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  1. Hey guys, I'd like to borrow someone's gunpod for about a week. I have three Yamato V1's (One missing a gunpod) and I like the bulkier look of the new arcadia gunpod. Not to mention the yamato pod is way undersized and skinny. I'd like to made a silicone mold and cast a few copies. I can send a little cash back with the loaner for the trouble, or send it back with a few casts. (they won't have any moving parts, solid reproductions. Molding will not hurt your piece. I don't use any chemicals when making silicone molds and have made hundereds since 2012. Please let me know, thanks everyone.
  2. I'd be very curious to see your junk pile in general! I do customs all of the time.
  3. Is the loose/barebones yf-19 still on the table?
  4. I'll take the toynami trainer off your hands if it's still available.
  5. Thanks! Ideally. The most important accessory is the gun holding hand but isn't mandatory. If the gunpod is missing or extra hand, no biggie. I know that flap assembly that covers the head gets lost a lot too. Let me know what you find!
  6. Fineeee, I'll take 'em. PM me your paypal addy. I'm in California. I sold a bunch of junk this week so I'm filling the space I cleared
  7. Title says it all! If you have one of these you're willing to get go for cheap/loose, let me know. I'd rather not have one with any repairs attempted. Thanks!
  8. Consider it sold! been looking for one of these for a while.
  9. I can mold up a 1J head for you, how many do you need? Do you need the whole strike cannon? I have a few bad casts of just the cannon part itself lying around. I don't have the little bits that make up the hinge though.
  10. Hey, I live in Dublin and I'm happy to pick up the 1/60 vf-1a tomorrow if you have time. -Zander (408) 781-5953
  11. Hi everyone, I'm an industrial design student working on my graduation project and I've decided to design a toy in hopes to someday be a toy designer. I haven't decided if it is going to be a macross/gundam/star wars/gi joe etc toy yet, but I need people to answer 10 quick multiple choice questions to help me decide exactly what I should design. I also do not have friends with children, and I know a lot of you do which would help me even more. If all goes well, I will post the final concept development here, and possibly even the finished product/model after next quarter. Thanks for the help! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VPB8WVZ oh, and I would love to hear your ideas/dream toy, so post it up! I have to make something, so theres a chance your idea might help get it made!
  12. Hi, I'm looking for the first release american or japanese (american preferred) rx-78-2 gundam. I only need the body, but if you have weapons for it too I wont complain. They look like this, except are white, blue, and yellow. you can tell if it's a version 1 because the arms are skinny and fall off often, and they have distinctive knees. not looking for version 1.5 (have 6 of them) or version 2s. thanks!
  13. Hi, Im looking for the super armor for max and miria's vf-1j in toynami 1/100 scale. Also looking for vf-1a and super vf-a. loose or mint. If you have any 15th anniversary gerwalk figures, I could use those too. loose/mint, dont care. (gerwalk only please) they look like this. (vf-1a cf, vf-1s and hikaru's vf-1j are priority) I know a lot of you build 1/100 and 1/144 scale gundams. If you could help me out with these parts It would be great. Im looking for extra closed fists or gun holding fists from 1/100 gundam scale models/toys. color/material doesnt matter. Im also looking for a certain polycap that is sometimes extra after a build. both items are pictured here with a ruler Gundam MSIA figures and vehicles. If it's pictured here, I need it. Alternative color schemes are also wanted.
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