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  1. Time to clean out the closet as my toy collection has gotten a bit out of hand. I'm located in northern California and I prefer to ship via USPS. I'm on the Straightshooters list and I'm Paypal verified. I prefer payment via Paypal with 4% fee or I can declare your purchase as a gift. All prices are negotiable. I'm open to a discount for purchase of multiple items. PM me with questions or if you'd like to purchase an item. Picture are all items can be found at the link HERE. Anything not sold by next Sunday evening will be heading off to Ebay. I have another wave of toys coming up for sale, so the sooner I can clear these out, the sooner I can post more stuff for sale. On to the toys! Transformers 1. 2009 San Diego Comic Con Soundwave - MISB $100 2. 2010 San Diego Comic Con Blaster - MISB $35 -includes foil box cover 3. Alternators Mirage - MISB $30 -insert bubble has slightly come loose -toy still sealed 4. Binaltech Sunstreaker - MISB $65 5. Toys R Us Commemorative Series VII Dirge - MISB $30 -minor shelf wear on box 6. Toys R US Commemorative Series VI Smokescreen - MISB $25 -minor shelf wear on box 7. Toys R Us Commemorative Series V Tracks - MISB $20 -minor shelf wear on box 8. Toys R Us Commemorative Series V Hoist - MISB $20 -minor shelf wear on box 9. Walmart Exclusive Masterpiece Skywarp - MISB $45 10. Transformers Universe Sunstreaker - MOSC $20 11. Transformers Generations Kup - MOSC $10 12. Transformers Generations Soundwave - MOSC $10 (see pic above) 13. Transformers Generations Thundercracker - MOSC $10 (SOLD TO GRAPETANG) 14. Transformers Universe Starscream - MOSC $40 (see pic above) 15. Transformers Generations Constructicons Set - MOSC $25 -price stickers on packages 16. Transformers Generation 2 Beachcomber - MOSC $10 17. ROTF Human Alliance Sideswipe - MISB $10 Legos 1. Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express (1st edition) - Complete in box $30 -train assembled, station still sealed in baggies, stickers not applied 2. Lego Harry Potter Quiditch Practice - MISB $15 3. Shell Gas Stations Exclusive Lego Ferrari Set - MISB $10 4. Cobi Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Set - MISB $15
  2. wait a minute...that kakizaki looks vaguely familiar...... decided to sell it eh? so odd to see a custom you owned back on ebay.
  3. wow. isn't that kit ultra rare? i would love to get my hands on that kit.
  4. these toys just get better and better....
  5. hey...at least the update didn't say "Christmas 06". think how sad you would have been!
  6. Every once in a while I'll come across a comic book or anime store that still has these. However, most of the time i still see them the owner must think they are vintage or rare, because they are priced at way more than $15.
  7. from maporama decimal deg-min-sec latitude 37.369 37° 22' longitude -122.017 -122° 1' w00t! sunnyvale, CA
  8. hey everyone, here's a question that probably our esteemed importers can answer. i'm trying to find a site that will let me know how much if any import taxes are due on toys or collectibles into the US. i ask this becasue i've been dinged for taxes on a $1500 saxophone i bought from a dealer in canada, yet i've ordered anywhere from $100 to $300 worth of toys from hong kong without any tax due for importing. can someone shed some light on this one? i'm thinking of making a large purchase (think $500 to $1000) but i don't want to jump in without first knowing all the facts.
  9. HOLY SMOKES! who built that minmay in the red dress? that looks incredible!
  10. IIRC, people have been asking for a variable toy of that particular mecha, for years. there's a number of reasons it hasn't, and probably won't ever be made.
  11. if by "toy" you mean a transformable toy of the Macross II valkyrie akin to something by yamato or bandai, then the answer is "no".
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