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  1. Finally installed some LED lighting on the display cases... gotta still do the other cases but boy they look sweet as hell!!!

  2. Harvey Dent on the way to join the cast! Really need to get a new media console!

  3. damn, so tired from unpacking. still have the gundams to unpack. da hell am i going to put these things?

  4. The side kick arrived today.. took a while to put together and get him on it. Can't wait this Friday in setting up the home theater system and watching both movies agai! LOL

  5. OMG I took it out of the box to see if everything was there... sure enough it was....and it lights up too!! Now if Santa would just get me the counter part bike for him and i'm all set!!!

  6. Damn I need to cover the background to decrease light a little bit when taking pictures with aperture mode

  7. Took a picture of the illuminated Valkyrie. Looks pretty cool lit up in the dark...... Awesome Macross goodness...

  8. Hmm.. I wonder if I'm otacool worthy?.....

  9. Need another case for the gundams and other figures. Akira's bike finally arrived. Holy ish the box was bigger tan I thought. I wonder if the bat pod is this big. Hmmm

  10. Can't find my adapter for my tripod... ergh.. no good pictures to take =(

  11. Hanging out in the Macross Zen Room....lying down throwing the Isamu hand sign up in the air..

  12. trying to be an 1/48 Completist

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