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  1. 11 hours ago, eXis10z said:

    Gah.... I've been monitoring HLJ and the few hours I take my eyes off it went to discontinued. FML.

    ☹️ Sorry, I've been there on many a release.

    I truly got lucky because I had time off of work to sacrifice the sleep for days in a row. And I got extremely lucky yesterday - even when I was trying to add it to my cart I was getting errors about it being out of stock. I just kept trying and eventually the order went through (my credit card has been charged and all of that as well)

    3 hours ago, Anasazi37 said:

    For what it's worth, I ordered from AE right before the official release date, when they put their extra stock up for sale, and my 31AX has already cleared customs in Los Angeles (shipped via DHL). Seems like HLJ, AE, and AJ are the primary ones processing orders right now. I'm sure the holidays are slowing things down for most other stores.

    I just checked out the DHL site in Japan and it says they're closed 31 Dec to 03 Jan:


    Maybe individual branches are taking longer breaks? Not a criticism of LP, just an observation: they seem to have logistical challenges with DHL each time there's a DX release, leading to shipping delays. One time it was because of the Olympics, now it's because of the new year holiday. There was also that big mess with DHL tossing unprotected boxes into thin plastic shipping bags, which took some time to fix. I think at this point it's fair to assume that if there's a DX release anywhere close to the time of a major cultural event in Japan, LP shipments will be delayed, so add at least a week to the release date to estimate when an order might actually ship. From everything I've seen, LP follows through on all orders, but I think they're a much smaller outfit compared to HLJ or AE, so everything takes a bit longer to do.


    ^Pretty much this, although I am slightly jealous that your order from AE has already shipped and is en route.


  2. Pretty sure things are slow(er) everywhere because of the holidays. If it makes anyone feel better I don't have a payment request yet from AmiAmi, I requested and paid for shipping via Anime-Export and it hasn't shipped and I even took a BIG chance and pre-ordered with Nin-Nin with everything paid up front and nothing from them either.

    I think HLJ is one of the only stores with real movement on the 31AX so far. I managed to get an order from HLJ earlier this evening (after it went from Order Stop to Discontinued to In Stock) and they've invoiced me for the Valk and shipping, so it'll really be something if they ship out before all of my pre-orders.

    I've also ordered a handful of items from Luna Park and outside of the questionable packaging I've had zero issues with them, but of course everyone's mileage can and will vary.


  3. 1 hour ago, hutch said:

    I’m not in any way arguing it’s “the best” but Hawkeye is easily my favorite of the D+ series so far.  

    Was thinking about this last night as well, my two favorite D+ series have been the ones I was initially least excited about, Loki and Hawkeye and they are my two favorites.

    From a 'hit or miss' perspective the series have been better than the movies (so far, and I haven't yet seen 'No Way Home').


  4. 13 hours ago, crackpot said:

    Turd covered in gold is still turd. 

    I guess some people are just diehard fans that they'll consume whatever is served to them. 

    Or, people just like what they like. 

    While my impression of Eternals is mixed, I don't begrudge anyone who feels strongly in one way or the other. 


  5. 1 hour ago, Harlock Fan said:

    So far I think Marvel has stuck out this year.  0 for 3.    Honestly, I don’t think anybody could articulate a good argument that the Eternals was good or even decent.   

    Agree to disagree 🙂


  6. 13 hours ago, Harlock Fan said:

    That is damning praise.  I know you didn’t mean it but dang.  Ouch

    Definitely didn't mean it that way, I thought Shang-Chi was outstanding and I though Black Widow was terrible. Eternals was just different...I like that it felt more mature thematically , the story was just, messy. For my .02 it fits squarely in between the other two movies on a scale of "good" to "bad".

    Can't quiet put my finger on how to articulate all of my thoughts specific to Eternals. 


  7. 2 minutes ago, weiser21 said:

    I don't think they care about box condition as long as the contents arrive intact. They did that to me as well (shipped my item in a bag) and when I reached to them their reply to me was the same as that dude's post. They asked me here to reach out to them again but it's too much of a hassle. I recall them asking for additional shipping as my pre order was made before the pandemic. Very disappointed when the item arrived.

    That's a real bummer, I recall HLJ took a similar stance some years back and after (what I assume had to have been) significant customer backlash their shipping practices shifted back to better protection for the items being shipped.

    I suspect that LP will go through those same pains and improve, or see business shift to other vendors.


    And I still haven't opened my Gundam Factory Nigh Illuminated version...😬 


  8. 4 hours ago, weiser21 said:

    How much did they charge you for shipping? I was going to order one from them then saw the 5K Yen shipping fee and decided to wait. If that's what 5K Yen shipping gets me, I'm out.

    It was 5000 JPY, probably a little high considering no box, but it was via DHL and it arrived lightning fast so I'm not inclined to make a big deal about it.

