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  1. Not Macross, but still pretty topical - the flying carrier from Yukikaze: http://www.hlj.com/product/OMTGK-01 First thought: Oh my God the pricetag! (19,000 yen!) Second thought: Oh my god it's tiny! (only nine inches across) Third thought: Oh my God, at that scale the real thing is nearly a kilometer wide! The fourth thought is pretty much a given: "I want one!" Now, does anyone have a list of banks I can rob to pay for it? :-) SP
  2. I was just informed that I won an online contest on another site, and that my prize was a Hasegawa VE-1 Elintseeker kit - which was a great surprise, in all senses of the word. I usually never win anything... While I'm waiting for the kit to arrive, I've decided to do some planning for how I want the finished model to look. Rule number one is: No allover white. In fact, no large white surfaces at all, if it can be avoided - because once I open that tin, the model is usually doomed. (It's gotten a little better in the last year, but brushing on white paint thin enough to level out is a pain in the rear that I'll happily avoid for all time). So, what do I do instead? The only option I can think of off hand that I can make look any good, would be a US Navy-style two-tone scheme with color insignia and modexes (spares from a Tomcat kit). I could do all-over black, as well - though with no white Modexes, and no masking skills for the big eye thing on the rotodome it, it wouldn't look near as good; and all-over Gunship Gray - which makes any and all red details stick out like beacons. Does anyone have any good ideas for how to paint this thing? SP
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