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  1. 11 minutes ago, Big s said:

    I wasn’t bored the first two episodes or really any episodes of the Mandalorian. I also liked the main character, which is something important to me for a show. So far two out of three Andor episodes were dull and there really haven’t been any like able characters. I actually don’t like Andor as a character at all so far. I do however see potential for the show to be good. It has a really great look and there could be some things coming up that have me curious. I just hope it doesn’t end up a let down like the Obi show 

    Totally get it, hopefully the show (characters especially) get better for you. I know my enjoyment of a movie or TV show is extremely dependent upon how I feel about the characters.

    I absolutely didn't like Cassian when he was introduced in Rogue One, but it was okay because he wasn't the star, Jyn was, but I warmed to him by the end. So I enter the show with a slight affinity for the character and I have no issues with his motivations or how he's written.


  2. 1 hour ago, Scyla said:

    I know that BBTS is rarely the cheapest options but that price tag doesn’t seem to be appropriate if your buying your stock from a wholesaler.

    Cool, cool - no argument here. My point was simply that their price, appropriate or not to however they're sourcing it, or any other factors, doesn't surprise me. And that when I look at them, it's usually for the sake of comparison.


  3. 1 hour ago, Scyla said:

    ¥12500 MSRP also sounds super expensive for what is included. Especially if the exchange rate goes down in the next 12 months.

    Sheesh, it is $125 at BBTS? Good Smile US has it for $87: https://www.goodsmileus.com/product/figma-samus-aran-dread-ver-9210/

    BBTS is rarely the cheapest option, when I buy from them I just look to see how competitive their prices are to other sources.

    And thanks for posting the Good Smile link, I didn't think to look at their own webstore.

    55 minutes ago, General Rasp said:

    If you use Paypal or Amazon Pay, you pay upfront. 

    If you use a credit or debit card, you pay when the figure comes in. 


    Good to know! Thx


  4. 1 hour ago, Chronocidal said:

    I would probably chalk that up to there being really nothing unique about any of these, and the fact that the issues with the mold seem both well-known, and almost entirely random.  I can't say they're anywhere near as bad as the 171s, but this is probably the most lemony release they've had since that point.

    It was really just the cannon fodder 171's to be fair. But those flat out disintegrated given enough time. The infamous triangles, legs, etc.

    The 31AX just have terrible, terrible, terrible fit and finish.


  5. 2 hours ago, Stampeed Valkyrie said:

    I was recently gifted 2 ships from Eaglemoss that were larger in size, maybe XL not real familiar with this manufacturer.    Both seemed to be fairly well made but had some obvious defects but nothing I would not expect from a mass produced item.      I feel for my cousin though who was building the Enterprise D,  or to be specific was collecting the volumes to maybe one day build the Enterprise D.    



    15 minutes ago, JB0 said:

    He can still build the Ent-D as she appeared in the end of Generations!

    Glad I quickly cancelled my subscription to that build-an-Enterprise D. I really was excited for it, but I'm glad my apprehension won out in the end.

    I'm bummed because it was at least nice to have a company producing ships from Star Trek.


  6. There are ways to get these things for less than what I paid, of that I'm sure. And I personally was okay with paying a smidge more upfront for this release, especially with an "easy button" like purchasing from places like Big in Japan and others, but I would never begrudge someone for being smarter or more strategic with how or when they buy. 

    As mentioned; 


    Forwarding Services/Proxies

    Being patient and diligent just after release

    Getting lucky with reputable etailers or eBay sellers


    Between MWF and just good ole Google I've learned a lot about how to buy exclusives like this, but there's still so much I don't know, haven't tried yet, etc.


  7. 42 minutes ago, sjr said:

    Last year's 00 Raiser Trans Am was ¥27.5k retail, ¥50k+ resale.

    From what I recall, it was also on Asian p-b sites. The second or third round of orders hit Japan sites a few months later and were selling for low ¥30's. There were loads of them available.

