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  1. It hasn't been released at all in the US. You may be able to find some HK DVDs somewhere, but with the series being a few years old now I don't know of too many shops that would still have it.
  2. I just recently finished watching ZZ in hopes that it would provide some more impact to CCA, but it really didn't do much. The series is underrated and by the end it is an enjoyable series, but I don't think it's necessary to watch pre-CCA. It doesn't really give that much more background to the importance of Axis like I'd hoped it would. That said, watch it if you can. If you can get past the first 15-20 episodes it does become watchable and enjoyable.
  3. If I'm not mistaken wasn't Green Divers part of a theme park ride? If so, it might not be available at all
  4. It has a VF-11, which makes sense because the level is fighting the Ghost over Macross City.
  5. Spoilers??? Candace may be dead. Remember when Nikki knocked her out her form didn't change, but it definitely did when Sylar hit her. Again, it could still all be an elaborate illusion.
  6. Speaking of which, anyone else get the feeling we've seen that assassin before. Been a while since I've seen the first season, but remember when Matt and the female detective are fighting "Sylar" in the police station? I can't remember if he was wearing a hoodie or the baseball cap he's eventually captured in. Plus, since then we never see Sylar fly.
  7. Giant Fish Head vs. Jet-Robots
  8. Given what we know about Hollywood remakes, why WOULDN'T Voltron be in present day NYC? My guess is that it's a new monster movie not based on any known franchise, though I will say that the noise sounded an awful lot like Godzilla, as some of you guys have said. Only time will tell.
  9. Hiro loved the story of the Samurai vs. the dragon, reminds me of the painting we see of Hiro fighting a dinosaur.
  10. The last Gundam merch I bought in the US were MiB MGs of the Ez-8 and GP-02 from Toys R Us that I spent a grand total of $30 for. That's $30 for both of them, not each. Granted the kits were nowhere near as popular as the figures, but it was grave there at the end. I'd trade my good deal for access to more merch any day of the week.
  11. SPOILERS for those who haven't seen the episode yet! Hiro probably gave Peter the scar with the sword after the blast kills Ando, an Peter probably leaves it unhealed as a personal reminder of the horrible act he committed involuntarily.
  12. To take the organization down from the inside!
  13. I have the one starring Inferno from the Transformers. It is honestly extremely worth the $1 ... while intoxicated ...
  14. Anyone else think that the psychic cop's baby isn't his?
  15. I was just about to post that ...
  16. Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for!
  17. I've been scouring the internet for the sound effect of the "Newtype Flash" from the original Gundam series to use as the text message ringtone on my cell phone. Unfortunately the only gundam sound page I can find doesn't include that one. Does anyone happen to have that sound?
  18. I was thinking the exact same thing about Jesse and Nikki. It makes more sense that Jesse would have the powers.
  19. Yeah, it is, but after watching more of the ep it looks like that isn't the case, which is good.
  20. Theory: The Haitian is just a psychic manifestation HRG puts in the minds of those around him, or vice-versa. Discuss!
  21. Since Sylar's power seems to be derived from hearing "how things work" he must need a good look or feel of his targets brain, and then somehow alters his own to function in the same way.
  22. You can see in the preview for the next ep that Niki seems to have some sort of super strength, she knocks DL across the house
  23. The character in the painting is wearing a hat like the character who attacked the little girl, if I remember right. Mr. Benet's cronie seems to just have psychic powers, not the extreme powers Sylar is shown too have.
  24. I thought for a moment he might have meant Power Master Prime, who was quite large and had a little mini-bot that would fit into a place on his grill. But that's hardly inside the cab, as power master prime's cab didn't open at all.
  25. Just wanted to brag that I just got my dreadmist robe off my first UBRS run
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