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  1. This is a really, really fantastic idea. I just finished re-watching Macross for the first time in years and really found myself bothered regarding how humanity could recover from such a massive environmental disaster as the end of Space War One. These personal stories are really cool.
  2. Thanks! I'm somewhat hesitant to watch bootlegs, but I'm unsure if I have a choice in the CONUS.
  3. How very, very tempting, especially with the etching set.
  4. I haven't done much sci-fi modeling as of late, but I did just finish this: 1/700 HMS Invincible, 1914: Working on a fictional "what if" of the USS Lexington, as a battlecruiser: I tend to do ships. I'm thinking I'll try my hand at a Macross, maybe the Hasegawa 1/4000 DYRL kit?
  5. Quite possibly one of my favorite covers, ever.
  6. ...the last five minutes. Seeing the Grand Army loaded on to Acclamators was cool. Having the Republic theme transition into full Imperial March? Incredible. Bail's epiphany at what he had been supporting? Fantastic. Beyond that, yeah. Junk. I admittedly squee'd a bit with the new Rogue One trailer. It feels like Star Wars in a way I haven't experience since ROTJ.
  7. I might start posting more. I still enjoy the series, but married life, job, and a new obsession involving WWII era plastic warships has eaten up my time.
  8. Everything is PENDING if not currently removed from the list. I've PMed the parties who are on top. Thanks guys!
  9. Oh God, why did I have to come back here and see that this is being released?! Perhaps I can buy one last toy.
  10. Man, it's been a long time since I've posted and/or read stuff on here. Guys, the forums look amazing. I'm glad to see this community still going strong and even recognize some of the posters!
  11. Also - when I get the VF-1A Hikaru / FP set back: - Broken heat shield (SECOND ONE) - Has the ungodly annoying QC issue where one wing flap doesn't want to stay on. - One of the armor legs evidently wouldn't stay on. - Missing 1/2 of the nuke load. It was uh, expended. Probably thrown out accidentally. - Little antennae thing on the "back pack" doesn't seem to be there. Once I get it back, you can have the set for fifty bucks. If you want to offer less, let me know.
  12. All, It's been a LONG time since I have posted on this site. I've long since moved on from Macross and toy collecting mostly due to a LOT of changes in life. I've been selling some items on eBay and have the following that's left. I'm selling cheap because a lot of these are not 100% complete, panel lined, and well, I just want the space back... OLD 1/60 Valks (removable legs:) VF-1S Strike VF-1A Hikaru VF-1A Cannon Fodder/Strike Frankenstein build (Made this in Gainesville, FL with an old member, Katana) VF-1J TV Series Super Valk You can have them all for $50 + Shipping. Macross Plus: 1/72 scale. YF-21 OLD - Original Release. The box is DESTROYED. Toy is OK. Little yellow antennae-thing has been glued on from repeated breaks. YF-21 Fast Pack YV-19 VFX-2 Game edition - Complete. Some wear. Box is OK VF-11 FP - Released after the fiasco that was the first VF-11 release. No brittle hips. Take them all for $80 + Shipping. Transformers Generation 2 Reissue: Complete as far as I can tell. Inferno has not been out of box. Ultra Magnus Grapple Inferno Take them all for $30 + Shipping. Bandi Gundam action figures - Just have a duffle bag full of these things. Most are complete, some aren't. Get them out of my closet for $20 + Shipping. I'm sure I could get more on eBay for these, but after getting into an argument with a buyer for "As-is. This thing is good for parting out and that's it." on a 1/48 VF-1A and FAST Pack set that sold for FIFTY dollars, I just don't want to deal with it. Paypal is best so that if there are problems with the items beyond these descriptions, you know you can get your cash back. If you want pictures, I'll take them. Hell, if you buy them all, you can have the WHOLE SHEBANG for $120 plus shipping. I just want my closet back.
  13. I think I'm in the minority, but I was REALLY hoping
  14. Dude, I would kill for instructions, or some sort of "how to" on that "Steam Viper."
  15. Operation Anchorage was fun, but woefully short. I do want to note that I completed it at level 20, though, so it was stupid easy. Gauss rifle is cool as hell, but you can't repair it yourself. Oh, and the armor you get out of the game is glitched. You were supposed to be able to repair it with conventional power armor, but that's not the case. However, it has something in the range of a million health. Overall, fun, but I wish it wasn't so.. linear.
  16. tfw2005.com has pictures of Animated Samurai Prowl, Waspinator, Wreck-Gar, and some repaint of Lugnut. The new molds look amazing. I've pretty much stopped collecting toys outside of the Animated line.
  17. I hate hate HATE the targeting system's wonkiness, however... ...I did get used to it. The graphics are awesome. The gameplay is awesome, and yeah, finding new, creative ways to kill Stormtroopers is by far, some of the most fun I've had on the 360. I even found the whole Star Destroyer scene fun. I do hope that the developers make a sequel, and try to iron out the one issue I had with it. I'd love to see this engine employed again.
  18. I'm on my first console, personally, after buying one a good year and some change ago... Still, I don't care for the console wars. I'm looking forward to the 360's new arsenal of games. Oh, and, lynch me, but I never had any love for the MGS series.
  19. Agreed. I was frightened when they first released previews of Animated around when the movie came out. So far, I've been nothing but impressed.
  20. Gotta change mine.. I just got a job with Schlumberger and can FINALLY leave Gainesville, FL for well, real life. I'll be in Lafayette, LA for two years-ish.
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