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  1. Hey anime52k8, could you post pics on how to tighten the ankle on the YF-19 for all of us? Thanks.

    Hi guys, my 19's ankle have gone so loose that it can no longer stand. Does anyone have pics of how to tighten it? I can't seem to be able to take it apart. thx

  2. yeah, they're otherwise identical to the VF-19's ankles so the same process of loosening up the ankle enough to pop the foot off the ball joint, re-gluing the plastic part of the ball joint, coating the inside of the socket in something to add friction and then putting the whole thing back together. it's a pain in the ass to do though.

    basically, the VF/YF-19 ankle is a conceptually good idea that is executed in the single most obnoxiously bad way possible.I

    I have tried to take it apart, but no luck. Can someone please post a picture of how to take the ankle apart?

    many thanks

  3. Damn auto correct on phone. Should have been "battroid", not "bathroom" :D

    Although my Valks do often accompany me to the bathroom (thought that was normal behaviour for a Macross fan :p

    Heck, I've had Valks sleep, on the pillow next to me before :p


    Wow, I am so glad to hear I am not the only one! Now I can go home and tell my wife I am normal!

  4. Well, I have always consider myself (and any macross fans) as an elitist. Macross stuff is just so much harder to get compare to gundams and other mechas, due to lisence issues. As well, we have way less toys manufactures to make the valkyries, so everyone of them is a wish comes true, and we all waited a long time to see them come to life.

  5. Wicked customs, great jobs.

    I'm almost finished with mine, trying my best to make as FB2012 as possible, debating on how the hell to mask the whole valk for 2 small red circles. <_<

    BTW, stupid thin panel lines <_< <_< <_<

    Your decal sheet comes with a set of grey UN spacy logo that fits on top of the red ones. I would use those.

  6. I just did both. check it out in the vf-4g thread :)

    I don't mind paying high prices for perfect transformation masterpieces.
    Look at the VF-4G, had it been the FB version, with the Roy looking paint scheme, it probably would have sold out quicker
    Instead of the VFX scheme.

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