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  1. duly noted, i wish i had known earlier. sorry if this affected anyone it doesnt say vinyl anywhere on the box, at least in english... but still a rare item you wish you had . good luck finding the club m and musasahiya kits anyway hah auction ends tonight everyone
  2. dude that valk girl is a trip. theres a gundam one too apparently. valk girl and vf4 are defitly my faves in this lineup, hurts to let em go
  3. Hey guys, I'm selling everything in the photos here currently on ebay. Some good, rare stuff in the mix Here's the link: http://www.ebay.com/sch/sirhenk/m.html?item=181442580615&hash=item2a3ed21087&pt=Model_Kit_US&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 All auctions have no reserve. If you live in Southern California I'd be happy to arrange a pick up. I have a good record on ebay with no negative feedback. Almost everything is in awesome condition, feel free to ask me ANYTHING if you have questions. Hope you see something you like here. Happy bidding~
  4. Guys, I'm in a financial bind right now and I really need some help. Last year I decided to change careers and have been attending art school since, an education that tends to be more expensive than the rest. While I'm barely getting by chasing my Macross dreams (yes Macross is the reason I want to learn how to draw!!!), I need more money for art supplies which are incredibly expensive T_T deculture!!!! I have a big collection of Hasegawa 1/72s that I've compartmentalized into attractive sets. Please check them out, they will only be up for one week. They are all NO RESERVE and the largest lot (link #1) is free shipping. Thanks for looking and thanks for having a heart! AUCTIONS END 5/19-5/20 i have good reviews and feed back from past buyers on ebay. Just search "Macross model kit lot" or find my ebay id sirhenk. Or Here are the direct links: http://www.ebay.com/...7#ht_746wt_1185 http://www.ebay.com/...7#ht_500wt_1202 http://cgi.ebay.com/...8#ht_500wt_1202 http://www.ebay.com/...4#ht_500wt_1202 ! wish me luck...! Please tell your friends and share the links! Domo Arigato Mr Battroido~~
  5. Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a while, i've decided to go back to art school so that maybe one day i can work at Harmony Gold, haha In hopes to keep a starving student (me) fed, I've decided to clean out half my collection of kits. I may update the list with new items so check back every few days. To make life easier, the prices are all after shipping, listed prices are the final prices you'll pay (within US only). I'll prolly put these on ebay if they're not all gone in about 2 weeks, so get em while they're here. I'll entertain any reasonable offers or trades, just let me know what's on your mind. All are new and unassembled. A few wrappers might have been opened just for inspection, but none of them have been started. I'll let you know the exact details just ask. You can email/paypal me at sirhenkalot@gmail,com $15 shipped....VF-1S $15 shipped....VF-1J $15 shipped....VF-1A $26 shipped....VF-1A Super $27 shipped....VF-1S Strike $28 shipped....VF-1 Super/Strike, includes decals for all Hikaru, Max, Roy, and Kakizaki $29 shipped....VE-1 Elintseeker BATTROIDS: $26 shipped....VF-1A Super Battroid $30 shipped....VF-1S Strike Battroid $60 shipped....VF-0A/S Battroid Macross Zero BANDAI $45 shipped....VF-25S and Action Base (2 items) Macross Frontier $13 shipped....SDF-1 Storm Attacker-Construction 1/8000 Toy: $60 shipped....VF-1A DYRL Max, yamato (1st gen?) in box, never transformed Random: Hasegawa Honda Civic Hatchback Vti/Eti 1/24 scale ask for price Thank you for looking, let me know if you have questions!
  6. how many people are you guys expecting to show up anyway? that grand ballroom at ackerman could be pretty big for a group like us...
  7. my advice as a former ucla bruin don't underestimate the parking enforcement officers they hide in the shadows like ninjas and will slip you tickets while you're not looking even if you're in a no parking zone or unpaid meter for just 5 minutes. i'm gonna park south of wilshire and take the blue bus i'd do the same if you can't find spots in the nearby apartments! c u at da con
  8. it's the same old original bandai kit. bandai reissued a buncha their kits again earlier this year, they are easy to find. as for kitbashing it was rather minimal: looks like he borrowed Hasegawa wings, tire pockets, head, and decals... as far as i can see
  9. yeah totally, but for some reason it gives the impression that it's been doing more benchpresses than it's hasegawa cousin, thus looking tougher if not more awkward haha
  10. kekeke unless maybe it was that limited edition minmay dim sum (with teaser image)
  11. ok well it didn't cost me an arm and a leg but 4000 yen still ain't cheap in my book, especially if u live in a country with a much weaker exchange rate. then again, i'm talkin with people who are probably willing to blow hundreds of dollars on "toys" lol ^^
  12. please teach me how to love mine it cost me a pretty penny
  13. mr base white from mr hobby is like mr surfacer and will turn that thing white as hell
  14. oh schnapp didn't notice this post. check this out guys, i just posted this a few min ago, they're scans from Hobby Japan some dude built the bandai VF-1S and made it look pretty sweet: 1/72 Bandai VF-1S Focker Special
  15. honestly, i think it's gonna suck, like the minmay guard. hasegawa is seriously playing with our minds... this whole teaser thing is just a marketing strategy. they think i learned after i bought the damned "limited edition" minmay guard kit, so now they're using this other form of trickery to make me make the same mistake again x_x i'd buy some dim sum if it had a sexy minmay on the package and it was called limited edition preceded by a teaser image.
  16. Hey guys more scans from my little library! Here's the old school Bandai VF-1S kit given the modern makeover. I'm sure a number of you own or owned this at one point in time. This modeller (Masaki Tanaka) did a pretty good job making the old sucker worth buying again. Looks like he used Hasegawa wings and decals. Geez this kit looks WAY better than the retarded looking VF-1S pictured in the manual lol. happy building!
  17. sorry i was just wondering where you bought it it looks wonderful! and the small SD alien in the first picture... where did you get that?
  18. sweet~~ did u get this off hobbyfan? and any of u know if any one has ever made the garage kit version without the SAP armor?
  19. isn't anybody curious what it is? Hasegawa only gave us a teaser image... it's listed on all the websites for pre order maybe a minmay guard knock off? any good educated guesses?
  20. sirhenk

    HW Japan

    screw hobby link japan, i shall rant to warn you of their dark side~ they sold me a USED SDF-1 wham model toy that had a damaged shoulder and a booster that i've no idea where it fell off from. the box's tape was slit open and the sdf-1 was all awkwardly placed in the styrofoam, not to mention scratches all over the display stand. i e-mailed them, got a response a week later, then no response till another week later, then a response from the parts manager guy, who never responded to my emails and just sent me two new shoulders 2 weeks later, without ever notifying me that they were intending to just replace the shoulders and nothing else. they're too slow and have poor communication. apparently their staff speaks english but they hardly speak to you at all. just be careful with these bastards ill try hwjapan too
  21. fantastic~ nice touch on the hasegawa decals, i was wondering about that when i looked at the pictures first. good decision on leaving it in fighter mode, even our damned yamato toys get jaxored from transforming them. though i admit wish i could see it transformed but the condition is too precious to compromise!
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