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  1. It's not like if Gubaba would want to watch ep 3 & 4 together. It's more like if he could possibly watch the end of the 3rd and not want to go into the 4th RIGHT FRAKKING AWAY.

    Seriously, man, go straight up to the end of ep 4, Exodus Pt. 2. It's definitively my favourite Galactica episode, and probably my favourite live action tv series episode ever. I only wish I could be there to watch your face every time McCreary & the Battlestar Orchestra start pummelling on the taikos.

  2. Yeah, that episode single handedly made me DESPISE Kat....and then we are supposed to care for her later on :rolleyes: .

    Besides, she only got the kill because Starbuck led scar to her...not to mention that Starbuck saved both of their asses by checking their six.


    That is standard wingmen procedure: if you cannot get the bandit, set it up so you wing will. And you have four pair of eyes instead of two for the same reason: if you cannot see the bandit, then your wingman might. That's the safest, more efficient way to hunt on a fighter, collaborating with the second part of the pair. Something that neither Kat nor Starbuck were willing to do, I may add.

    I actually liked her development (but not the character itself) because I saw her trying to overcompensate for the pills incident earlier on the season. She's the insecure natural: she has the skills to pull it through but she's too unsure of herself that she has to prove it all over again every time she can. Even worst, in the inside she knows she's being childish and it might be a very dangerous thing - and I think she realizes that when Starbuck starts recalling the name of the dead, to the point of being angry to herself.

    I think if she was in a real, properly organized military, with enough training, she would have had enough time to weed that out before it became dangerous for herself and her wingmen

    (after all, she put her poo remarkably together after the months of pure training and military hardening Adama imposed on them before the assault on New Caprica, and didn't drop it until her ex showed up).

    But this ain't that. This is frakking Battlestar Galactica.

  3. Figured as much. Write off another rant due to sour grapes. Although really, Hatch wanted screen time more, the dude is freakin' looney over BSG, and likely would have stalked the producers until they put him on screen.

    I would have actually liked it better if he had had more screen time. Tom Zarek was, when properly written, one of the most interesting characters in the series - and surprisingly enough for me, Hatch had the chops to deliver when it counted.

    I would have loved to see the original and longer version of his final mutiny act, it was probably the storyline I liked the best from the last season, reminded me a lot of the intense human drama, not angst, that lured me into Galactica in the first place.

    Gubaba, man, drop Battlestar Ponderosa and get yourself back on the Bucket. Not that the rest of it isn't good, but mid-season 2 and the beginning of season 3 have some of the best episodes of Battlestar Galactica, if not of TV, ever, and truth to be told I can barely wait to hear what you have to say about them.

    Edit: That, and the fact that when you're done with the series we can stop using those pesky blacks stripes.

  4. Mikimoto's is amazing imo. I'm not sure what he uses to color, but it reminds me of watercolors & I'm a sucker for well done watercolor.

    He uses watercolours over lightly traced pencils photocopied from not-so-lightly traced sketches. Or at least, he used to. He's been into digital colouring lately - as far as I remember, the Max and Millia boxart for the limited edition Hasegawa Virgin Road VF-1D was one of his first digital pieces, but don't quote me on this.

    Obviously, Mikimoto for me. I really like Ebata's designs, but that might be because I'm attached to the characters themselves; they are close to the standard style of this days. But then again, Mikimoto's own designs back in 82 weren't that much different from the standard style back then either, and after that he has been much more of an illustrator than a character designer, which allowed his own style to develop in any way he wanted (not unlike Amano). Who knows, maybe 20 years down the road ms Ebata will have given us a couple of very nice surprises.

    That said, after seen his drawing of Sara and Mao Nome, I would love to see Mikimoto's take on the Frontier cast, and Ebata's take on the SDF cast just for the kicks. And although I hate Masayuki designs for Macross Plus with a passion, I gotta admit I have no idea how Mikimoto's style would have fit there had he done the designs for a dark story like Plus instead of the preliminary designs for 7. It worked for War in the Pocket, but Plus is just too far away from that for comfort.

  5. Saw the trailer today, it was pretty good.

    I just hope the vast majority of the movie will be new footage, i hate it when anime movies recycle the footage from the series to make most of the movie (if you've seen the RahXephon movie, you know what i'm talking about.)

