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  1. Some had silver, apple green, black, or dark grey. Largely depends on the factory they were made in. Some had 2 or three of those colors (See F4F Wildcats). But most were the same color as the aircraft's underside: light grey (Grumman grey) or dark sea blue or insignia white. (White would have been more common in late 1943 through early 1944, then not again until the late fifties.) Eh? They were in almost every close-up. That's an assumption I wouldn't make. But hey, whatever floats your carrier.
  2. Ah. High quality, sure. But for me, these things are toys, not scale models. Besides which, white is way too light a color for VF-1 gear. It's more like silver or light grey or even medium grey. Agreed.
  3. I like the metal gear as is. I see it as a nice little callback to its chunky monkey predecessor. You certainly are not the only one. I also mentioned the Phalanx, Tomahawk, and Queadluun-Rau by name.
  4. Ha! Yeah, that oughta do it. Thanks!
  5. With the release of the DX Chogokin VF-1D, I'm probably done collecting Macross stuff. But there are a few ways Bandai might entice me back for another round . . . - Finish the Hi-Metal Destroids - Hi-Metal Q-rau, Millia colors, TV style - DX Chogokin SDF-1 Macross, TV style (How the hell has this not happened yet?)
  6. I lucked out. Not very noticeable on mine. Curious; is anybody planning to put some scale bullet holes in their 1D? I was going to before I got it in hand, but I'm so chuffed about how it is now, I've dropped the idea. But I figure there's gotta be somebody out there...
  7. It's about half a centimeter longer than the standard canopy, which is long enough to look good, but not long enough to fit instruments/control yoke/foot room for the instructor's seat.
  8. Wow. What the hell, LP? That sucks.
  9. I'm sure it's just a matter of time. Bandai won't let any Valk with that much screen time go. And if they make the SO, they'll make the Elint. Meanwhile, a DX of the TV version SDF-1 doesn't seem any closer now than years ago. Go figure.
  10. Not interested in the inevitable DX Super Ostrich?
  11. *gasp!* With a chunky sculpt and spring-loaded bare-metal landing gear and a permanently closed canopy and cockpit short on interior detail... Seriously, I'd buy it.
  12. lol. that would make the fan racer chunky monkey scale.
  13. The fan racer is 4.25 inches long, including the booster covers. Works out to about 520 cm real-world length.
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