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  1. I had his page bookmarked but can't seem to find it now. He had some great Macross customs and custom ordinance. All I have left is one pic. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it
  2. I hope they get around to making the Mark 1 thru 7
  3. They need to re-release the Batman from Justice League with improved shoulders. That thing is almost as expensive as their Amazing Spiderman
  4. https://showzstore.com/tt-hongli-model-hf-01-prowl-hf-02-smokescreen_p2843.html These look pretty damn good. Looks like they'll scale well with the SS 86 figures
  5. I found this. Seems to have the correct measurements to be 1:60. It's not diecast but made from resin. May try a best offer to see and hopefully ser how it looks.
  6. I cancelled mine at HLJ, seems like others did as well. It's too much to pay for something that *might* be good. Besides, I'll wait until Bandai makes the Zero valks in the DX line. You it will happen eventually
  7. Count me in. Just tell me where to send the cash.
  8. Don't forget Rambo
  9. What'll be interesting to see is if Bandai does make a VF-11B DX would they make it closer to 1/60 scale or do the "robots of similar size". If it's the latter, the 11B should be closer to scale with the new 1/48 VF-1 line
  10. I hope so. And please let them get the color right this time!!
  11. bravo5

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Don't forget the VF-11B. I would love to see Bandai' s take, hopefully with properly scaled tailfins.
  12. bravo5

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I ordered from CD Japan and same thing, nothing. I e-mailed them and they said they were still waiting on stock to arrive
  13. Same here, Taobao confuses the he'll out of me. Is there anyway we could set up a group buy for this sort of thing?
  14. Someone needs to bring this to Arcadia's attention. This would be an easy cash grab for them, hell make it a web exclusive or something. It can'tbe that hard to work out the licensing with Hasegawa
  15. Hopefully they can release the 0D in a cannon fodder low viz scheme
  16. That looks fantastic. I wonder if it would be possible to get a group buy going?
  17. I thought they showed a VF-0A Cannon Fodder last year. Could be wrong though
  18. bravo5

    Website Help

    http://gencolle.jp/u...tail/item024231 Does anyone happen to have a link to this guy's site that still works?. My bookmarked one no longer comes up and was wondering if anyone had another link. Thanks
  19. Just got around to opening mine this weekend from AmiAmi only to find the right front rear landing gear door is missing. Checked the box, shopping box and plastic container but nada. Emailed AmiAmi but got the "sorry you are in the US" response. Is there someone here from Japan who could contact Arcadia to see if they could get this part for me? Would adequately compensate you for your time and the shipping to the US. Thanks
  20. Any size comparisons with Bandai's DX line (VF-25 or 29s)?
  21. Ironically, the lighter blue wouldn't be a bad choice for a VF-0D... (better than what Arcadia went with, for sure) I think if it was that color I would have kept my pre-order
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