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  1. ok. ok.. some of this stuff is a little confuseing what exactly is 3-D styrene, and where do I buy it. and what kind of filler do I use, and what about molds.
  2. Oh man I kinda got the same problem, I hear your pain buddy.
  3. hi You guys are the best when it comes to stuff like this, I have a nearly completed vf-0a /ghost kit a good friend of mines from china sent me, I had to to the fineshing touches. I sprayed some dull coat on the ghost to give it a crisp look when the decals started to crumble, I panicked and tried to remove the decal with a pin only finding myself disturbing the paint, not only that but the ghoast is missing some detailed pieces im currently thinking about just safely removeing the ghoast and have my buddy from china just send me a new one. but befor I go any further whats a safe way of removeing the the super glued ghoast of my precious vfoa. I also took some pics.
  4. hi, I have been searching and searching for a yf-19 1/72 fold booster. I have been looking for recasts but no luck, I have got quotes for sctrach builds but its just way too much. So since I have built and painted models for the longest time, I figured why not give scratch building a chance, but befor I go any further I would like to gather facts, advice, and tips from you wise model builders. -thanks for takeing a look. also heres a pic on what im trying to go after.
  5. I personaly would show the little green me reruns of the "view", im sure that would get them to commit suicide. lol.
  6. What about emerald force what was your guys feedback on it, I notiecd it never got the attention it needed, the image of the vf-19 and vf-22 were kinda blured I mean they never fited the M7 flavor those mechas are full out dog fighting machines not sound blasting "make peace not war" theme. Also the military in M7 were kinda viewd as the bad guys, basara keeps beckering about how U.N spacey uses war, first off the cloony fleet was being destroyed and killed by litteraly by devils, U.N spacey was simply defending it self not going on a full out rampage, u.N spacey was always the good guy in the rest of the animes why now.
  7. First I am sorry about my cap'd lockd grammer I did that to highlight the important areas of my topic and I was half asleep, and I was very angry after watching over 48 eps. Also I said I also had some fav's in the series such as emerald force, the vf-19 ex and Lt. docker that was the only reason why I watchd the series and I almost wenet grazy when I saw Lt. docker explode but later finding out that he survuved it was kinda like that moment from M+ with the whole Guld ending.
  8. hi First off I have been a loyal fan of macross ever since I saw dyrl back when I was a little kid I got bored of it after a couple of years, then macross plus came and I was blown away, I heard about macross 7 but never got the chance to see it and was told by many friends that it was not even worth looking at so I never did, then I saw macross zero a while back and I was once again blown off my seat it was just art. I mean mac+ and mac0 were my all time fav animes I was touched by the great storylines and action scenes, and the realism that fited the flavor, BUT I fineshed watching mac7 right now and I am @%@#%#$^en pissd, I mean were do I start I mean THEIR IS THIS JAY ROCKER WHO FLYS INTO COMBAT AND STARTS SINGING refuses not to shoot, KILLS THE IMAGE OF MY ALL TIME FAV VFs (the vf-19, vf-22), and HE DOESNT GET KILLED. The story is exactly like DYRL, the protodevlin dont get killed regardless if they use nukes against them I mean nukes hteir hoter than the core of the sun and that doesnt even kill them then music kills them I mean wheres the F@#%$@#N logic in that, ther animation sucks and I mean sucks more balls than a porn video, and whats the deal mirias pilot suit they never had that in the DYRL, same thing goes for the other pilots they got theis crapy suits that have no relation to mac+ I will make a small exception for gamlins suits, and couldnt they come up with better enemyswhat the hell is a monster doing flying threw space. It just dosent make any sense to me people, and this basara dude what the heck is up with his rebel with cause personality, the sound force mecha didnt even look right it was as if a 6yr old girl came up with it, and speaking of sound force, HOW THE HELL DOES SOUND TRAVEL THREW SPACE IT HAS NO LOGIC. The ending sucked I mean if they are going to follow the DYRL footsteps mylene should have fallin in love with gamlin instead of basara who treats her like poo, gamlin and docker should have been the heros and should have killed the enemy like hikuru did, and BATTLE SEVEN TURNS INTO A HUGE ROBOT WITH A GUN OR RIFLE AS A CANON, you dont need a huge transforming robot for a good macross story, and not only that but why the HELL DID THEY KILL THE IMAGE OF THE VF-19, vf-11 AND VF-22. OK NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF, the only characters I like were Lt. docker( he kicks ass most of all), the bridge bunnys they were fine, and gamlin just a lillte. BUT EMERALD FORCE KICKD ASS I am even puting a model kit together right now, they were like the skull sq. THE VF-17 WERE OK but they arnt supposed to be dog fighting aircraft they are more like bobing and recon aircraft, not only that but they had no destroids. hu man am I dissapointed shoji, I COULD WRITE A BETTER STORY JUST GIVE ME THE CHANCE. They better come up witha better new macross ova studio nue. I guess thats why they came up with mac0. let me hear your feedback and comments, I know some and most of you people are just as mad as I am.
  9. hi just looking for the Full armor kit. This kit contains amor parts that you can attach to the Bandai 1/144 VF-11C model(sold separately) al accept recast. just set me up a post or pm. thanks for looking, heres some pics.
  10. I agree! Especially the black one. Reminds me of a F-18 super hornet. On the reactive armor topic ..... wow......stunning Love it. Hopefully Yamato can pull something like that off. I like it but it definately has an Armored core feel to it. 177730[/snapback] can some one send me a pic of the srcatch builds of the vf-0as with reactive armor and the sv-51 I realy got to see this.
  11. hi adding everybody kinda new to macross world but always a macross fan. any ways what to use to brush or spray on my decal on my vf-0a /ghost , is their something cheap or a simple house hold product im up for anything.
  12. I had a buddy of mine in china send me a vf-0a w/ghost but I had to do some touch ups, and add a custom decal not also mentioning two missing pices 99.8 done
  13. hi just wondering if any one out their would have a yf-19 fold booster recast or even a x-9 ghost recast.
  14. the parts can normaly be found off of any vf-0 and vf-0a/w ghost 1/72 kit, im prety sure their is some one out their who had an accident on their kit and have it laying around. of course I will buy the spare parts.
  15. hi nice ghost, i just finished mine and im missing two simple peices, any chance you can help me out. check my wanted section.
  16. missing two simple very small parts fro my vf-0a/w ghost one is the end peice for ghost booster burner flap, second is a small clear pice for the light on the wing it is easyly found on any vf-0. I these parts are realy simple . I realy need the help fo any spare parts.
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