    2 hours ago, leeboo1211 said:

    Doesn't look like they've changed that practice, at least not across the board. This was posted to a Facebook group 2 days ago, 




    ^Pretty much the same, but packed a little better than that (didn't have that terrible brown tape around it).

    To be honest I'm probably more annoyed that the Gundam Factory bag was used as packing material. My original Gundam Factory came from OkiniLand and it was nicely folded and unused and the bag was something that I was not expecting when it arrived.

    All of that said, I got lucky, my item arrived in good shape, it arrived quickly so I don't have any legit complaints. Just sharing my experience since I saw the question asked. I'd order from them again, but I would make a point to ask for an actual box for shipping.



  9. On 10/15/2021 at 1:46 AM, George Yamamori said:

    In the comics, they are hardwired / programmed not to interfere unless:

    a) Deviants are involved

    b) Celestials are attacked by other beings

    c) Their existence is threatened

    The third clause is activated when Thanos directly attacked them in a recent storyline and he is handily defeated by a few Eternals. The Eternals do not have complete free will.

    One or more of these is very much carried over into the movie. I never read any Eternals storylines back when I was a diehard comic book collector, but from what I gather their history is a bit muddled to say the least and that their comics backstory was recently retconned to make said history a little more accessible.


    The Good: Acting, emotional stakes, special effects, gorgeous scenery. Some (not all) of the characters aren't cookie-cutter and are fairly complex, or aren't black and white GOOD or EVIL. 

    The central argument of one's purpose and true faith in what one's mission is - a soldier following orders for a "greater" good and willingness to do terrible things, even to those they love as brothers and sisters (or more), in order to achieve "the" mission. 

    Themes around choice vs. predetermined purpose. Godlike powers and how and when to use them.

    The Bad: The movie is predictable 30-40 minutes in, and the story is a bit of a mess, although it's coherent enough, but didn't feel polished.

    The first credit scene was way too goofy considering the overall tone of the movie. The 1st post credit scene felt more like Thor: Ragnarok or a GoTG movie making it feel out of place, the final credit scene's tone was a little too light-hearted as well but at least it was more in-line with the humor from the movie.

    The Silly: The power of LOVE (Sersi's love of humanity, Ikaris's love of Sersi) saves the day, plus an awful lot of forgiveness considering the actions of one ore more of the characters.

    IMO this wasn't the worst of the MCU, but I can see why the ratings are what they are. I went to a noon showing and the theatre was pretty full, but I'm really curious to see what the week 2 box office numbers look like and if there's significant drop-off.

    I really wanted to enjoy Eternals more than I did, and I loved some of the tonal changes over typical Marvel movies. The heavier subject matter about the nature of humanity and character development were a very interesting change of pace (even the more predictable aspects), the messiness of the story though...

    Of the current Phase, Shang-Chi is far and away the best, Shang-Chi>Eternals>Black Widow


  10. 15 hours ago, 68whiskey said:

    Speaking of the GUndam Factory Rx-78 , have the Illuminated versions dropped anywhere other than ebay yet? Im not ready to pay $400 + tax for one 


    15 hours ago, no3Ljm said:


    14 hours ago, 68whiskey said:

    I have had bad experiences with Luna Park , I refuse to give them my money. 

    That's where I ordered mine from, I've had it for about a week - still haven't opened it yet. 

    I almost had a bad experience with LP as they essentially put one layer of bubble wrap, placed it inside of the Gundam Factory shopping bag and double-bagged it with the DHL shipping bags (so the box, wrapped in bubble wrap, inside of the Gundam Factor Bag inside of (2) DHL bags). It's truly a miracle that it arrived with a couple of dings on the corners of the box.

    I'll order from LP again but will make a point of asking them to place my item inside an actual shipping box. 😒


  11. 10 hours ago, seti88 said:

    TQVM! :hi:

    Did you feel their shipping rates are in line with other retailers? Rough ball park of course, since the armored parts set might not be a common sized.


    No problem at all, shipping wasn't bad for just the parts, 2,990 JPY for DHL. I'd honestly consider ordering from them again.


  12. 21 minutes ago, wm cheng said:

    Did everyone receive what they pre-ordered from LunaPark (I'm trying them for the first time on this) - it was just a bit of an initial growing pains with poor packaging on the first round of shipping?  I'm getting your frustration @Mommar - totally understand.  Had to get up at 3am here, took forever to get back to sleep on a work day - argh.  I'm too old for this crap too!

    I wonder how long will it take them to get their legal gears together for international distribution of these toys - its gotta be at least a year away.  The worst part is that they might not make any more of these toys initially to gauge demand, it will just be more people fighting over the same number of toys initially maybe?

    3 AM call time here too, a lot of us are 40+. 

    I've ordered a handful of items from LunaPark and received everything and in a timely manner. Oddly enough my Macross items were packaged well, but my recent order (Gundam item) was shipped only in two DHL bags and a little bubble wrap (IIRC). It's a miracle that item arrived in good shape. I'd use them again, but I'd say packaging seems to be the only concern (consistency in how careful items are packed from my perspective).


