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  1. The 'made in Macau' bit is a heading under the Ultra Magnus blog entry, those figures were also available in the US distribution. The Jetfire blog entry is separate and links to a full article where the author writes that the 1985 (MB) and 1986 (Hasbro) branded figures are the same Bandai toys. I don't think I've ever heard of Jetfire being made in Macau, although it's well known in the Transformers community that Takara was sending/sourcing TF molds all over the place for different reasons (Taiwan, Korea, Macau, China, France, Mexico, South America etc.), I don't think Bandai necessarily followed suit. https://20thcenturytoycollector.com/posts/2012/05/12/transformers-jetfire/
  2. Yeah, still on my to do list. I'm not aware of a Jetfire release made in Macau. Can you elaborate on that?
  3. Yes! I have considered it. I've just written a massive essay on Shockwave which was essentially Jetfire's Christmas '84 nemesis, and researching the former has uncovered a lot for me about the latter. I think it would be fitting to do the same for Jetfire. One thing I dropped the ball on re: the photoshoot discussion - Jetfire actually does come with little red decals (2 ovals/2 circles), but they are really badly cut and the Kaufmann specimen looks to have a cleaner and fuller set used for whatever shoot it was involved in. I photographed a freshly applied decal from a spare sheet below to illustrate how bad it looks. So that raises a doubt on whether the Sears photo shoot was with Hasbro-supplied photography or done in-house, because any retailer can apply these decals if they are fastidious enough. Though many are not, for example, Argos catalogs missing key decals on Jetfire, as well as erroneous toy configurations on other figures: https://retromash.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/ArgosPage4.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/5d/25/00/5d2500c13d735b46a8b84a8e49367b3c.jpg So to fill the gap we really can only look at other Hasbro issued documentation, this time the 1985 European catalog, where Jetfire is actually the Autobot leader (due to Optimus Prime's rights sitting with another company at the time). https://www.battlegrip.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/transformers.jpg This is different photography from the 1985 US catalog. An easy tell is the missing stickers on the dorsal fast packs. This photoshoot took place at the same location that Hasbro used for the 1984 toy-fair catalog. So it's a different shoot - but not due to geography - it's still at USA HQ. So to summarize known shoots: Packaging 1985 pre toy fair 1985 US catalog (same as 1986) 1985 Euro catalog
  4. I am inclined to agree with the first scenario. There is evidence of multiple shoots for Jetfire at different times, with specimens prepared by Hasbro. The first being the toy and transformation photography on the packaging, that uses a Takatoku base figure with ridged antenna, sharp nosecone, lined canopy (painted black), painted leg fins, and even a missile in the gun. But the key points are the ovular 'openings' on the nosecone the circular 'openings' on the the hip beside the main intake. They are painted red. I say 'opening' because I am unsure if these are nozzles/thrusters/intakes/sensors in the Macross canon. Next, the 1985 pre toy fair catalog uses two typical Matsushiros (one boxed) with painted red opening on the nosecone. The one near the intake is unclear. http://obscuretf.com/hhk/images/full/USPRETF1985f.jpg After that, the pack-in 1985 catalog, the specimens (2) used here are a Matsu/Bandai transitional figure. Clear striped canopy, smooth antenna, stubbed nosecone, Matsu sprue legs, pre-rubsign, (probably Bandai undated stamp). Again, the two openings are painted(?) red. https://tfarchive.com/toys/catalogues/generationone_catalogue/85a_catalog.jpg The specimen showcased on the TFSource article is not any of the above. The red openings on the nosecone is a sticker that has been applied, so assume the same of the red openings near the intake. This may indicate that on previous examples this was a sticker as well. https://tfsource.com/blog/2018/09/14/collector-interview-72-jeremy-kaufmann/ In the 1985 Sears catalog, https://www.battlegrip.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/sears1985.jpg the Jetfire looks to be photography prepared by Hasbro as the openings are again red and the figure is fully decaled. But this is a different specimen with unlined canopy and a rubsign. Contrast that with the JCPenney catalog that looks like they did their own photography without applying any decals or enhancements. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EUHx0U1X0AUlW-m?format=jpg&name=4096x4096 My conclusion is that when preparing a figure for a shoot, there are some tweaks done by Hasbro to improve the visual appeal of the figure, I.e. the red details. This is consistent with the authenticated figure from the TFSource article, although it is unclear which specific paperwork this specimen ended up on. And, Jetfire has been photographed multiple times, using the available figure variants at the time.
  5. I slid a mirror under to view the stamp because I am reluctant to break the seal and remove the figure. It's a standard earlier undated BANDAI.
