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  1. I'm so jealous -- those look fantastic.
  2. Damn - that is unfortunate; I hadn't preordered the fighter mode but that seems crazy to me ( unless HLJ screwed up on shipping costs for the Gerwalk in the first place - which is entirely possible ). Keeps me away from the future impulse purchase..
  3. The Gerwalk wouldn't even ship from HLJ last time until I got a custom quote for shipping -- might be worth hitting up support as the shipping costs were nowhere near that amount via DHL. It does look like it might be a different shape at least, which can cause havoc with shipping costs..
  4. Looks nice -- I wonder how long it will take for someone to chop up the legs and make a non-Fast Pack version..
  5. It'd need a YF-21 and a Ghost to go with it... I'd need a whole room for that
  6. Looks great. Looking forward to getting my hands on a set
  7. To be honest its the same for me -- all the large scale black / coloured markings will be masked and painted -- its all the detail decals that are important to me. I'm on the fence as to which pilot I'd be doing too but all the main decals on a waterslide would be great.
  8. Heh I'm still working it out -- they're Hasegawa from the fighter mode ( also looking at the packs from the Gerwalk as they seem to have a bit more detail ) I'm going to put VF-1 Weapon stores on it too -- basically inspired by this : Going to magnetize a few things for swapping around when I feel like it -- build a mount for the boosters and also make the fronts swappable for when I feel like getting all VF-4S or double cannon ( if I can dig up another cannon front for the pods ) :
  9. Working on my VF-4 build -- can't leave anything basic.... Inspired by some art in the VF-4 Master File
  10. I forsee lots of interesting 3d printed and detail-up parts for this kit. I can't wait until I can start digging in on it ( in like 6 months :S )
  11. I love all these changes -- I have a different plan for how to mount mine but I'm going need to do some reinforcing of some parts to pull it off. Also will come down to a lot of reposing but I think it's worth it. Being a bit secretive until I can mock it up
  12. With shipping, original cost and duty ~$580 CAD. There was a 'cheaper' option with FEDEX but I refused that for the same reasons; they and UPS have terrible rates at the border. Gave DHL a chance ( since they do a good job when I order from Amazon.co.jp ) and it worked out. Will it again in the future? Who knows but this time it was good.
  13. Not bad at all -- I got hit with a total of ~$36 CAD
  14. Its one of the Hi-Metal-R ones -- so non scale but I believe somewhere near 1/100?
  15. Whee got my big box from HLJ ( via DHL ) -- quite exited -- took a peek inside and took some pictures because who could resist. Couple other images at : https://imgur.com/a/0RbrzIV Now to put it away until I move and have time to really give it the work it deserves :S
  16. Thanks for paving the way -- I'm definitely taking notes for my build here Frankly I might leave the intake they have but cover it in a fine mesh like speaker covering/nylon and perhaps light it from behind for a fun effect
  17. I'm assuming at this point that you're not putting in the Fast Packs / Super parts? If you aren't, what are you doing with your leftover super cannon?
  18. Seems like HLJ may get mine out the door today/tomorrow -- they took payment for my shipping so now just looking for notification on shipment itself. Avoided postal service since it was more expensive and also unlikely to arrive until June at this point with the way Canada Post has been on strike and backing up international reception.
  19. Question for those who have the kit already - are there logical locations where one might set up the kit to be broken down ( like wings / legs / arms / super parts removal ) ? Because of its size I'm wondering if a bit of extra work being done to make it more portable might not be a bad idea and am considering how to get that done without having yet seen the kit in hand.
  20. HLJ finally got back to me ( on the support site ) with shipping options, in this case to Canada. We'll see when they actually charge me now -- as an FYI to the Canadian folks here here were the options presented : EMS: 15,500 yen FedEx: 8,103 yen DHL: 9,293 yen Personally avoiding EMS since its more expensive and also probably won't make it through our postal strike until May 2019 at this point :P
  21. All in all a good base it looks like -- some super-detail work is definitely on the books for this one; that + some electronics should take me the next 5 years to do ( once I get HLJ to actually quote me on shipping -- its been since last week now that their support hasn't responded .. no auto quote in the system for it to Canada ( with our screwed up postal stuff right now I'm not completely surprised ) )
  22. Once I have the kit in hand i plan on looking into what it would take to get some well printed markings printed. I'll probably skip major colour separation stuff that can be masked and painted but instead look at all the greeblie little warning markers etc. I've always planned on this kit being a project rather than a snap build.
  23. HLJ just charged me for mine; in my private warehouse but currently no calculated shipping options. :S
  24. Yeah this affects me too -- whee ... well we'll see what options HLJ has when its in my warehouse.
  25. I'm guessing they're having some problems producing all the big sprues at volume? Disappointing but I can wait heh
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