  13. 1 hour ago, Special Sauce said:

    Not sure if this will happen to you but when I tried to pre-order from them I had the item in my cart, completed the checkout process and paid for the item only to have them tell me the next day they couldn't fulfill the purchase.  I had to tell them to refund me which they dragged their feet on.  I won't order from them again because of that.

    That's happened with A-E before, and I'm in the same boat this go around. I sent a message earlier today but don't expect a response until tomorrow as they've got a message about being closed for a National Holiday.


    For anyone on the fence about N-Y, I don't even go to their site anymore, and I mean this in the most disrespectful way possible, F those guys. They fully deserve every bit of negative feedback they get.

    I was able to get one at AmiAmi, cart jacked at Hobby Search and HLJ. But I'm not overly worried or bummed, I'll pick up another copy at or around release.


  14. 19 minutes ago, peter said:

    What's the consensus, worth watching in theatre?  I hear the visuals are incredible, but are they enough to get me off my lazy butt and into a theatre.

    I'm familiar with the background story, watched the 84 version numerous times, will it just piss me off when they cut it off and make me wait for part 2?

    Thinking about just skipping it in theatres and watching them both back to back when part 2 is available to stream.

    My recommendation is to absolutely watch this in theatres, the ending truly will give you Fellowship of the Ring vibes, at least it did for me. And when I saw it Dune Part 2 had not been officially greenlit yet.

    The ending is not painfully abrupt and it ends about a good a time as any. 

    12 minutes ago, Scyla said:

    You should absolutely watch this in a cinema. The bigger the screen the better. A good sound system will be beneficial too.

    This movie was made for cinemas. The imagery and the sound design will be lessened by watching it at home.


    6 minutes ago, levzloi said:

    ABSOLUTELY!!  Especially if you can in IMAX.  It's not a perfect adaptation, but in my opinion it's by far the best one yet.

    ^Also this, but I didn't watch any of the made for TV stuff, just this and the different versions of the '84 movie, which I also enjoyed.


  15. 4 hours ago, tekering said:

    Villeneuve's Dune is a lot more restrained than Lynch's vision.  While it shares (and often exceeds) the epic scope of the '84 film, the production design is considerably more muted in its color schemes and architecture.  It's a much more convincing future world, but it's not nearly as striking or memorable as how Lynch envisioned it... particularly given the absence of a monstrous third-stage Navigator.  Think of it less like Star Wars and more like Blade Runner.

    Knowing the film was only covering the first half of the book -- and thus had twice as much run time to tell the story -- I was actually shocked at how much material was excised, far beyond the mere absence of characters like Princess Irulan, Feyd, or the Emperor himself.  While I was happy to see a lot of awkward dialogue removed ("mood is a thing for cattle and women," "no woman-child ever withstood that much," "the sleeper must awaken," etc.) I was equally dismayed by how much exposition and backstory was sidelined, if not outright ignored. 

    As a sci-fi geek, I know full well about the Butlerian Jihad, but isn't the average viewer likely to wonder why there's no artificial intelligence in Dune?  Or what a Mentat is?  What about the Navigators, or the Spacing Guild?  The art of Kanly?  Suk Imperial Conditioning, and why Dr. Yueh would've been above suspicion?  Hell, they barely even mention the function of the spice, the central concept that drives the plot. :huh:

    I'm surprised viewers like @mikeszekely weren't left cold and befuddled by the lack of proper world-building.  :unknw:

    While I neither agree or disagree (because I am not versed in the source material), I really enjoyed reading your .02. Just wanted to state my appreciate for how you presented your thoughts on this iteration of Dune.

    3 hours ago, sqidd said:

    Have you seen most popular movies? The average viewer doesn't wonder much. As long as the opening scene has EXPLOSIONS, they like the movie.;)

    You rang? Where do I buy my ticket??? 🤣


  16. 3 hours ago, sqidd said:

    Maybe there is hope for humanity Hollywood.

    As a species we're still screwed lol

    Ripley said it best;

    You know, Burke, I don't know which species is worse. You don't see them f***ing each other over a goddamn percentage.


  17. 1 hour ago, sqidd said:

    I was blown away about how beautiful it was and how perfectly odd the technology, etc was.

    The music, while sometimes overwhelming the dialog a little, had a great mood to it. Very appropriate and odd. I didn't really have any trouble with the dialog though. Sure I had to pay attention, but I could always understand what was going on. You guys need a crappy 22yr old surround system.:p

    Or subtitles...which is how I'm going to watch at home 👴

    Not my favorite Hans Zimmer score, but I agree that it really fit the movie. Makes me very happy I ordered this last week when it went on sale; https://mondoshop.com/products/the-dune-sketchbook-music-from-the-soundtrack-3xlp


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