    I don't really mind them recycling footage if they are going to do things like the Sheryl insertion there - same footage, different or tweaked plot. After all, Phantasm in the original series was pretty much all reused and repurposed cells and sequences and still turned out to be one of the best (if not a little stoned) episodes in the entire franchise IMHO.

  6. Wait, I might have missed something, but did she finally acknowledge that Gabriela Robin is an alias for herself?

    It has something to do with her singing a Gabriela Robin song and sounding just like Gabriela Robin. Singing in public, I mean. Public like in probably her highest profile concert ever which also happened to be a celebration to her career.

  7. As a Spanish speaker, that offer is VERY tempting... but I'll pass. On this day and age, if people want to anonymously sneak something out in the internet, they will, period, and there is nothing anyone can do about it - except making it available for sneaking in the first place. I do want to be able to see and read Macross Ace, but I want even more to see it finish its run naturally first, and supporting anything that might backfire against that goal... nah, not gonna do it. Thanks anyway.


    Ciertamente, es una oferta bastante tentadora... pero paso. En estos tiempos, si alguien quiere piratear algo en internet de manera anonima, lo haran, y no hay nada que se pueda hacer al respecto - excepto evitar la posibilidad de que ese algo sea pirateado en primer lugar. Por mas ganas que tenga de leer Macross Ace ahorita, mas ganas aun tengo de que termine su publicacion entera en primer lugar, y no quiero hacer nada que ponga eso en el mas minimo riesgo. Gracias de todas maneras.

  8. Captain Wilder.


    I'd follow that man to the end of the Earth...

    ... ok, I just figured out why no one makes comments like this about the Cap: it sounds ghey. Well, I'd follow him anyway.

  9. Notice how nobody is voting for the chick.

    We're proud nerds through and through ^_^

    Anyway, get me a better script writer. It's supposed to be a fun movie, so I don't really care about silly stuff as long as it is entertaining That's how I'm able to bloody enjoy Armageddon, even though I'm an aerospace freak - it's a fun movie, with rockets and explosions, directed by a guy who knows how to make rockets and explosion really cool; if I wanted something deeper I'd be watching Deep Impact (not to say that THAT one didn't have issues). But when I'm pull out of my fun trip because someone does something that even in context is so utterly stupid or doesn't make sense at all... well, the fun-makers ain't doing their job right.

    And, yeah, cut it with LeBouf already! If we want to see people instead of robots in the movie, we'd rather see Megan.

  10. As the guy who translated the Ohnogi essay into Spanish for Gubaba to post at Macross Generation, I've also translated the Shaloom answer into English for him as soon as I knew about it. I'm going to post it here too, as Gubaba suggested, "for the sake of records, and so no one can say we didn't give Shaloom a fair shake." Since this was a quick and dirty guerrilla translation, I ask all Spanish speaking MWers who find anything wrong with it to comment about it.

    Well, here I am.

    There are many things to be said, and many things to be explained.

    Even though by the 3 threads I’ve read I see that many have already judged me, made their own conclusions, and determined attitudes due to my presence in other channels: Twitter, youtube, other forums I frequent, etc.

    First fact. I decided not to come to MG in the last 3 weeks.

    Why? Because I decided to prioritize other things.

    I’ve invested money in other forums and projects that demanded the attention of my short free time. And, under my own criteria, I’ve decided to tend those sites before coming here.

    Just on Saturday I took notice of the huge snowball rolling here. So I decided to copy all your posts and I’ve read them the whole weekend.

    In these 3 weeks I haven’t logged on MG nor MSN [translator note: Windows Live Messenger, IM system similar to AIM, popular to the point of ubiquity in Latin America]; I decided to shut off the last one by the recommendation of my boss at the office, and, for the ones who know me, I’m not very prone to connect on the evenings unless I was working in my PC (due to MSN logging in automatically [when I turn the PC on]).

    Secondly, as the staff has known for more than a month and a half (but you didn’t), I am starting a new major. Not a Master’s Degree, not a Certification, an entirely new major. And my schedule has became tighter. I try not to turn on my computer at night because I want to sleep at least 8 hours. Of which, on a good day, I get 6 thanks to my work, school, research, etc. schedule.

