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Status Updates posted by Kicker773

  1. Its main voyage is underway....hoping it docks safely

  2. Wonderfest complete

  3. Got them...cost an arm and a leg... but got them....1 down..four more to go

  4. Oh and I finally caught up with the Macross Frontier valks again.. pics coming soon suckaz!

  5. ugh...ended up with two keaton rides.. oh well keeping the other one for a rainy day. Gonna open my Neo Geo finally dammit!

  6. Keaton's ride arrived...freaking awesome...next week the lady on the batpod =)

  7. Camo Tumbler in.....man....more and more 1/6 Enterbay & Hot toys... is this a sign...or is it due to no more Yamato...=( Macross be damned

  8. Jordan is in.....fawking sweeet!!!

  9. Custom batman done! Organizing the detolfs can be quiet challenging when trying to figure out what to let go of.

  10. Organizing some of the photos I've taken over the years....Brings back memories....thanks Yamato

  11. Wonderfest 2013 Arrived today....added some beautiful new things....

  12. Told myself I was done for the month. Damn hybrid game pack!

  13. Oh crap. I think I might have hit my quoata for this month. Just picked up the following releases in BD: DYRL, Mac7Boxset1, and Zero. Can't wait to have a marathon weekend when they come. Will be playing Mac7 songs whiile I wait!!

  14. Thanks to Jenius for the step by step transformation of the VF4...got it going on!

  15. OMG! More VF4 arrived today!!! Finally....let the flyby begin!!

  16. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!! Gotta start working on a new organization plan for the Macross room to Maximize the space and include wall shelves to accomodate more boxes of Yamato!!! Wish me luck!

  17. Got pulled back in.....

  18. I think I'm done with Macross.....

  19. Close but the BEARS won today!

  20. Gotta stop collecting 1/6 stuff....damn you EXO!!!!

  21. I want to go to Barsoom and hang out with the princess of Helium!

  22. Did some reorganizing to make room for other things. LED's look nice

  23. Finally installed some LED lighting on the display cases... gotta still do the other cases but boy they look sweet as hell!!!

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