvious on the first try. After failing to combine Demolisher and Overload satisfactorily I open the instructions, which have a couple of tiny, but key pictures. I follow the rest of the instructions, and eventually I have Devastator. Sort of. He just didn't look right, and I'll admit I was dissappointed. So I take a breather, then come back to him and start over again. This time it "clicked" and everything connected like it was supposed to, and the proportions finally looked right, and more importantly, I understood the articulation he has so I could do some cool poses. Surprisingly he has more articulation than you'd think. The head's on a balljoint and can look every which way. I expected that, but I was more impressed with the arm and leg articulation which I was expecting to be extremely limited to nonexistent. Demolisher's arms provides all the gestalt arm articulation plus you can twist the vehicles where they attach. You can turn the arms so they're either facing forwards or off to the sides, and you can also lift them upwards to the extent that the bucket arm allows. Some of the arm posing when you lift them upwards doesn't look quite right because of the hunched nature of Devastator, but I was still surprised all the same. The "feet" have ankles that have a little range that can tilt forwards or backwards, and there's also a "knee" joint that has that same limited range. Coupled together, it really helps. You *can* do a decent walking quadrapedal pose. But getting back to how the figures merge together. Everything connects together very solidly. I'm especially impressed with the torso. It's pretty complex for a legends scale figure, but the best part is that it looks solid from *ALL* angles. There's no big gaping empty spot anywhere. The only negative in combined mode is Hightower. He's a little irksome as an arm because of that crane assembly always getting in the way until you learn the do's and don'ts. Summary: I'm pretty pleased with him and very impressed with the engineering. I feel a little guilty paying as much as I did, but I think it was worth it to me to negate the wait and enjoy the figure from now until November.
  21. On the upside, Bludgeon will be voyager scale, so a repeat of Classics Galvatron, who should have been a voyager, is possible, but not likely.
  22. I had that Convoy figure. It's unique for a knockoff, and if you're in the hobby to collect transformable Optimus Prime figures, he was a must have, especially if he came with the Convoy War Brigade set which featured a trailer that transformed into a complete Powermaster Optimus Prime without need of a cab(it wasn't as cool as it sounds, but it was definitely unique). Despite MP Prime being ko'd to create parts for this, the transformation for this was even more simplified than a regular transformer. That waist piece partforms, as it detaches and reattaches to form the top of the cab. I wonder what the QC is on those BinAlt's. That Jazz is certainly tempting, and really infringing on copyright. As for that Sheep Convoy. I plead the chewbacca defense.
  23. I was actually put off by the colors on the new voyager movie Prime. It just looks wrong. The Target exclusive robovision version still remains the best deco this mold has seen.
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