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  1. Very sorry to cross- post this one, but I think some members will not want to miss out on this: " https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e1019383782 OK, ridiculously too good to be true. DX VF-1J + armor set. Opened for inspection only. Less than a day remaining. As of this listing, 11 Yen. Not 11k. Eleven. Someone find out why it's this price in the fine print. Otherwise, open those wallets, lady (?) and gentlemen!"
  2. Just posted 3 YJA listings on this thread Again, I hope someone here brings these home.
  3. Just posted a few YJA listings for the set on this thread Maybe some late folk can still score a deal.
  4. I've already missed out on the PO & release for her teammates. And I'm not looking to pay Valk secondary market money for the group. I would spend that money on dx valks, though. Damn this hobby.
  5. This figure is such a beauty. Still available at such a good price from several vendors, too. HLJ mailing brought it to my attention. Too bad my PO moneys for this year are all spent on that 5PRO voltron. No more happy, until next year. I'm just cheering you guys on, those who have preordered. Looking forward to your pictures when items are in your hands.
  6. I had been posting some good deals online still available for this release, and sort of a personal reminder of the deals I (would) miss out on, because NNG was holding my moneys. (Yes, I mentally torture myself a lot). Speaking of deals, here's another one for the armor parts- only: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r1015921127 There are Nine sets available.
  7. Well all right. Nin-nin finally shipping the 1j + armor set by slow boat. It only took them 39 days to put the figure into shipping box. Hope to see you Feb- March, GBP
  8. Moved. Thanks, F360.
  9. https://okini.land/en/26617-dx-chogokin-vf-1d-valkyrie-fan-racer-bandai-spirits. Not much of a deal after currency conversion
  10. Scalpers prosper because of dummies like me. I may be looking for the cheapest deal, but I am still paying scalper prices. Once you fall (back) into that collecting rabbit hole... Getting Yamato 1/48s was less cutthroat on secondary market even when it was several years after release. Vendors based out of HK would still post as auctions on evilbay. Shame that Yamato company went under. The only Bandai dxs listed on eBay i see by Japan based vendors are mostly buy it now but with head scratching mark ups. I never understood why they post listings at double msrp. No one would buy them, so why list at that price. Make more valks available, or do re runs please, Bandai.
  11. When you start questioning the rationale for having duplicates, it's just fueling the drive for me to catch up.
  12. PM'd! O wait... 😭
  13. About half a day remaining on this open- box auction https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/1017131749
  14. I just bought a 2nd Roy. Six month releases didn't stop the buying. Help. Where's the stop buying button. 🥺
  15. Is this a color- match issue or a fitment issue. I know the vd-1d cockpit is more elongated compared to its brothers I could check it myself, but misbmisb....
  16. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/x1016554602 So this listing is for 6 armor sets X 11k yen each. You just have to flex that Proxy buying service of your choice.
  17. Less than $400 on feebay *Price changed to $430+* 😳 https://www.ebay.com/itm/185119765167?hash=item2b19ff72af%3Ag%3AFfMAAOSw4QJhcUGw&LH_ItemCondition=3
  18. It's back! https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1178523917&ref=list&sort=price&soldOut=1&keyword=Vf-1 dx&lang=en
  19. [Warning: Trip down memory lane, steam of consciousness, long- ish post] Man, this was The thread, The pictures, that drew me back into the rabbit hole of collecting. I was away cold turkey for over 8 + years... I was doing so well *sigh* Before then I had collected loose g1 transformers off of feebay, 1/48 Yammies & 1st gen SOCs up until gx31 from feebay, and masterpiece TFs up until Sideswipe release. I had intended to get the Hound and Wheeljack releases, but then I just stopped. I told myself I didn't Need them. I was Free. I was Cured! On here, I had been a long time semi- lurker, just enjoyed viewing people's photos and briefly skimming people's opinions on their favorite macross series, toys etc. As my collecting ways waned, my visits to here became less as well. Saved some, bought a house, got busier with work / life. After 2016 I was off this chogokin grid completely. Transferred job sites, moved to different city completely, sold my house by 2019. Got too busy with life-stuff. Then pandemic happens. And we're all having to shut in. And fighting to find toilet paper, and other actual life- saving stuff. And masks. Had to hoard TP and masks and lysol wipes. And then slow easing of restrictions, and then vaccines happened. We just might live! This isn't the zombie apocalypse (yet)! And then I visit my old 'net stomping grounds, because y'know, still steering away from exposure to people. And look what I've missed: SOC DX releases. How much? $1k entrance fee for the voltes? Eff no.. Not for all TP in the world. Still want it though. But it's ok, I can just enjoy reading people's opinions. And browse here periodically. I don't Need these, yet. Missed DX valks too? It's ok... I mean, what's the entrance fee $300, plus or minus some dollars... I... don't... need... And then this thread. Because for some reason, I've avoided looking in this whole time. I told my wife "look at this original poster's collection. I have less than 10% of his collection. I do not have a problem. I am still Cured. So pretty though. It's all so preeettyy...." I still have my 1/48 yammies, in non climate controlled storage. What's that? Yellowing? Oh. And some people's Yammies have joints with problems? Oh. But mine are in storage. In Hot, then Cold. And Yellowing and Disintegrating. Fast forward a few months, Scorched Earth Toys review of Dx vs 1/48 Yamato. Dx is the new king Eff me 😰😰😰 and my wallet. While I could have just gone with my fave Roy vf-1s only, I was already several valks behind. And as they mentioned in the DX 1/48 thread, you intend to buy 1.... and you all know what happens. TLDR: I was Cured. Then I fell off the wagon. When's the next PO night?
  20. In a not so related news, my hlj package finally reached u.s. soil. Surface delivery was from Aug 17 - Oct 23 just to get to New Jersey(?). I'm in Cali, so I am unsure what sea route the delivery took. Why I post here is because this is 1 of the items. https://www.hlj.com/electroys-eva-unit-01-gatling-fan-real-tokyo-iii-ver-tps61602 I got it as a gag gift for my brother. Did any one else here get it and like it?
  21. None for the last Rebuild movie. I don't know that Funimation has NA rights remaining. A quick n dirty AJ search does not list the 3.0 + 1.0 movie. Maybe our Japan- based friends know more the home- release status for that movie?
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