  6. It's crazy how this stuff can pop up 15 years later. I wish I'd had sprung for a 1A to have one of each headsculpt.
  7. Not yet. I took a look and assumed it was undated BANDAI, and since the tape was firm I put it away. I will come up with a way to unpeel one side and remove it without snapping the foam strap. It's almost worn through in the center. Yeah, it is odd I agree. If that Pony Go Round business really happened mid 90s then it's possible there were Transformers leftovers when this Super was released. Speaking of leftovers, this YAJ seller has been offloading the following vintage surplus parts for years and years, which supports the idea that Bandai pushed a whole bunch of factory surplus onto the market. https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/seller/dstatumi?sid=dstatumi&b=1&n=50 Strike Legs Takatoku GBP sets Transformers Roadbuster figures w/accesories (Bandai) ex Takatoku Mugen Calibur Transformers Deluxe Insecticon sealed manual/weapons bags (Bandai) ex Takatoku Beetras
  8. I have one more piece of real estate to cover up. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago I picked up on YAJ this super yellow Jetfire, but oddly it had been strapped into a 1990s Bandai foam/box. Though yellow, the thing is absolutely pristine as far as glossy shine goes. Thought this might have been some internal test piece. The gun/clip is from the 1990.
  9. I messed up and triple submitted the above reply. I'll use this real estate to ask another question. In May 2019, some 'prototypes' appeared on YAJ. I saved all the auction photos, bought a few for myself, for illustration purposes I've added some pics below. I also submitted all the auctions to web archive for posterity at the time, thinking they may be significant. In all, 12 specimens. New head sculpts, painted, with a painted pilot in the cockpit. Base figure is 2001 China. I wanted to know if anyone had seen the specimens that xstoys brought to the MWCon in 2004, in person. Those figures appeared to have unpainted heads, but no close ups were ever shared. Even though I certainly thought I could see some key indicators from the convention photos, they are extremely small and not definitive. Can anyone corroborate whether these look like they are related to those unpainted prototypes?
  10. The Takatoku Super Valkyrie was released in February 1984. Since this was the first Fast Pack version of the 1/55, it's reasonable to say that this must have been the figure that Hasbro 'discovered' and decided to bring into the Transformers line, and the party they dealt with in the first instance must have been Takatoku. There is a product briefing document for their 1985 product line which has character bio and sample photos dated 30th April 1984. Though the photos are terribly reproduced in the scans, you can see that the Jetfire sample is the pointy nosed Takatoku figure. Also, by this point Hasbro had already decided on the sticker design, I.e. the diagonally striped feet stickers are visible, as well as the Autobot stickers on the booster armor. Indeed, by this point the instruction manual (which encompasses the sticker application) has been finalized. This implies a period of development that could only have begun after the release of the Super. Takatoku went bankrupt on May 25th 1984. Matsushiro took over the relationship. See TheLoneWolf's Matsu stamped Super in a Jetfire POC package. It is typical for Hasbro to do safety/drop tests and request modifications. This is certainly the reason for the nosecone change, Mr. Morishima confirmed that Matsushiro did this change for overseas, I.e., Hasbro. Probably the reason for the antenna change, as this only transitioned within the Jetfire series, and probably the reason for the addition of dated copyrights. (Hasbro requested copyrights be added to TF toys by Takara in their contracts). This will also be why Matsushiro filed patent in April 1984 (on behalf of Takatoku but at the request of Hasbro). As stated above, the DYRL Strike was released October 1984, notable for still being TT stamped. Mr. Morishima said that when Bandai took over the DYRL project, he added the heat shield and asked Mr. Kawamori to coin new names such as Strike, to differentiate it from the Takatoku Super. Initially, Takatoku was slated to produce these toys before they went bankrupt. "Morishima: Strike Valkyrie, there were drawings and prototypes made by Mr. Takatoku Toys. With that as a reference, Bandai raises the mold. As for the Valkyrie body, Mr. Matsushiro had already produced it, so I used it." The TF Jetfire, was known to have been on US shelves as early as October 1984 according to print ads. (https://web.archive.org/web/20180112104043/http://pleasesavemerobots.com/vstp/vstptf84.html) I'm not sure exactly when Matsushiro itself fell into crisis, but obviously there was a point where they were the 'owner' of the mold, hence the removal of TT stamp and replacement with MATSUSHIRO stamp. But given that by the time the first Matsushiro Jetfires were hitting the toy shelves in USA, the boxes/instructions were stating that the toy was a BANDAI product, Matushiro must have hit financial struggles well before any orders were ready to be packed, let alone ship, and transferred ownership to Bandai, while continuing to be responsible for manufacture. After which Bandai was the party that on paper, packed and shipped all orders to Hasbro. Indeed, BANDAI stamped Jetfires already began appearing before the rubsign (heat sticker) was introduced to the toy (I.e., all Matsu Jetfires are prerub, and some BANDAI Jetfires are prerub, and all dated BANDAI Jetfires are rub). Rubsigns were added to TFs before Hasbro merged with Milton Bradley on September 17th 1984, meaning Bandai took over ownership of the mold and became party to the Hasbro deal much earlier than September 1984. (In all likelihood maybe only a couple of months after Matsu took over from Takatoku).