    Drop ¥50k now, or wait and possibly get one for a much more reasonable price. The choice is yours.


    29 minutes ago, Scyla said:

    But the FOMO is real. :p


    13 minutes ago, tjdetweiler said:

    This is true! I bought my Trans AM raiser for 45K but I'm seeing them drop to 35K - so yeah I suggest wait for more releases eventually it will come. The same also happened with the Blue version 2019 Tamashii exclusive.

    To be honest I've followed both strategies and had both worked, and failed.

    There's so much speculation involved it's hard to know which was right until after the fact. Will there be tons of supply, causing prices to drop, or will there be limited supply, causing those prices to stay steady, or get higher?

    Start contemplating that and then BOOM - the fear of missing out, or even worst the fear of seeing stupid after-market prices strike. lol


  8. 15 hours ago, Snorly said:

    Metal Build Strike Noir - Release Nov 15, 2022 -  Tamashii Nation 2022, 30800yen incl. tax. Yay to giving more money to Bandai.


    Thanks for posting this, was definitely a heads-up for me.

    15 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

    Another pass. Money saved. Thanks Bandai! :hi:

    Not going to lie, there have been a few recent releases, Metal Build or Gundam related as well as Macross related that I've passed on. A few years ago I would have never, but these days I'm skipping all sorts of stuff.

    Not this one though 😅

    3 hours ago, General Rasp said:

    The Strike Noir is my favorite suit from the Seed universe so I am 100% in on the Metal Build.

    It's a good looking suit!

    2 hours ago, Scyla said:

    Well there goes another ¥45k-¥60k for my Metal Build collection. :p

    It's already sold out at Big in Japan and I don't see it listed on other sites yet, so FOMO compelled me to order at Luna Park (Premium). I had decided to stay way from them but I'll roll the dice this time. 50,500 JPY shipped using DHL was my total, so your estimate is pretty accurate.


  9. Finished my first viewing about an hour ago, the advertising hype around this is spot on, easily the best Predator movie since, Predator. I'd actually really love a 4K release of this.

    Agreed with @Tking22 comments around the CG and what's in the spoiler tag.


    1 Predator

    1a Prey

    2 Predators

    3 Predator 2 (hated this move years ago, but it's grown on me and I appreciate how it expanded the mythos in the final act)

    4 The Predator (because it has to be included on the list)


    Just like Predator I can see myself easily deciding to watch Prey on a slow day when I want something good to re-watch.


  10. 35 minutes ago, M'Kyuun said:

    Yeah, now this gets back to the heart of what made the Predator so intriguing in the original film as well as following Anna's description to Dutch's team concerning her people's history with it. 

    Kinda wonder if this is going to be a female Predator hunting these female warriors. Seems the PC thing to do.

    In bold is a fantastic point/factoid from the first movie that I'd forgotten about. With that in mind the movie could have been set in South America.

    9 minutes ago, Big s said:

    I thought that the one with the makeup was a guy.


    Don't care to go down the "PC" rabbit hole, but I think the introduction of a female Predator could be cool if for no other reason than to change the status quo - but I would not want that to be a focal point of the movie. Maybe if She-Predator was simply a part of a pack or trio like AvP (terrible movie, yes, I know) or Predators.



  11. On 5/7/2022 at 1:48 AM, seti88 said:

    I saw a top gun trailer before the dr strange movie started and it seemed to not be like any of the other trailers shown before.

    There were much more aerial combat scenes between tom and the squad, with the push-ups as punishment. It was awesome with the wingman trying to tag tom whilst dogfighting with the other f-18!

    i dont know if that was an exclusive trailer...i cant seem to find it anywhere!


    Saw that sneak peek as well, pretty sure it was an exclusive to show in front of Dr. Strange.

    And it looks fantastic, can' t wait to see this in theaters!


  12. On 5/7/2022 at 4:34 PM, jvmacross said:

    Just got back from watching a very special episode of Wandavision.....


