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  1. Why????? Do you plan on buying one at that price????? The auction clearly stated that the actual auction will be posted later in the week or am I mislead???
  2. I guess some people just do not read the auction detail or they are just too excited with what appears to be an odd auctions and post it on MW to get attention. Whatever the reason, it might be helpful to carefully review the whole auction prior to posting on the public forum.
  3. The frustrating thing is that the photos of SDF-1 the seller was using was my SDF-1 photos which I used on Ebay at least 6 months ago. I did alert Ebay of the incident after seeing the auction, but, of course, it was ignored. I was hoping that potential bidders were using their "GOod judgement" before bidding, since it was "Private AUction" and I could not alert bidders on the circumstances of the photos. Anyways, I am glad that no one was screwed. At least none that I am aware of.
  4. CID

    SDF playset

    I do not know how the inside looks. However, the backside has the drawing of the interior. You can use it to display your valk or destroids inside. Simply, because it is rare to find one. As most have pointed out, the play set is not the most desirable Robbotech/Macross toy line. Hence, most of us never bother to own one when we were young or bought other items in lieu of it. However, as most RT and MAcross colletors are finacially stable now???!!!! Some of us are looking to own certain items that we never bother to own. This does not mean I am going to own those Barbie dolls, just those items that I believe are worth it. As for the photos, I can post it later in the week, if you do not find it. Since soon or later, someone is going to point out that this topic does not belong in Toys section. So, lets move this one to other anime section.....
  5. CID

    SDF playset

    Actually the SDF-1 set usually goes for pretty decent price (I am trying to win this one, so I will not list average price this items sell for). This one having original box, it will sell for pretty decent price. For those "hard core" Robotech collectors, SDF-1 playset is considered "holy grail". I actually own one that is brand new and I been offer up to $700. If I can win this one, I can finally display without opening the one I have. I think most of us can see that the playset is not the most accurate representation of SDF-1. However, for those few that are willing to pay large some of moeny for the playset are buying for nostalgic reason.
  6. Actually the item is missing the top cover (Unless, it was excluded from the photo, but is included). Anyways, it is nice piece to own, especially since it is rare to find this item.
  7. DAMN, VERY IMPRESSIVE..... That really look a lot like Taka heaven.......
  8. OR, the seller is going to send the item in a box made of cement YOu can assure that the item will arrive to your door step without any problem.
  9. The seller is TISINC or that crook (My perosnal opinion based on my experience)that sells at F&S. THey just changed the name to lure buyers who had negative experience with Treasure Island. Hope that answer the question.
  10. Another great and succesful transaction on MW. My Thanks goes out to Gaijin. He is already on the list, but just for the sake of recognition.
  11. If someone does not know too much about valks, they buy plasitc VF-1S for $20-40 thinking it was reissue. It happens and what can you do. However, the buyer has responsibility to know well enough to pay for an item that is hovering around $80-160. If you are asking how to tell diff. One has stamp of Taka T/T and another one has Bandai satmp.
  12. I think the person above (Cory) and I were just pointing that exactly that point (Both companies have + and -) "Slagging"??? I think you are just taking it personally. Hmmmm, some how t became 1/48 verses Toynami..... I think this statments were more of an offer for cheap Alphas. "I am willing to buy it for $20 or so, please let me know" Yes, I am making crack at tyour post, not because I have vendetta or trying to be hostile. I just wanted to post that, when ever members are making comments about Toynami, it all boils down to prefer "taste". I, myself, like all of them. As for others, some people hate Yamato and love Bandai, some like Yamato and do not care for others, etc. Its already getting old, making fun of QC problem about Toynami and etc. When I view posting on MPC, I am viewing it to see new problem relating to alpha or some + aspects about the toy, not a smart comments by some meber comparing it to Yammi stand, thinking :Let me get a crack at Toynami once more. The silly comments on Toynami will continue and what can I do. RTShark, flame away, if you want.
  13. I am not trying to place blame or side with anyone. However, if I may state some opinion..... It was very rude for those members to "jump the gun" and post negative opinions on a ongoing auction without any merits. If the seller knew what he/she was doing on Ebay. I think the title would have been described better to attact maximum number of potential buyers. Just because, the seller does not respond with detail info or have lousy photo posted on auction, DOES NOT MEAN, IT IS FRADULENT AUCTION nor HAING a NICE PHOTO WITH FULL DESCRIPTION CONSTIUTE LEGITIMATE AUCTION. Time and time again, I seen members (There are increasing number of members trying to be online police or something) posting some auctions as being Fradulent or misleading...... This auction could have been posted as being: I emailed the seller and I did not get detail description of the items' condition. For those waiting to bid, take my experice as note, or soemthing to that effect. You have to remeber that on Ebay, sellers are spending their own money to post and hopefully sale the item. This is not MW sales forum, where a seller post his item for sale and if it does not sale, nothing gain or nothing is lost. I believe that certain members should be more careful with what they post on a public forum. BTW, I actually had incident with the auction seller and that person has aother account with different name. So, I am not trying to side with anyone. However, what was done on the post in question was just wrong. Sometimes, it is better to let the transaction go through and let the parties involve sort out the difference. If the auction looks suspicious, don't bid. There will always be next time. If someone is willing to take the risk and bid, believing that the price is too good to be true or has to have the item. That is the decision made by the buyer. Lastly, I know that many members have been victims of fraud on this board recently and some are just looking out for others. However, this is not way to go about it. I just hope that the transaction is resolved smoothly without seller and buyer getting sour feelings.
  14. Is this MG kit??? If the lights are included, I might give a try.
  15. CID

    Scale Pref.

    1/60 and 1/55 for Bandai are perfect for me. 1/48 is nice and all, but Yamato should have added more weight and durability to it to justify the price.
  16. Wow, it always amazes me how wel MG kits are made.
  17. It is resin kit made by G-Sys. If it were yellow, I thing the price will be higher. It is amazing that those members that alwasy butt in and say, "This is not a toy" or something to that effect, do not mention anything to Godzilla????!!!!! Interesting........
  18. I kind of understand what you really ment. However, fact is both Yammies and Toynami items are made in China. The toy companies HQ are located in different contries. I think Toynami Alpha has many QC problem. However, Yammi is not far superior either.
  19. Yamato USA was going to released these in the US. However, I have not heard any word as to the statue of the release date. Maybe, it was cancelled...
  20. CID

    SD Banpresto ?

    They all have VF-1S DRYL photo on the side.
  21. Those models are just amazing. Thanks for the link.
  22. It is nice to know that you received the pacakge. It might have been that you have made the payment via your CC (I am assuming that you did). If not, he might had change of heart. I just remeber that a lot of MW mebers lost their money, as well as Ebayers (Based on his feedbacks).
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