  11. Thanks heaps, it's just what I'm looking for.
  12. Couple of questions: Do these have the glossy stickers covering the copyright stamps? If not, what molded stamp is visible? Relating this to a question I've asked in another thread: Many thanks.
  13. I have more questions, regarding the maker's mark/copyright stamping on the 1/55s. The Big West/Takatoku Toys stamp was drilled out and replaced by the MATSUSHIRO/TOKYO JAPAN stamp, and then the MATUSHIRO was replaced by BANDAI, resulting in BANDAI/TOKYO JAPAN. As far as I'm concerned this is the same piece, modified over time. (So, if limiting to 1S gift sets, these are seen across Super, Strike and Jetfire) I have two Strikes and I can see that both have the original Big West/Takatoku stamp under the glossy black stickers. These tend to peel up a bit because they don't have a lot of adhesive contact due to the raised lettering. I have also seen multiple Strikes that have the final BANDAI/TOKYO JAPAN stamp. Does anyone know if this variant normally does not have the glossy black sticker applied? I'd assume no, because I speculate the purpose was to hide the Takatoku aspect of the stamping, and possibly to show the 1984 date (not sure why later stamp okay to not have a date). Secondly, on my Ostrich, the glossy white sticker looks to be sitting over the square logo Bandai stamp (which is from a different mold). I can tell it is the square logo by the way the light reflects off it. But, I can't tell if this is the 1984 or 1985 stamp. My guess is that it is the 1984 date, because the sticker says 1985, and the box says 1985, and if the toy stamp said 1985, the sticker would not be necessary. Unless the sticker's purpose was also to show Big West, in which case, refer back to the later sticker-less Strike which has no date and no Big West. Does anyone know which version of the copyright stamp is under the sticker on the Ostrich and/or Elint?
  14. Agreed, very steep for just the bot, but I had to do it for science.
  15. Hi all. First post. I've done a little bit of legwork and am aware the Elint/Strike have specimens with TF Jetfire armor. And these have been explained in this and other threads as the result of surplus Jetfire armor being paired with Macross Valks which I inferred (correct me if wrong) were manufactured specifically to facilitate the sell off of the surplus armor. Packed and sold at discount to retailers (possibly) in the mid 1990s. Also this is a variants thread, so I felt this is the perfect place to ask... So, I was wondering if anyone here was aware of these Jetfire figures that turned up at Mandarake around 2018? I purchased two between 2018 and 2019 (pictured side by side), and there are multiple specimens photographed in store (from twitter) as well as from other web auctions. If I recall one or both jet modes were auctioned on YAJ. The Japanese よいこのおもちゃ translates to 'good children's toy' and is kind of a catch all generic package labelling for budget toys. https://twitter.com/starscream_d22/status/1031505281765625856 https://twitter.com/giantrobo/status/1027038578101051392 For the specimens I have: Both missing Autobot stickers on nosecone Both are rubsign Both are dated Bandai 1984 stamp The legs however look to belong to the undated Bandai version, missing the outer thigh detail, missing sprue marks on the front thigh, missing wraparound panel lines on the diecast portion of lower leg Both have the stenciled rudder paint as per dated Bandai versions For others: Some have Autobot stickers Some have poorly placed stickers Some have the fullbleed rudder paint seen on undated Bandai/Matsu figures My conclusion was that these were likely QC failed figures, which were either failed whole, or assembled from failed parts, after the end of the production run, which explains the parts mixing within figures as well as the variant mixing within this packaging variant. They were sold out the back door to KS for distribution to those corner stores that sold cheap toys and candy. Not good enough for Hasbro but too distinctly Hasbro IP to be shoe-horned into Macross products domestically (unlike the red armor), so they ended up as a separate grey-market item. Now, I have no idea how many of these existed, and not sure whether they were sold mid 80s, or aligned to the stock liquidation that may have occurred mid 90s à la Pony Go Round. The question on my mind - are these figures perhaps the originally intended owners of all that surplus red armor?
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