    This made me LOL.

    Also QFT

    2 hours ago, Tking22 said:

    Saw it Sunday and absolutely loved it! Best film in the newest MCU phase by far! Sam Raimi still has that horror touch, I really liked this film quite a bit, it was a fun ride beginning to end. Definitely interested in seeing where things will go given the ending, pretty crazy stuff. 

      Reveal hidden contents

    Bummer about the Illuminati, but I get it, Wanda is Omega-level powerful even if the MCU doesn't have a designation for that. John K. from The Office as Mr. Fantastic was frakking awesome! Fan casting, dream casting really, actually happened. I doubt Disney will hire someone else for the upcoming MCU F4 movie, John was just perfect, I get there's a multi-verse and physical looks don't always carry over from universe to universe, but I'll be pretty damn disappointed if this is all we got of Jim from The Office as Mr. Fantastic. Sir Patrick Stewart as, what looked like to me, a straight live-action version of the original X-Men Animated Series Professor X was icing on the cake, I even heard the theme too, really great stuff!

    I enjoyed the hell out of it, I'll definitely be grabbing it on 4K when available, it was a fun film. 


    Respectfully disagree, Shang Chi and Spider-Man: No Way Home were superior in many ways, but this WAS good and I enjoyed it a lot. Raimi was perfect for this material and I loved how he managed to sneak in some of his old movie-making tricks with camera-work and horror elements.



    Things I liked

    Loved the fan-casting of John Krasinski as Reed Richards, loved Anson Mount returning as Black Bolt, loved Sir Patrick's cameo, loved Captain Carter and Captain Marvel. But more than I loved seeing this iteration of the Illuminati, I loved Wanda killing them! Probably my favorite sequence. I also hope the actual Mr. Fantastic is played by someone else now that the fanservice is out of the way, but I probably wouldn't complain if they stick with John in the role.

    I also really liked Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez, she brought a real presence to the role. I don't know anything about the comic version, so I have no idea how faithful a representation it is, but I think she killed it. Benedict Cumberbatch did great as well, all of the acting was good IMO, the weakest performance was probably John K. as Mr. Fantastic. But Elizabeth Olsen straight up STOLE the movie, special episode of Wanda Vision indeed.


    Minor Observations/Nit-picks

    Wanda was way under powered compared to Earth 616 (i.e. Comics)

    MCU Earth is NOT 616, it's 199999.



  13. 16 hours ago, Lolicon said:

    Remember kids, Bandai doesn't fix problems. They double down on them. It's a feature, not a bug:good:

    Working for a SaaS company these days and I had to quote this because there are times I swear this is what a some of our Devs want to say. 😅

    To their credit they don't, but I truly believe that they want to.

    Also, I skipped this 31AX and if I could go back in time and skip Hayate's I would skip that one too.


  14. 2 hours ago, derex3592 said:

    When does the actual physical 4K disc release? Can't find it on Amazon for pre-order.

    Ditto that question. I'm purposefully not going to watch this on streaming because nothing beats the fidelity you get physical media. IMO


  15. 14 hours ago, Magnus said:

    I saw that.  Again, disregarding all of this drama, the end product that I currently have I love quite a bit and am glad to have gotten it.  For what it's worth. 

    That's actually pretty awesome, hopefully this is all just overblown internet drama over yet another toy.


    11 hours ago, sqidd said:

    That's the thing that BBTS is great for (and why I got this from BBTS). They have a great warranty return/replacement policy. If you get a bad copy they will replace it. If they don't have a unit to replace it with they will refund your money. I've even had them give me a deeeeeep discount to keep a unit that had a defect that they were unable to replace.

    I have mine PO'd through BBTS for this reason. I'm not worried about getting stuck with a junk unit.

    Totally fair, I have not cancelled my PO (yet), but will keep watch with more than passing interest to see how this plays out.

    Or maybe I'll forget all about it until BBTS charges me and it's in my Pile of Loot lol


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