    If I play xbox live, it has been on Friday nights, which I’ve been doing for... 5 years. Actually, I’ve mentioned it on the forum many times, and many forum members have added me to their gamertag lists. By the way, I played with the member ‘goca’ last Friday, and he didn’t tell me anything about this issue. I guess that, as many members of the forum, ‘goca’ hasn’t come here in months. So, also he didn’t know about this issue.

    The third point. About my twitter, yes, I made it private... I made it private because at my work they were “checking it out” (and I will keep it like that). As the lurkers that read it know, I wrote (among chats and fun things) work related stuff. That upset my superiors. That was a mistake on my part because I didn’t know that the nickname was known by the people at my work, or that people at work used twitter (I guess that writing my name next to my nickname didn’t help). But if many think that I made it private to “hide,” well, that’s your belief. I just received friends request from rickhunter21 and I authorized him to read my Twitter. I invite Iker to befriend me if he is interested in knowing what I do, as well as all the MG members that use this tool.

    I applaud Iker’s and bauhaus 45’s opinions, but I don’t share them. With this I don’t mean to say that I disapprove them. I applaud them because I would have done the same, but I’d have done a little more. I would have call their cell or home phones and talked about it. I wouldn’t have written my opinion on a forum if I hadn’t talked to them in 3 weeks, specially when they even know my house. They have been there, and as Mexicans say, “we have drunk together,” equivalent to “we know everything about you.” When I was reading the posts this weekend, I thought that both had had the cold head to establish personal priorities apart from the things that are said in a forum, but after reading their opinions, well I don’t know what to think anymore.

    Having that personal communication channel, I would have liked to know their opinions, or at least get phone calls, if this was growing rapidly (“Hey, you ****head, show up in the forum!”) But that didn’t happen. They know where I live, know where [t.n.: it should be “when” instead of “where”] I speak, and if I don’t sign on MSN is for a reason. In this moment, signed on MSN (exceptionally, and abusing the absence of my boss) I have no communication with them. Not even a hello. I can say that I feel personally disappointed with them. But I applaud their professional action in the website and the way they are handling this issue. I reiterate, I would have done the same, although I’d have done a little more.

    If you feel betrayed, iker, I’m sorry. I ignore why you take it to that level the fact being that you have the door open at my house to ask me directly and find out what could happen. I could today mark many reasons why I also feel betrayed. But I leave this forum apart, being it a virtual environment, from the person who you are; and I thus prefer to preserve the person who you are away from here. After all, the experiences we have lived pay me a million times more and better than what you have done in this forum. Because even after that outburst, I consider my dear good friend, you know it, as well as hector, erick (who called me and knows even a little more than what I say in this topic) and other friends who minded enough to call me or visit me to ask why I was not in MSN (Jorge Pratt for example).

    In this moment I’m not an admin nor moderator (maybe they thought I’d erase messages all over the place, or I’d ban everybody in the forum), there are more than 500 PMs that I have to go over and I cannot read them until I clear my inbox. I’ve seen that users have sent me PMs asking about forum support; I ask them to sent these questions to Bauhaus or Iker, who have the power to help you. I don’t know if I’ll get that status back. That is their decision, and yours, MG community.

    As why I didn’t come, I’ve explained it already. Reading emails I see also that many people assume I should live chained to the forum. I hope you know that at least in this moment it is impossible for me to visit the forum like I used to.

    About the insults and labels I’ve been given, well, I can’t do anything more. I know that this nickname has existed for more than 10 years, that there are people who hate me, people who wishes me bad, or people who can’t even stand me. That I cannot avoid. Being away allows me to see who are those who thing like that or those who change their mind quickly about other people. There are many things that happen away from here with me and they have no idea of that. Sometimes one has to make choices, and I took the choice to be away from here to focus on other issues and allocate my short free time to something else.

    I’m guilty of not making a notice. That’s it.

    About Ohnogi:

    I could write a mountain of why I write these things. I wrote them because I believe them, because I listened to those web recordings and because I translated it without making sure of things basing myself on my memory (like erroneously thinking that he had written Macross Plus). Actually, I’ve wanted to make a new revision of things about the episodes, but I haven’t have time. Mea culpa.

