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  1. I recently got my VF-1D from Luna Park and they packed it in a hard box as per my request. I did order two parcels from their shop so that could be why they decided to mail them in a box. For those of you still waiting on your VF-1Ds from Luna Park, I recommend that you email them and ask them about the status of your shipment. Also request that they properly pack them in a hard box and bubble wrap so that your package is not damaged.
  2. Found! Thank you, @yman1437! Please close/remove this thread.
  3. Dinosaur

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Thank you for your response! Just finished the Wanted post for it. Here's hoping I get lucky! I understand! I'll definitely keep searching and check on the prices. Thank you again for your help! This community is really kind and helpful!
  4. Hello! New member and collector here! I am currently looking for a DX Chogokin YF-19 Macross Plus FULL SET PACK figure (NOT the DX VF-19 Advanced). I would prefer one that is new, but I will also accept a used/preowned one! However, if it is used/preowned, I would like to see the condition of the item before any transaction. Also please let me know if you are able to ship to California, USA. Thank you in advance for any responses!
  5. Dinosaur

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Big fan of @jenius's videos and, yeah, his review really made me lean more towards getting the DX YF-19 Full Set. The prices you gave me for the YF-19 Full Set sound about right for it. I want to get it new, but it seems like the used/preowned ones are going for that amount... I might just have to miss out on this one or wait for a re-release (which is starting to seem unlikely, but they did it for the Roy Focker VF-1S so who knows?). Still gonna keep searching! Thank you for the welcome and the recommendations! Do you know how much shipping normally goes for with these kinds of sites?
  6. Dinosaur

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Much appreciated! I'll definitely check it out!
  7. Does anyone recommend preordering these DX figures from third party sellers? I really want to get the VF-1D, but I'm a little hesitant about preordering. I'm wondering if these figures go up in price exponentially when they're officially released or does anyone recommend waiting it out? I bought three Macross figures (one DX and 2 Hi-Metal Rs) through ebay, but I am not sure if anyone knows a better place to purchase these figures.
  8. Dinosaur

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Hello! New here! Hope everyone is having a great day. Anyone know good places to purchase the DX YF-19 and that ship to the US? I tried looking on amazon.co.jp and mandarake, but those are either sold out or do the sellers do not ship to the US. There's quite a few of them on ebay, but the prices seem a little too expensive especially for the used/preowned ones. Do you recommend buying from ebay/second hand sellers when it comes to these figures?
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