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  1. Tho really with how mass-produced the 31 with Armors are compared to the 29, if it performed better than the 29 then there'd basically no more reason to keep the 29 for super aces.
  2. [spoiler]does it have to be CSS? its HTML no?[/spoiler] [spoiler]still no idea why it isnt working[/spoiler]
  3. [spoiler]why is it so hard to post spoilers friggin hell[/spoiler]
  4. [spoiler] i tried so hard and i kept on failing.... [/spoiler]
  5. I'd like to post spoilers/answer questions as much as i can, unfortunately as a new user i don't really know how to post spoilers. If anyone can teach me that'd be great.
  6. [quote][color=white]or does this work[/color][/quote]
  7. [spoiler][color=white]since this is a test i hope this works properly[/color][/quote]
  8. now which one works for spoiler,m /spoiler is it this /s is it this /s which one
  9. I just watched the movie today and honestly it wasn't bad but for some reason I'm left feeling somewhat....weird. Every action scene was done super duper quickly to the point that it's very hard to tell what's really happening. The action was still a step up from the TV and 1st movie though, and the Immelmann dance is used a lot more and effectively as well. The songs for the Frontier one was awesome and from the Delta side i actually liked Yami_Q Ray's songs more.
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