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  1. Scalemates is a good website and my personal kit tracking database. I highly recommend that  you check it out! It is easy to use if you follow the tutorials and has a massive plethora of model kits of all types; from sofubi to whitemetal to polyurethane to styrene! 

  2. Hello everyone! I am currently working on updating Scalemates.com with images and information regarding obscure resin kits. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone with pictures please post them here. I am looking for in particular MegaZone 23, Macross, Southern Cross, Orguss, Mospeada, and the like, but any mecha resin kit will do!

    If you have a box of a resin kit (any condition will do) please place the box facedown on a printer scanner, and save the picture as a jpg. If this is not feasible, any old photograph will be just fine!

  3. @CoryHolmes

    Bummer about those Destroid kits! But there is another option; eBay! there is a guy selling off a lot of old resin kits (Megazone, Appleseed, Bubble Gum Crisis, etc) for a really good price! use this to get to his marketplace.


  4. Cool! Thanks for the pic!

    10 hours ago, CoryHolmes said:

    I also run into the risk of never actually doing the Bioroid kit because "I still need more practice".

    If I were in your shoes, I would try out some cheap Bandai Destroid kits (Hobbylink Japan recently got restocked!) from the eighties, and then after a few tries I would dive into the Bioroid!

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