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  1. Surveyed filled in, just bring over everything and anything!
  2. Thanks all , back on track now with versions.
  3. /confused Didn't this VF-0D already get released? Wasnt there a PF also or was that a VF-0S? This is the old VF-0D just PF and price hike?
  4. They might not even make it, their a long way from 8000 preorders.
  5. I don't see why that isn't done MORE of. I'm sure it goes on ALOT.
  6. Happened to me but I never got thru HLJ either, had in cart error tho. This morning I look at NY and see it still in cart. I said F it, NY wins, I ordered it. I lame Bandai for this. Lets produce like 20 valks and call it a day leaving money on the table. They should do a open pre-order to made so real fans get them and makes it so scalpers can go scalp something else.
  7. When your arrived did it rattle inside with parts? I got my amazon order and noticed it. Should I be worried?
  8. Same, F THIS
  9. amazon sold out to scalpers, you can get one not shipped to USA for 40k Yen now.
  10. HLJ says sold out and the add to cart JUST APPEARED!!!!!!!
  11. Waiting for HLJ to go live and NY to show it at 2x preorder price.
  12. What a bust....
  13. FAAAAAK Amazon will not ship to USA!! damnit!
  14. I see nothing so far.
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