    My mistake was publishing MYSELF the info, although if you go back and read my comments and the comments of everybody else, we always speculated and proved those speculations (which doesn’t mean that is Oficial). Many people asked me to publish them on the web portal and make them available as PDFs. I always denied these petitions (and many users should check their PM), the reason why being the necessity to OFFICIALLY verify them in external publications.

    Many know that I stopped buying printed material, stopped buying Macross Chronicle, and haven’t even bought the novels because of the import fees. I have even said that many times in the forum, I didn’t know why the name of the script writers was not published.

    My fault is publishing things without a solid base and not maintain the perspective of what is official and what is speculation. I had already communicated 3 times with people from Macross World (not Gubaba, but other members) telling them exactly that, that were write ups for the community and that I expected to verify information before publishing them on the portal. I’ve even told Bau by MSN that they asked me about the material so it could be added to the Macross wiki. I denied releasing it (again) just because I wanted to do the revision of it myself.

    In the web portal (not in the forum, and I say that for the doubtful) everything that is published has a physical source and that’s why we have the ISBNs, catalogue numbers so you can buy them and see/translate the sources. There is people who take this chance to ventilate their frustrations about me and, by the way, about the website (that’s why I congratulate bau and iker’s attitudes, because there is WORK from then published them, as well as Axel Vant’s). Macross Frontier has no published section because there is no material from me to make an analysis at the same level as the other titles. There is also a laziness and time mismanagement issue, I’ve only finished the summaries of the episodes. But there is no production information nor anything else because I, right now, have no money to buy material, and because of that, I withheld its publishing.

    To Gubaba (a tremendous Macross fan), I say to him I appreciate his presence here and I’m sorry for the amount of time he lost by following/translating this information. I, in the personal level, admire him a lot because from that old Macross World he took the job of broadcasting information to the community. And many of my years as a fan and the way I broadcast the information myself is similar to his methods. I’m very sorry.

    That’s the actual state of things. It is impossible to negate that people already passed judgement, called me traitor, mythomaniac, egocentric, liar. I guess that in other forums there are threads dedicated to me, this cannot be changed. I’m not going to talk about my achievements before the Ohnogi issue, after all, we people tend to have short memory, and in this moment MG’s achievements are not mine, but from a group of people who have been able to go on without me being with them.

    I’m neither trying to negate what cannot be negated and believe that with a single post I can revert this. The only thing I can say is that I thank the people for all their messages, positive or negative. Filled with hatred or mockings. Maybe today I made a mistake and allowed this to grow to levels it should have had. But I also have to go on. I founded this website, and with the years it became the home of all of you, and I will do whatever I can to ensure this house keeps on growing, out of my own pockets so it will go on, and keeping it open even if it is to speak about its founder.

    What can I do? The only thing I can do now is ask all of you and every single one of you to forgive me for the time you lost in this issue. I can’t do more. I also take this opportunity to apologize to everybody who believe I am a traitor, a mythomaniac, an egocentric, and even an “assh*le.” I hope this thread helps you take out everything you feel about me, and keep it about me, because MG is more than me.

    I only started it, but this would never be the same it is without you, old or new members. If I’m not here anymore, this place will grow and keep on growing. Believing me or not from this day on.

    Omar peimbert - Shaloom

    PS. About the fansub, I’ll explain it on the thread about it.

  11. I just saw Endless Eight 2. Man, that was... bloody oppresive. I think I just became a Kyoto Animation fanboy; for a series as lighthearted as Haruhi, this has been the first time in a while I've felt truly uncomfortable, if not disturbed while watching a TV series (except for BSG, but that's a totally different magnitude of discomfort). Dissonance for the win!

  12. Hell, if someone wants to help me translate my essay into good Spanish, I'll post it over there. Most of the people there are naturally Macross fans first and Shaloom fans second. Once they see all the evidence, they'll understand where I'm coming from.

    I volunteer for that. I'm a native Spanish speaker and an English Creative Writing major with a knack for semantics, so even though I'm no professional translator I guess I can do a pretty decent job (that, and that since I'm on my summer break I have time to spare). If you want me to, I think I can have a draft ready for tomorrow night or Tuesday morning so the rest of the Spanish speaking MWers can go over it and give it the seal of approval.

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