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  1. Come on guys, not that bad! The overall design is very successful for me and the nose doesn't look bad. Cool your jets please...
  2. In respect to Dobber A clearer version of comparison pix
  3. Wow!!! I will definitaly buy one, black one! And Dante74, you see, they are fasttttt
  4. Dante74, you're right their time is very limited but I think that when you reach the quality level, it will be easier to maintain it. So with YF-19 they did a wonderful job, they can do it again in a shorter time... Remember, once upon a time car manufacturers develop a new model in 5 to 7 years, now this process decreased to 2-3 years maximum. I hope the same process time reduction from Yamato.
  5. Mmmmm (YF-19)+(SV-51)=400$+ . . . YESSSSSS
  6. Binary Falcon, thank you for the video And sorry guys, this was an off topic...
  7. Wow? when and how? Do you have any link that explains it?? and thank you Graham for the videos!
  8. Thanks Graham! This beauty will be my FIRST Macross toy
  9. Yes Graham show us what you get!! Or? What we see is what you get? LOL
  10. I think this batroid image is official...
  11. As a newbie here's my contribution Lineart VS. CAD
  12. My gf will be in Kyoto in this summer, so could you please give me some anime toy shop adresses in Kyoto? (main target: Bandai's Kaneda's Bike and VF-0S)
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