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  1. I don't really know how could I forgot my password so easily a few days ago, and I realized that I somehow got hacked or something and tried so much to reset my password but the site keeps on sending me errors so I have to email the mods. Glad that @Shawn and other mods solved this and I just got my new password to post this, thank you
  2. hey @Blitzcat I wonder if you can give me the zip file of the mod compatible with the newest version of Stellaris ? My steam workshop is somehow broken and still havent fixed yet
  3. So two days ago I've watched the Macross Galactic Launch Ceremony stream on Youtube and Onishi Kaya-san from Bigwest announced that following the Macross Plus Movie Editon nationwide release in the US so does the music of all Macross series on worldwide via streaming on Spotify and Youtube, etc. ITS TRUE but "almost" all, not all. SDF Macross and Macross II still regional locked, Frontier and Delta have full albums released
  4. Hell yes, new Yami Q_ray and Walkure music is dope af, I can even dance into the fire with my Zero-sen in War Thunder somehow with it like an ace lol
  5. I agree, because having a bunch of Battle-class mean they have to animate all the firing sequences of iconic “Macross Cannon” lol
  6. I assume that is too much cost to build. Instead they only have Battle-class Macross as their flagship and the ultimate weapon of a fleet. So they coming with a plan to make small Variable Space Battlecarrier like Macross Quarter-class which is cheap, powerful platform that can host up to 4-5 VF squadron and personnel issue is not a big deal anymore. This concept is so effective that they can have such a powerful firepower in massive number of a fleet but the cost is still not high as build a Battle-class, thus that Macross Quarter-class can be build onboard a fleet.
  7. Wow, a so detailed post as what I expected as you @Seto Kaiba. First Gen Macross class is big and bulky Battleship but as 206x era it would considered as obsolete since NUNS has newer Battle-class Macross which is more powerful and carrier capable than First Generation. So if I was the NUNS itself I wouldn't let a state of art Battleship design to any non-government corporations that easy.
  8. Back in those days, when covid still not a big deal, my country Vietname bought a lot of new anime movie licenses and published it. I remember there were Fate, Violet Evergardern, One Piece, etc. But never been Macross, kinda sad
  9. Mannn, i just hope someone buy the license and publish it in my country theaters
  10. Also in M7 Max is the captain and commander of Macross 37 Fleet so we should call him "Admiral Maximilian Jenius" 😂
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