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  1. Sorry to resurrect this from the dead just wondering if any of the macross plus were done by any chance :) had an urge to watch macross plus but when I loaded up my old manga DVD's the quality was just unbearable to watch and couldn't find any to purchase with the original manga dub for episode 4

  2. 2 minutes ago, wmkjr said:

    Buy from regular online sites. Blink and you'll miss it or stare at the wheel of death.


    I'll go check out HLJ, they seem like the best for me 

  3. I know everyone's a little frustrated given the situation but is there any benefit in Nippon Yisan not fulfilling their orders? If they did indeed purposely hold back orders to resell at a later time it creates a bad reputation but is that worth it? I think we should stay positive for everyone's order and if you can't wait start your refund process.

  4. 1 minute ago, no3Ljm said:

    I see. Because during the video, I somehow noticed that the greys on the boosters have a different tint compared to the 31J. Or probably that's just me.



    I think it's just lighting 

  5. Sad to see these go but hoping they'll go to a loving home. Mint condition and never displayed. In boxes. Looking for $60 CAD + shipping from Vancouver Canada for entire lot of 3 / OBO. Can do local pick up / meet up if you're around the Vancouver area. Last picture is not mine but that's how they'll look out of the box.

    Forgot to add, Payment via PayPal or e-transfer






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