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  1. For many, more of the same is the attraction. Even a sandbox game gets worn out of things to do, and I'm personally I'm happy with the game style and just want new content. That said, I'm another whose hanging out of PC version...
  2. Call me a cynic, but what are the odds the line will survive to Southern Cross? Don't get me wrong, I honestly love the fact that New Gen/Mospeada is before even Macross as should always occur IMO (even if it smacks of being due to Sentinels book style copy/paste of Invid Invasion text in reverse), yet I'm wondering are the "massive" sales numbers before PB let the license that good a reason to revive and revise the whole instead of say going to quickie route of just doing a Shadow Chronicle book (Robotech RPG Book Nine for those keeping count)? Or are we going to get books at a snails pace in the lead up to Shadows Rising...
  3. Well, Stick's "bonus" could be his rifle, but does seem strange if Rey got the saddle bags instead of Mint. Also personally if we're talking smaller sized stuff, then Yellow having a SAL-9 pistol would seem to make the most sense, more so than a seperate female Yellow figure. But that's me.
  4. He'll be like those transforming watches, just too clunky for everyday use. The headphones are even worse...
  5. Very nice, the aparent inclusion of the Ride Armor variations and the sword from dream episode just make the CM Legioss better and better. The rear shots of both Legioss and Tread are also good to see. But god the bending combined Legioss/Tread is making me cringe...
  6. Perhaps, but doesn't stop it happening over and over again, look at DVD region codes, region locked/crippled for specific region consoles, companies love to control things by region as it lets them set different pricing and such extra money by licenses for each region. Also the different names (Alpha Fighter and Legioss) are rather important, especially considering we are talking about Robotech and Mospeada which are legally are seperate though related things.
  7. Pretty much covered the same bases, continue Classics and Alternators as well as plugging for more Star Wars Clone Troopers and dumping/starting from scratch their Marvel action figure lines. I was kind of concerned with the collectable grading stuff though...
  8. Same way Epoch released Superposable Mospeada Legioss toys, Toynami shopped them around to the various Japanese companies they know or Aoshima themselves approached Toynami. Given the short time frame anybody expecting more than vry minor cosmetic changes and of course different Japanese language packaging are probably going to be disappointed IMO.
  9. and yet Nemsis Prime was a $50Aus shelfwarmer in Australia. Irony...
  10. I have no problem with amore realistic but more of the same GTA game... if the "feel" is still there...
  11. Don't worry, I agree. Though with the PS2 now getting below $100Aus second hand I am begining to weaken as my justifcation of "consoles = criminal waste of money better spent elsewhere" weakens because I soooo painfully want to place GTA Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories...
  12. The next "big" Star Wars game, The Force Unleashed is being released seemingly for every console and handheld out there (PS3, XBox 360, Nintendo DS, PS2 and PSP) except the Wii and PC. As with such things, there is a pointless online pettion to show Lucasarts the error of their ways...
  13. No, it's the engine block of the VR-052 type. Earlier pages which appeared to use photo reference (why they all looked like dirtbikes) was okay, but the later stripped down to frame images are veeeery nice indeed.
  14. *whines that Australia is falling behind in regards to US 80's TV shows DVD season release and once again having to increase the volume US DVDs he imports*
  15. I still reckon it's people stupidly assuming they're much like the larger toy who keep buying these things, there is no other explaination apart from completism...
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